Today's bloom is Tiger Flower (Tigridia pavonia)

Bloom of the Day for March 11th, 2012:

Type of plant: Bulbs, Perennials

Bloom color: Pink, Magenta (Pink-Purple), Red, Orange, Gold (Yellow-Orange), Bright Yellow, Purple, Maroon (Purple-Brown), White/Near White, Cream/Tan

Bloom time of year: Late Spring/Early Summer

Sun requirements: Sun to Partial Shade

Cold hardiness: Zone 8a to Zone 11

Height: 18-24 in. (45-60 cm)

Spacing: 3-6 in. (7-15 cm)

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GardenGuyKin wrote:
Beautiful...I want a tie-dye shirt just like it!!

Kell wrote:
You want to be so PINK, Kin?

GardenGuyKin wrote:
It's Magenta..LOL I might look Purdy in Pink

Kell wrote:
You look purdy in every color! But don't we all look pretty in PINK?

pixie62560 wrote:
LOL You two are funny! I have a tie dye it is!! LOL This is an amazing photo of a very unique flower. I grew these twice and had a ton of compliments! This picture is making me want to try again. :) This message was edited Mar 11, 2012 7:09 AM