Today's bloom is Cryptanthus Bromeliad 'Lisa Vinzant' (Cryptanthus )

Bloom of the Day for December 31st, 2012:

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marti001 wrote:
I love the look of this plant. And the photographer did an excellant job of showing off the unique look of the plant and the color. Great picture!!

hcmcdole wrote:
Prettiest non-bloom I've seen in some time.

pirl wrote:
Same here. Gorgeous!

sunkissed wrote:
Wow, nice, says it grows close to me, I've never seen it before.

hcmcdole wrote:
It may be hardy in your area. They multiply rapidly without a lot of care and can usually be found at a lot of nurseries. I've gotten mine from the likes of Home Depot, Lowe's, small local nurseries (not as prevalent), and there is always mail-order.