Bloom of the Day for April 24th, 2020:

Type of plant: Carnivorous and Insectivorous

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ginger749 wrote:
Hi Kell, Is that an American Plant or Australian ? Cheers, kell.

Kell wrote:
Hi kell! How very cool is that plant and photo? When I saw it, it was pure ecstasy. For some weird programming issue, Bloom of the Day photos show my copyright as if I took the photo though I only entered it into PFs. Annoys me to no end. If you click on the photo, it will take you to the actual photo as entered into PlantFiles. Then you can see any comment the enter-er made. In this

ginger749 wrote:
Thanks for all the information. I have always believed it was endemic to Australia. So that explains it all. Thanks, kell.

Kell wrote:
This glitch is rather embarrassing as I pick the BOTD photos. It looks like I pick a lot of my own photos. Though in DG\'s defense, I bet DG did not think people would post other people\'s photos.

ginger749 wrote:
All in all, you are doing an Amazing job. ;o) That Panda Bear was a Gif file but it only showed up as a Pic. We have just Celebrated ANZAC Day. We went to the front of our yard (foot path) at 5-20am with Candle this morning. Cheers and Beers, kell.