Today's bloom is Lantana 'Dallas Red' (Lantana camara)

Bloom of the Day for October 26th, 2011:

Type of plant: Annuals, Tropicals and Tender Perennials

Bloom color: Red, Orange, Bright Yellow

Bloom time of year: Blooms repeatedly

Sun requirements: Full Sun

Cold hardiness: Zone 8b to Zone 11

Height: 36-48 in. (90-120 cm)

Spacing: 15-18 in. (38-45 cm)

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pixie62560 wrote:
Love the bright colors!!!

pirl wrote:
Truly stunning. Gorgeous photo!

locakelly wrote:
Nice shot! This stuff grows like a weed here! Love it!

sunkissed wrote:
Thanks everyone...that shot was taken in the spring...the plant went for awhile without blooms during the hot months, but now it is busting out again. I do love the color changes of this one from bud to flower.

Kell wrote:
The colors are so fantastic. Love your shot, It seems the last few weeks only lantana is in full bloom in the nurseries. I have seen such beautiful ones. I have resisted though. I am drowning in plants for the winter but I think I will get more in spring. The ones here though planted in the garden get so huge. I do not have the space. I have 1 that has both yellow and white blooms in