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Today's bloom is Nasturtium 'Peach Melba' (Tropaeolum majus)

Bloom of the Day for September 28th, 2011:

Type of plant: Annuals

Bloom color: Coral/Apricot, Orange

Bloom time of year: Late Spring/Early Summer, Mid Summer, Late Summer/Early Fall, Mid Fall

Sun requirements: Sun to Partial Shade

Cold hardiness: Not Applicable

Height: 6-12 in. (15-30 cm)

Spacing: 12-15 in. (30-38 cm)

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pixie62560 wrote:
Beautiful shot, clear and crisp and I Love the bright colors in these!

Fleur_2011 wrote:
Calif_Sue: Thanks for posting such a pretty flower and it's description. During the summer months, I was down in a town called Redlands, CA and stumbled upon an area of nasturtiums that were planted in a parking lot area in that town. I took several photos of these flowers since there were so many varied colors. I knew they were nasturtiums since I'm familiar with the look of the plant leaf an

onewish1 wrote:
great shots.. love the colors!!

pirl wrote:
Great photo and color combination.

KyWoods wrote:
Eyepopping!! Love 'em!