Magnolia 'Black Tulip'


Family: Magnoliaceae
Genus: Magnolia (mag-NO-lee-a) (Info)
Cultivar: Black Tulip
Additional cultivar information:(aka JURmag1)
Hybridized by Jury
Registered or introduced: 2003



Foliage Color:

Unknown - Tell us

Bloom Characteristics:

Unknown - Tell us

Water Requirements:

Average Water Needs; Water regularly; do not overwater

Where to Grow:

Unknown - Tell us


8-10 ft. (2.4-3 m)


6-8 ft. (1.8-2.4 m)

8-10 ft. (2.4-3 m)


USDA Zone 2a: to -45.5 C (-50 F)

USDA Zone 2b: to -42.7 C (-45 F)

USDA Zone 3a: to -39.9 C (-40 F)

USDA Zone 3b: to -37.2 C (-35 F)

USDA Zone 4a: to -34.4 C (-30 F)

USDA Zone 4b: to -31.6 C (-25 F)

USDA Zone 5a: to -28.8 C (-20 F)

USDA Zone 5b: to -26.1 C (-15 F)

USDA Zone 6a: to -23.3 C (-10 F)

USDA Zone 6b: to -20.5 C (-5 F)

USDA Zone 7a: to -17.7 C (0 F)

USDA Zone 7b: to -14.9 C (5 F)

USDA Zone 8a: to -12.2 C (10 F)

Sun Exposure:

Sun to Partial Shade



Bloom Color:

Maroon (Purple-Brown)

Bloom Time:

Late Spring/Early Summer

Mid Summer



Other details:

Unknown - Tell us

Soil pH requirements:

6.1 to 6.5 (mildly acidic)

6.6 to 7.5 (neutral)

7.6 to 7.8 (mildly alkaline)

Patent Information:


Propagation Methods:

From seed; direct sow outdoors in fall

From seed; winter sow in vented containers, coldframe or unheated greenhouse

Seed Collecting:

N/A: plant does not set seed, flowers are sterile, or plants will not come true from seed


This plant has been said to grow in the following regions:

American Canyon, California

Bear Valley Springs, California

Montara, California

Raleigh, North Carolina (2 reports)

Shoreline, Washington

Gardeners' Notes:


On Mar 21, 2015, Joan from Belfield, ND (Zone 4a) wrote:

A patent application was filed on Jan 3, 2003, but a patent was never issued.


On Mar 7, 2014, Jcmeinster from Conroe, TX wrote:

I have this little tree .( It was already trained as a tree)
I plan on keep it potted for at least 1 more season or after next season blooms before it leaf out .
I bought it in a 10 or 12 gallon size , repot it in a 20 gallon using a soil mix of 2 parts potting soil .
2 parts leaf mold .
3/4 parts sand.
1/4 part perlite .
I made few cuts on the root ball to loosen the soil just a bit . I'd repot while tree was dormant , to finally dress with an inch of compost mix with organic fertilizer and 1 or 2 inches of mulch and it seems to be happy .
It usually blooms about mid Frebury to early March in my zone , I used a bloom booster to try to have more blooms this year which seems to be a success from last year couple blooms this year I was rewa... read more


On May 21, 2013, baiissatva from Dunedin,
New Zealand wrote:

Zone 9b, Coastal Otago, New Zealand.
This is the NZ Jury hybrid, a small-medium tree with intensely wine coloured upright goblet-style sweetly scented blooms. Here it blooms in very early spring, and is in full swing as I write, mid September. This has got to be one of the outstanding dark hybrids of the last 20 years, serving as parent stock to many new varieties, down here at least, and if you grow it, youll know why. Mine has gone from half a metre to a good three in around 5 years, in indifferent conditions with no special treatment. Has flowered from year one.

It is reliably covered in thick, suede-y wine pink blooms that are highly fragrant, followed by pleasingly tough and shiny leaves. It has a sturdy upright form, a mini-tree rather than a shrub, and I cant ... read more


On Jul 9, 2012, NRez from Austin, TX wrote:

I bought this tree about 3 months ago and it has been slowly declining since. It looks like it is getting too much sun or not enough water, which shouldn't be the case since it is on a well-drained sprinkler system and gets only about 4 hours of afternoon sun a day.

I'm baffled.


On May 2, 2010, RichGardner from Richardson, TX wrote:

Monrovia has recently put out a Black Tulip - Magnolia x soulangiana 'Jurmag1'. The Plant Patent has been applied for. Unknown if this is the same plant.

From the Monrovia tag:
- Rich, deep burgundy 6 inch blooms with a unique tulip shape and a heavy texture.
- Flowering in early spring
- Slender multi branched tree to 20ft tall by 10ft wide
- Cold zone 5 - 9, mininum temp -10 degrees F
- Weekly watering, more in extreme heat
- Full sun (which I question in the Southern heat)

I have not yet planted it, but will update as it grows!


On Apr 16, 2008, jqpublic from Cary, NC (Zone 7b) wrote:

I have this tree. Still quite small. Bought it Fall 2006. In the Spring of 2007 we had a terrible freeze so all the leaves died and the flowers all died as well. The leaves did resprout from auxiliary buds, but we didn't get any more flowers that year. This year it has been doing well and the tree although quite columnar is starting to spread out slightly! Hopefully in the next few years it'll really spread out and grow more buds and flowers. So far i am quite pleased!