Dieffenbachia, Dumbcane, Dumb Cane 'Compacta'

Dieffenbachia seguine

Family: Araceae (a-RAY-see-ee) (Info)
Genus: Dieffenbachia (def-en-BAH-kee-ah) (Info)
Species: seguine (suh-GEEN) (Info)
Cultivar: Compacta


Tropicals and Tender Perennials

Water Requirements:

Average Water Needs; Water regularly; do not overwater

Sun Exposure:

Light Shade

Partial to Full Shade


Grown for foliage


Good Fall Color

Foliage Color:

Unknown - Tell us


4-6 ft. (1.2-1.8 m)


4-6 ft. (1.2-1.8 m)


USDA Zone 10b: to 1.7 C (35 F)

USDA Zone 11: above 4.5 C (40 F)

Where to Grow:

Can be grown as an annual

Suitable for growing in containers


All parts of plant are poisonous if ingested

Handling plant may cause skin irritation or allergic reaction

Bloom Color:



Bloom Characteristics:

Unknown - Tell us

Bloom Size:

Unknown - Tell us

Bloom Time:


Other details:

Unknown - Tell us

Soil pH requirements:

6.1 to 6.5 (mildly acidic)

6.6 to 7.5 (neutral)

Patent Information:


Propagation Methods:

From herbaceous stem cuttings

By air layering

Seed Collecting:

N/A: plant does not set seed, flowers are sterile, or plants will not come true from seed


This plant is said to grow outdoors in the following regions:

Edgefield, South Carolina

North Augusta, South Carolina

Gardeners' Notes:


On Aug 20, 2009, plantfanatik from Edgefield, SC wrote:

My experience with this plant is that it needs lots of light. I have several. The first one I will talk about is about 13 years old. It is from floor to ceiling. It is in a large clay pot...root bound...and it is thriving on its own. It has new shoots. One is as tall as one of the original stalks. It has blossomed twice. The blossoms looks like a Spathiphyllum blossom. When it finished blossoming, the stalk died...that's why the other shoots appear--to replace the blossoming stalk. The other one is about 5.5 ft tall. It is a piece that broke of the floor to ceiling one. I placed it in soil (w/o a root stimuli) and it did great. In fact, another stalk came from that stalk. It blossomed also. It had three blossoms, but that stalk did not die. Watering is a must in my home. I water this plan... read more


On Oct 15, 2008, cupajotogo from North Pole, AK wrote:

I have had one of these plants which was given to me in 1989. It has suffered from the cat climbing it (claw marks up the trunk, 4' tall) leaf stems broken off and stuck in water which rooted and were repotted, several friends have cuttings. And it has been blooming for the last 4 years. So not to sure if or when it will die, hasn't yet and is still going strong. It blooms about 6 mo. of the year. And I NEVER put it out of doors. (I live in norhern Alaska).
Does best in indirect light, florescent light, and direct light. Did not do well in the dark, and slows growth during winter.