Easter Eggplant, Easter Egg Plant

Solanum melongena

Family: Solanaceae (so-lan-AY-see-ee) (Info)
Genus: Solanum (so-LAN-num) (Info)
Species: melongena (mel-ON-gen-uh) (Info)
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Water Requirements:

Average Water Needs; Water regularly; do not overwater

Sun Exposure:

Full Sun




Foliage Color:

Unknown - Tell us


12-18 in. (30-45 cm)


9-12 in. (22-30 cm)


Not Applicable

Where to Grow:

Suitable for growing in containers


Unknown - Tell us

Bloom Color:


Chartreuse (yellow-green)


White/Near White


Bloom Characteristics:

Unknown - Tell us

Bloom Size:

Unknown - Tell us

Bloom Time:

Late Summer/Early Fall

Other details:

Unknown - Tell us

Soil pH requirements:

5.1 to 5.5 (strongly acidic)

5.6 to 6.0 (acidic)

6.1 to 6.5 (mildly acidic)

6.6 to 7.5 (neutral)

Patent Information:

Unknown - Tell us

Propagation Methods:

From seed; sow indoors before last frost

Seed Collecting:

Collect seedhead/pod when flowers fade; allow to dry

Allow seedheads to dry on plants; remove and collect seeds


This plant is said to grow outdoors in the following regions:

Anniston, Alabama

Gadsden, Alabama

Irvington, Alabama

Oxford, Alabama

Vincent, Alabama

Phoenix, Arizona

Delray Beach, Florida

Gainesville, Florida

Jacksonville, Florida

Loxahatchee, Florida

Miami, Florida

Sanford, Florida

Titusville, Florida

Bolingbrook, Illinois

Brimfield, Illinois

Mackinaw, Illinois

Cresco, Iowa

Hanson, Kentucky

Many, Louisiana

Buchanan, Michigan

Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota

Waynesboro, Mississippi

Denville, New Jersey

Carmel, New York

Charlotte, North Carolina

Dundee, Ohio

Lancaster, Ohio

Massillon, Ohio

Norman, Oklahoma

Colver, Pennsylvania

Williamsport, Pennsylvania

Austin, Texas

Center, Texas

Desoto, Texas

Henderson, Texas

Hitchcock, Texas

Liberty Hill, Texas

Radford, Virginia

Kalama, Washington

Pennsboro, West Virginia

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Gardeners' Notes:


On Jul 17, 2018, Cbishop1114 from Pennsboro,
United States wrote:

This summer was my first year on growing this plant! I have gotten a lot of comments on how pretty and cool the egg plant is! I have kept mine in a pot on the porch and hoping to bring it in during the Winter! I live in West Virginia and I havent seen anyone with this plant so Im hoping to plant more to share!


On Apr 15, 2013, Ritata from Citronelle, AL wrote:

I wanted advice on how to grow this plant? Indoors or outdoors? Full sun or just partial sun? If it starts getting "leggy", do I let it grow that way or pinch off some of the top so it will get bushy? I've never grown this before. A neighbor gave it to me today to see if I could do something with it--she said she'd had it for a good while, but all it's done is grow tall--it's about a foot and a half now, with a few leaves on it. Since I've never had one and don't know anything about it, I wanted to do the best I could and not kill it!! Thank you very much for any advice.


On Feb 6, 2013, sarahrogers420 wrote:

Hello! I'm a young grower, and in the directions for growing the wonder egg plant, it say's you have to pluck the weakest ones and leave the strongest one, is it possible you could leave the TWO strongest ones?


On Sep 16, 2012, skybking from Bayou Vista, TX wrote:

I have heard a lot of good things about the Easter Egg plant or Wonder Egg.. I just picked up one yesterday. This is for all of you out there that has Dollar General stores. They are on clearance for 22 cents. Run Don't walk they will go fast!


On Jan 9, 2011, evie1935 wrote:

My son bought this in a Easter kit at a store and grew his from the seeds, he then gave me one of them and he kept the other. Both are doing good here in Southern Wisconsin., however his plant developed the amazing eggs from the flowers, and mine grows the violet flowers, but his turns into the yellow eggs, he has about 20 of them as it does grow pretty big and fast, mine is almost as big as his but mine grows only the violet flowers and then they drop off, but no eggs. Please don't laugh at me, but is it possible they could be a male and female plant, my plant looks just as healthy as his but again his grows the eggs and mine does not, so he gave me his and yes, I can get eggs from his plant, as already have 4, but mine just has flowers that dry up and drop off. Please let me know if t... read more


On Aug 17, 2010, Greenjayjay from Williamsport,
United States wrote:

Could someone send me some seeds i would love to try them.


On Jul 29, 2010, bkinne from Bolingbrook, IL wrote:

This is the first year I ever heard of this plant, having found it via Dave's Garden, so I ordered some seeds (from http://www.onaleeseeds.com/) and started them indoors. I'm a novice at starting seeds indoors, so the fact that they survived that part well said much about their stamina. I gave a couple of plants away and kept several in planters on my deck. They recently seriously started producing the 'eggs' and I am just so fascinated by them! My boss, who taught me a great deal about gardening, had never seen one, so I gave her one that she kept in her office. Even though it got plenty of sun, no eggs have appeared on it. I traded her with one from home, that does have eggs on it, and will take the 'inside' pl... read more


On Aug 26, 2006, begone from Navarre, OH wrote:

My wife & I saw two of these plants growing, with fruit, near here, Massillon, OH. We don't know if they were planted this spring or over-wintered. We hope to get a picture to upload soon.


On Jan 26, 2006, Gabrielle from (Zone 5a) wrote:

I wasn't particularly impressed with Easter Eggplant. It was a novelty to try, but I wouldn't bother with it again. They do look like real eggs though. From what I've read, you're not supposed to eat them.


On Jan 15, 2006, sunshiney from Jacksonville, FL wrote:

planted easter '05 outside in my garden, and it is still growing!


On Sep 12, 2004, Sequee from Carmel, NY (Zone 6b) wrote:

Fun little eggplant to grow. I can grow this one in the sun room year round!


On Jan 12, 2004, Farmerdill from Augusta, GA (Zone 8a) wrote:

I have grown the White Egg (De Ruiters) on several occasions. It is a hardy and prolific plant. Its edible qualities leave a lot to be desired but it is a superb novelty.


On Sep 16, 2003, dragonfly29605 from Greenville, SC wrote:

i live in northern south carolina. I have one my mother gave me and she said it came with a recipe book and the could be used as a egg in recipes. she bought hers at wal-mart. mine is 3 1/2 ft tall with 9 eggs and still blooms. beautiful plant.


On Jun 7, 2003, GardenHare wrote:

I got the Plant from a kit called "WONDER EGG" and i want to know if it is the same thing. the scientific name is the same, so i think so, somebody e-mail me a picture of the WHOLE plant, not the fruits. but still, i like it, even if it is only a 2 inch seedling


On Aug 15, 2002, venuseyes wrote:

I started growing this plant from a seed on my birthday february 26th of 2002. The seedlings did exceptionally well. I took the strongest and let it grow in a greenhouse type effect. Then I left it in the window for some hours of sun but not full sun.I gave it ounces of water each day in the morning. it grew steady in foliage. leaf by leaf. Then after a period its heighth gained just a bit. I waited until it was about five or six inches and transplanted it to a bigger pot, for which it had no problem adjusting. I traveled to Denver from Alabama with it. There I watered it daily in a window. and then after a month or so I put it out in full sun, It grew much more in heighth and grew more leaves and bloomed. I am not certain what happened, I had to leave for a month or so and the person in c... read more