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Plant NameThumbnail
Pineland Acacia, Sweet Acacia
Acacia pinetorum
Thumbnail of Acacia pinetorum 
Fragrant Maidenhair
Adiantum melanoleucum
Bael Fruit, Golden Apple, Bengal Quince
Aegle marmelos
Thumbnail of Aegle marmelos 
Species Orchid, Houllet's Aerides
Aerides houlletiana
Thumbnail of Aerides houlletiana 
Agave, Twin Flower
Agave duplicata
Thumbnail of Agave duplicata 
Orchid, Aliceara Sunday Best 'Muffin'
Thumbnail of Aliceara  
Alocasia Species, Elephant Ear
Alocasia brancifolia
Thumbnail of Alocasia brancifolia 
Devil tree
Alstonia scholaris
Thumbnail of Alstonia scholaris 
Snake palm
Amorphophallus corrugatus
Amorphophallus longituberosus
Anchomanes difformis
Thumbnail of Anchomanes difformis 
Anchomanes difformis var. welwitschii
Thumbnail of Anchomanes difformis var. welwitschii 
Mountain Soursop
Annona montana
Thumbnail of Annona montana 
Anthurium Species, King Anthurium
Anthurium veitchii
Thumbnail of Anthurium veitchii 
Anthurium, Tail Flower, Flamingo Flower 'Alabama'
Anthurium andraeanum
Thumbnail of Anthurium andraeanum 
Bignay, Bignai
Antidesma bunius
Thumbnail of Antidesma bunius 
Water Aspidistra
Anubias lanceolata
Kwai Muk
Artocarpus hypargyraeus
Thumbnail of Artocarpus hypargyraeus 
Wild Bush Petunia, Green's Barleria
Barleria greenii
Thumbnail of Barleria greenii 
Butterfly Orchid Tree
Bauhinia divaricata
Thumbnail of Bauhinia divaricata 
Jewel Plant
Bertolonia marmorata
Thumbnail of Bertolonia marmorata 
Blakea gracilis
Thumbnail of Blakea gracilis 
Blakea trinervia
Bougainvillea 'Elizabeth Angus'
Thumbnail of Bougainvillea  
Bougainvillea Species, Tree Bougainvillea
Bougainvillea arborea
Thumbnail of Bougainvillea arborea 
Tropical Giant Salvia
Brillantaisia nitens
Thumbnail of Brillantaisia nitens 
Wild Pineapple, Pinguin
Bromelia pinguin
Thumbnail of Bromelia pinguin 
Breadnut, Mayan Breadnut, Snakewood
Brosimum alicastrum
Thumbnail of Brosimum alicastrum 
Princess of the Night
Brunfelsia lactea
Thumbnail of Brunfelsia lactea 
Jamaican Rain Tree, Jamaican Ebony, West Indian Ebony, Granadilla
Brya ebenus
Thumbnail of Brya ebenus 
Vera, Verawood
Bulnesia arborea
Thumbnail of Bulnesia arborea 
Peanut Butter Tree
Bunchosia argentea
Thumbnail of Bunchosia argentea 
Pigeon Pea, Puerto Rico Bean, Gandul, Dhal, Congo Pea
Cajanus cajan
Thumbnail of Cajanus cajan 
Calathea Species
Calathea rufibarba
Thumbnail of Calathea rufibarba 
Calvoa orientalis
Giant Pigface, Sally-my-handsome, Sour Fig
Carpobrotus acinaciformis
Thumbnail of Carpobrotus acinaciformis 
Woolly-leaved Sapote, Matasano
Casimiroa tetrameria
Lily Thorn
Catesbaea spinosa
Thumbnail of Catesbaea spinosa 
Orchid, Cattleya Sierra Blanca 'Mount Whitney'
Thumbnail of Cattleya  
Orchid, Cattleya Hawaiian Fair
Thumbnail of Cattleya  

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