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Plant NameThumbnail
Variegated Sweet Flag 'Variegatus'
Acorus calamus
Thumbnail of Acorus calamus 
Allium, Common Garlic, Cultivated Garlic
Allium sativum
Thumbnail of Allium sativum 
Allium Species, Hardneck Garlic, Rocambole, Serpent Garlic
Allium sativum
Thumbnail of Allium sativum  
Allium Species, Elephant Garlic, Wild Leek, Yorktown Onion
Allium ampeloprasum
Thumbnail of Allium ampeloprasum 
Madagascar Ocotillo, Madagascan Ocotillo, African Ocotillo
Alluaudia procera
Thumbnail of Alluaudia procera 
Aloe Species, Dwarf Aloe, Baker Aloe
Aloe bakeri
Thumbnail of Aloe bakeri 
Devil's Tongue, Snake Plant, Konjac, Konnyaku Potato, Voodoo Lily
Amorphophallus konjac
Thumbnail of Amorphophallus konjac 
Summer Forget-Me-Not 'Blue Angel'
Anchusa capensis
Thumbnail of Anchusa capensis 
Purple Stem Angelica, Common Angelica, Great Angelica, Alexanders
Angelica atropurpurea
Thumbnail of Angelica atropurpurea 
Variegated Japanese Angelica Tree 'Variegata'
Aralia elata
Thumbnail of Aralia elata 
Red Chokeberry
Aronia arbutifolia
Thumbnail of Aronia arbutifolia 
Purple Woodruff, Pink Woodruff, Squinancywort, Quinsywort
Asperula cynanchica
Thumbnail of Asperula cynanchica 
Star Plant, Monk's Hood
Astrophytum ornatum
Thumbnail of Astrophytum ornatum 
King Begonia, Painted Begonia, Painted Leaf Begonia, Rex-cultorum Begonia 'Escargot'
Thumbnail of Begonia  
Heartleaf Bergenia, Pigsqueak 'Red Start'
Bergenia cordifolia
Thumbnail of Bergenia cordifolia 
Beet 'Cylindra'
Beta vulgaris
Thumbnail of Beta vulgaris 
Beet 'Detroit'
Beta vulgaris
Thumbnail of Beta vulgaris 
Beet 'Early Wonder'
Beta vulgaris
Thumbnail of Beta vulgaris 
Beet 'Chioggia'
Beta vulgaris
Thumbnail of Beta vulgaris 
Broccoli 'Early Dividend'
Brassica oleracea
Thumbnail of Brassica oleracea 
Brussels Sprouts 'Jade Cross'
Brassica oleracea var. gemmifera
Brussels Sprouts 'Bubbles'
Brassica oleracea var. gemmifera
Red Cabbage 'Ruby Perfection'
Brassica oleracea var. capitata
Basket Plant, Chain Plant, Inch Plant
Callisia fragrans
Thumbnail of Callisia fragrans 
Variegated Sedge
Carex morrowii
Thumbnail of Carex morrowii 
New Zealand Hair Sedge
Carex comans
Dwarf Snapdragon, Fairy Snapdragon, Malling Toadflax 'Summer Skies'
Chaenorhinum origanifolium
Thumbnail of Chaenorhinum origanifolium 
Glory of the Snow 'Violet Beauty'
Chionodoxa forbesii
Thumbnail of Chionodoxa forbesii 
Crested Golden Rat Tail 'Crest'
Cleistocactus winteri f. cristate
Thumbnail of Cleistocactus winteri f. cristate 
Klein's Pencil Cactus
Cylindropuntia kleiniae
Thumbnail of Cylindropuntia kleiniae 
Carrot 'Red Cored Chantenay'
Daucus carota
Thumbnail of Daucus carota 
Carrot 'Danvers Half Long'
Daucus carota
Thumbnail of Daucus carota 
Carrot 'Little Finger'
Daucus carota
Thumbnail of Daucus carota 
White Rabbit's Foot Fern, Silver Hare's Foot Fern, Bears Paw Fern
Davallia tyermanii
Thumbnail of Davallia tyermanii 
Wild Yam
Dioscorea sylvatica
Thumbnail of Dioscorea sylvatica 
Echeveria 'Blue Curls'
Thumbnail of Echeveria  
Southern Plume, Georgia Plume
Elliottia racemosa
Thumbnail of Elliottia racemosa 
Euphorbia Species
Euphorbia ambovombensis
Thumbnail of Euphorbia ambovombensis 
Euphorbia Species
Euphorbia decaryi
Thumbnail of Euphorbia decaryi 
Euphorbia, Crown of Thorns, Christ Plant, Siamese Lucky Plant 'Thai Hybrid'
Euphorbia milii
Thumbnail of Euphorbia milii 

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