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Plant NameThumbnail
Aquilegia Species, Dwarf Fan Columbine, Miyama-odamaki
Aquilegia flabellata var. pumila
Thumbnail of Aquilegia flabellata var. pumila 
Pale Mexican Poppy
Argemone ochroleuca
Thumbnail of Argemone ochroleuca 
Arisaema Species, Japanese Cobra Lily, Dominatrix Jack-in-the-Pulpit
Arisaema thunbergii subsp. urashima
Thumbnail of Arisaema thunbergii subsp. urashima 
Species Orchid, Ground Orchid, The Formosan Bletilla
Bletilla formosana
Thumbnail of Bletilla formosana 
Bloomeria Species, Golden Stars
Bloomeria crocea
Thumbnail of Bloomeria crocea 
Species Orchid, Lobb's Bulbophyllum
Bulbophyllum lobbii
Thumbnail of Bulbophyllum lobbii 
Species Orchid, Yellow Ebine, Calanthe
Calanthe striata
Thumbnail of Calanthe striata 
Calochortus Species, Desert Mariposa Lily, Flame Mariposa, Kennedy's Mariposa
Calochortus kennedyi
Thumbnail of Calochortus kennedyi 
Calochortus, Cat's Ears, Fairy Lantern, Mariposa Tulip, Splendid Mariposa Lily 'Violet Queen'
Calochortus splendens
Thumbnail of Calochortus splendens 
Calochortus Species, Yellow Desert Mariposa, Munz's Mariposa
Calochortus kennedyi var. munzii
Thumbnail of Calochortus kennedyi var. munzii 
Calochortus Species, Golden Mariposa Lily, Weed's Mariposa
Calochortus weedii
Thumbnail of Calochortus weedii 
Calochortus Species, Late-Flowered Mariposa Lily, Weed's Mariposa
Calochortus fimbriatus
Thumbnail of Calochortus fimbriatus 
Calochortus Species, Dunn's Mariposa Lily
Calochortus dunnii
Thumbnail of Calochortus dunnii 
Calochortus Species, Golden Bowl Mariposa, Goldenbowl Mariposa Lily
Calochortus concolor
Thumbnail of Calochortus concolor 
Calochortus Species, Plain Mariposa Lily
Calochortus invenustus
Thumbnail of Calochortus invenustus 
Calochortus Species, Tiburon Mariposa Lily
Calochortus tiburonensis
Thumbnail of Calochortus tiburonensis 
Calochortus Species, San Luis Mariposa Lily
Calochortus obispoensis
Thumbnail of Calochortus obispoensis 
Calochortus Species, Plummer's Mariposa Lily
Calochortus plummerae
Thumbnail of Calochortus plummerae 
Calochortus Species, Golden Mariposa, Golden Sego Lily
Calochortus aureus
Thumbnail of Calochortus aureus 
Calochortus Species, Bruneau Mariposa Lily, Pinyon Mariposa
Calochortus bruneaunis
Thumbnail of Calochortus bruneaunis 
Calochortus Species, Straggling Mariposa Lily, Twining Mariposa, Winding Mariposa
Calochortus flexuosus
Thumbnail of Calochortus flexuosus 
Calochortus Species, Leichtlin's Mariposa Lily, Smokey Mariposa
Calochortus leichtlinii
Thumbnail of Calochortus leichtlinii 
Gunnison Mariposa, Sego Lily
Calochortus gunnisonii
Thumbnail of Calochortus gunnisonii 
White Mariposa, Mountain Mariposa
Calochortus eurycarpus
Thumbnail of Calochortus eurycarpus 
Howell's Mariposa
Calochortus howellii
Thumbnail of Calochortus howellii 
Calochortus Species, Inyo County Star Tulip, Owens Valley Mariposa Lily
Calochortus excavatus
Thumbnail of Calochortus excavatus 
Calochortus Species, Nuttall's Mariposa, Sego Lily
Calochortus nuttallii
Thumbnail of Calochortus nuttallii 
Calochortus Species, Alpine Pussy Ears, Mountain Cat's Ear, Subalpine Mariposa Lily
Calochortus subalpinus
Thumbnail of Calochortus subalpinus 
Calochortus Species, Club Haired Mariposa Lily, Yellow Mariposa Lily
Calochortus clavatus
Thumbnail of Calochortus clavatus 
Shirley Meadows Star-tulip, Weston's Mariposa
Calochortus westonii
Thumbnail of Calochortus westonii 
Calochortus Species, Yellow Mariposa Lily
Calochortus luteus
Thumbnail of Calochortus luteus 
Calochortus Species, Fairy Lantern, White Globe Lily
Calochortus albus
Thumbnail of Calochortus albus 
Calochortus Species, Long Haired Star Tulip, Longbeard Mariposa Lily
Calochortus longibarbatus
Thumbnail of Calochortus longibarbatus 
Calochortus Species, Big Podded Mariposa, Broadfruit Mariposa Lily
Calochortus nitidus
Thumbnail of Calochortus nitidus 
Calochortus Species, Beavertail Grass, Lavender Star Tulip
Calochortus coeruleus
Thumbnail of Calochortus coeruleus 
Calochortus Species, Diogene's Lantern, Golden Lanterns, Yellow Globe Lily
Calochortus amabilis
Thumbnail of Calochortus amabilis 
Calochortus Species, Mount Diablo Fairy Lantern, Mount Diablo Globe Lily
Calochortus pulchellus
Thumbnail of Calochortus pulchellus 
Calochortus Species, Hairy Star Tulip, Tolmie's Star Tulip, White Pussy Ears
Calochortus tolmiei
Thumbnail of Calochortus tolmiei 
Calochortus Species, Coast Range Mariposa, Vesta's Mariposa
Calochortus vestae
Thumbnail of Calochortus vestae 
Splendid Mariposa
Calochortus splendens
Thumbnail of Calochortus splendens 

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