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Plant NameThumbnail
Cinnecord, Tamarindillo, Thornless Acacia
Acacia choriophylla
Thumbnail of Acacia choriophylla 
Aechmea Bromeliad, Urn Plant
Aechmea sphaerocephala
Thumbnail of Aechmea sphaerocephala 
Golden Trumpet, Yellow Allamanda, Brown Bud Allamanda 'Creme'
Allamanda cathartica
Thumbnail of Allamanda cathartica 
Clusterspike False Indigo Bush, Miami Lead Plant, Crenulate Lead Plant
Amorpha herbacea var. crenulata
Perennial Peanut, Ornamental Peanut
Arachis glabrata
Thumbnail of Arachis glabrata 
Marlberry, Dogberry, Marbleberry
Ardisia escallonioides
Thumbnail of Ardisia escallonioides 
Asclepias Species, Curtiss' Milkweed
Asclepias curtissii
Thumbnail of Asclepias curtissii 
Florida Bonamia, Florida Lady's Nightcap
Bonamia grandiflora
Thumbnail of Bonamia grandiflora 
Bahama Strongbark, Bodywood
Bourreria succulenta
Fewflower Holdback
Caesalpinia pauciflora
Thumbnail of Caesalpinia pauciflora 
Species Orchid, Many Flowered Grass Pink, Many Flowered Calopogon
Calopogon multiflorus
Thumbnail of Calopogon multiflorus 
Pale Lidflower, Spicewood
Calyptranthes pallens
Thumbnail of Calyptranthes pallens 
Calyptranthes zuzygium
Thumbnail of Calyptranthes zuzygium 
Cinnamon Bark, Pepper Cinnamon, Wild Cinnamon
Canella winterana
Limber caper
Capparis flexuosa
Thumbnail of Capparis flexuosa 
Hot Banana Pepper 'Hungarian Wax'
Capsicum annuum
Thumbnail of Capsicum annuum 
Florida Hickory, Scrub Hickory
Carya floridana
Thumbnail of Carya floridana 
Water Hickory, Bitter Pecan, Swamp Hickory
Carya aquatica
Thumbnail of Carya aquatica 
Ceylon Senna, Red Cassia
Cassia roxburghii
Thumbnail of Cassia roxburghii 
Pink Shower, Pink Cassia, Pink Lady
Cassia javanica
Thumbnail of Cassia javanica 
Tillandsia Bromeliad, Air Plant, Powdery Strap Airplant
Catopsis berteroana
Catopsis Bromeliad, Florida Strap Airplant, Many-flowered Airplant
Catopsis floribunda
Thumbnail of Catopsis floribunda 
Catopsis Bromelia, Nodding Strap Airplant, Nodding Catopsis
Catopsis nutans
Pineland Butterfly Pea, Sand Butterfly Pea
Centrosema arenicola
Florida Alicia, Alicia, Chapman's Pea
Chapmannia floridana
Thumbnail of Chapmannia floridana 
Chrysobalanus icaco
Thumbnail of Chrysobalanus icaco 
Star apple, Caimito
Chrysophyllum cainito
Thumbnail of Chrysophyllum cainito 
Florida Goldenaster
Chrysopsis floridana
Thumbnail of Chrysopsis floridana 
Yucatan Flymallow
Cienfuegosia yucatanensis
Ashe's Calamint, Ashe's Calamintha
Clinopodium ashei
Green Buttonwood, Buttonwood
Conocarpus erectus
Thumbnail of Conocarpus erectus 
False Rosemary, Short-leaved Rosemary
Conradina canescens
Thumbnail of Conradina canescens 
Large Flower False Rosemary
Conradina grandiflora
Thumbnail of Conradina grandiflora 
Coreopsis Species, Dye-flower, Fringeleaf Tickseed, Ciliated Tickseed, Chipola River Coreopsis
Coreopsis integrifolia
Low Rattlebox
Crotalaria pumila
Thumbnail of Crotalaria pumila 
Lanceleaf Rattlebox
Crotalaria lanceolata
Thumbnail of Crotalaria lanceolata 
Avon Park Harebells, Avon Park Rattlebox, Tortise Bells, Avon Park Rabbit Bells
Crotalaria avonenis
Thumbnail of Crotalaria avonenis 
Croton humilis
Florida Toothache Grass
Ctenium floridanum
Florida Waxweed, Tropical Waxweed
Cuphea aspera

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