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Plant NameThumbnail
Species Orchid, Toothed Epidendrum
Epidendrum denticulatum
Thumbnail of Epidendrum denticulatum 
Species Orchid, Epidendrum
Epidendrum orchidiflorum
Thumbnail of Epidendrum orchidiflorum 
Little Coca
Erythroxylum ovalifolium
Thumbnail of Erythroxylum ovalifolium 
Eugenia nitida
Thumbnail of Eugenia nitida 
Assai Palm, Acai Palm
Euterpe oleracea
Thumbnail of Euterpe oleracea 
Delta Fig, Fig Shrub, Mistletoe Fig
Ficus deltoidea
Thumbnail of Ficus deltoidea 
Quicuio, Sandpaper Fig
Ficus gnaphalocarpa
Thumbnail of Ficus gnaphalocarpa 
Red-Fig Tree
Ficus clusiifolia
Thumbnail of Ficus clusiifolia 
Variegated Clown Fig, Mosaic Fig
Ficus aspera
Thumbnail of Ficus aspera 
Fig Tree
Ficus tomentella
Thumbnail of Ficus tomentella 
Big Leaved Fig, Vogel's Fig, West African Rubbertree, Lagos Rubbertree
Ficus lutea
Thumbnail of Ficus lutea 
Cuban Laurel, Indian Laurel Fig, Green Island Fig, Chinese Banyan
Ficus microcarpa
Thumbnail of Ficus microcarpa 
Sycamore Fig, Egyptian Sycamore, Mulberry Fig
Ficus sycomorus
Thumbnail of Ficus sycomorus 
Bo Tree, Sacred Fig, Bodhi Tree, Pipal, Peepul, Bo-Tree Fig
Ficus religiosa
Thumbnail of Ficus religiosa 
Rumpf's Fig Tree
Ficus rumphii
Thumbnail of Ficus rumphii 
Mistletoe Fig, Licumo, Natal Fig
Ficus natalensis subsp. leprieurii
Thumbnail of Ficus natalensis subsp. leprieurii 
Galphimia brasiliensis
Thumbnail of Galphimia brasiliensis 
Species Orchid, Ground Rooting Gomesa
Gomesa radicans
Thumbnail of Gomesa radicans 
Sacha Mango
Grias neuberthii
Thumbnail of Grias neuberthii 
Carrapeta, Cedro Macho
Guarea guidonia
Thumbnail of Guarea guidonia 
Janiparindiba, Gustavia
Gustavia augusta
Thumbnail of Gustavia augusta 
Golden Trumpet Tree, Golden Trumpet Vine, IpÍ-amarelo, Yellow Trumpet Tree, Yellow Ipe
Handroanthus chrysotrichus
Thumbnail of Handroanthus chrysotrichus 
Pincushion Hedychium, Pincushiun Ginger, Frilly White Ginger, White Butterfly Lily
Hedychium thyrsiforme
Thumbnail of Hedychium thyrsiforme 
Helichopter Plant
Helicteres brevispira
Thumbnail of Helicteres brevispira 
Possum Wood, Sandbox Tree
Hura crepitans
Thumbnail of Hura crepitans 
Creeping Indigo
Indigofera campestris
Thumbnail of Indigofera campestris 
Ipomoea Species, Morning Glory, Beach Morning Glory
Ipomoea imperati
Thumbnail of Ipomoea imperati 
Ixora undulata
Thumbnail of Ixora undulata 
Ground Jacaranda
Jacaranda decurrens
Thumbnail of Jacaranda decurrens 
Dwarf Jacaranda
Jacaranda paucifoliata
Thumbnail of Jacaranda paucifoliata 
Jacaratia, Wild Papaya
Jacaratia spinosa
Azores Jasmine
Jasminum azoricum
Thumbnail of Jasminum azoricum 
Primrose Jasmine, Chinese Jasmine
Jasminum mesnyi
Thumbnail of Jasminum mesnyi 
Kalanchoe Species, Spotted Kalanchoe, Penwiper Plant
Kalanchoe marmorata
Thumbnail of Kalanchoe marmorata 
Species Orchid, Grass-Like Kollensteinia
Koellensteinia graminea
Thumbnail of Koellensteinia graminea 
Beach Apricot Tree
Labramia bojeri
Thumbnail of Labramia bojeri 
Species Orchid, Rosy Tinted Laelia
Laelia rubescens
Thumbnail of Laelia rubescens 
Laplacea fruticosa
Thumbnail of Laplacea fruticosa 
Monkey Pot, Sapucaia
Lecythis pisonis
Thumbnail of Lecythis pisonis 
West Indian Holly, Hawaiian Holly
Leea coccinea

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