Today's bloom is Iochroma 'Plum Beauty' (Iochroma cyanea)

Bloom of the Day for April 29th, 2011:

Type of plant: Shrubs, Trees

Bloom color: Fuchsia (Red-Purple), Purple

Bloom time of year: Blooms all year, Blooms repeatedly

Sun requirements: Full Sun, Sun to Partial Shade

Cold hardiness: Zone 8a to Zone 11

Height: 4-6 ft. (1.2-1.8 m), 6-8 ft. (1.8-2.4 m), 8-10 ft. (2.4-3 m)

Spacing: 6-8 ft. (1.8-2.4 m)

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pixie62560 wrote:
This is my first time ever seeing this's beautiful and it attracts my favorite winged buddies too! Great shot Sue!!

plantladylin wrote:
Oh my goodness what a wonderful shot, just beautiful!

locakelly wrote:
Great shot Sue! Definitely a hummer magnet. Will have to research whether or not I can grow this here for my favorite flying critters!

Calif_Sue wrote:
Oh Kin, I didn't realize you had selected this shot, thanks! This was my resident hummer's favorite plant and it was about 7-8 ft. tall. On real cold winters with extended frost, it would cold burn the branches but it always came back. I brought a tiny piece of it to plant in my new garden, still need to find the perfect spot (and plant it in a gopher cage!)

Lilyofthenight wrote:
Magnificent! I love it. I too have hummers. I will see if I can locate one for my yard. YUMMy colors!