Bloom of the Day for July 13th, 2012:

Type of plant: Annuals

Bloom color: Lavender, White/Near White

Bloom time of year: Mid Spring, Late Spring/Early Summer, Mid Summer, Late Summer/Early Fall

Sun requirements: Sun to Partial Shade

Cold hardiness: Not Applicable

Height: 6-12 in. (15-30 cm)

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Kell wrote:
Thanks so much for picking my photo! This is such a cool little plant.

petralittledog wrote:
You're more than welcome, Kell. It is a pretty plant that I have never heard of. Sorry it took so long to answer, but I've been without a computer for way too many days.

wed2thahwind wrote:
Oh pretty! Love those colours! Great pic by the way...did you take it?

Kell wrote:
Oh Greta, what was wrong? Did yours die a painful death? Not having a computer would be so tough! My new computer just came today because the one I am using has been acting like it may die any second. It is going to to be traumatic to switch over. Just cleaning off my desk totally will be hard! My son designed my new one with 10 terabytes for all my photos! That will be fun to have

sunkissed wrote:
What an eye popping plant. Never seen it around here in Florida.