Geranium, Dwarf Cranesbill, Hardy Geranium 'Biokovo'

Geranium x cantabrigiense

Family: Geraniaceae (jer-ay-nee-AY-see-ee) (Info)
Genus: Geranium (jer-AY-nee-um) (Info)
Species: x cantabrigiense (kan-tuh-brij-ee-EN-see) (Info)
Cultivar: Biokovo
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Alpines and Rock Gardens



Water Requirements:

Drought-tolerant; suitable for xeriscaping

Average Water Needs; Water regularly; do not overwater

Sun Exposure:

Full Sun

Sun to Partial Shade





Foliage Color:

Unknown - Tell us


6-12 in. (15-30 cm)


12-15 in. (30-38 cm)

15-18 in. (38-45 cm)


USDA Zone 4a: to -34.4 C (-30 F)

USDA Zone 4b: to -31.6 C (-25 F)

USDA Zone 5a: to -28.8 C (-20 F)

USDA Zone 5b: to -26.1 C (-15 F)

USDA Zone 6a: to -23.3 C (-10 F)

USDA Zone 6b: to -20.5 C (-5 F)

USDA Zone 7a: to -17.7 C (0 F)

USDA Zone 7b: to -14.9 C (5 F)

USDA Zone 8a: to -12.2 C (10 F)

USDA Zone 8b: to -9.4 C (15 F)

USDA Zone 9a: to -6.6 C (20 F)

USDA Zone 9b: to -3.8 C (25 F)

Where to Grow:

Unknown - Tell us



Bloom Color:

Pale Pink

White/Near White

Bloom Characteristics:

This plant is attractive to bees, butterflies and/or birds

Bloom Size:

Unknown - Tell us

Bloom Time:

Late Spring/Early Summer

Mid Summer

Late Summer/Early Fall

Other details:

Unknown - Tell us

Soil pH requirements:

5.6 to 6.0 (acidic)

6.1 to 6.5 (mildly acidic)

6.6 to 7.5 (neutral)

7.6 to 7.8 (mildly alkaline)

7.9 to 8.5 (alkaline)

Patent Information:


Propagation Methods:

By dividing the rootball

From herbaceous stem cuttings

Seed Collecting:

Unknown - Tell us


This plant is said to grow outdoors in the following regions:

Auburn, California

Calistoga, California

Fairfield, California

Livermore, California

Simi Valley, California

Vista, California(9 reports)

Woodland Hills, California

Brookfield, Connecticut

Atlanta, Georgia

Algonquin, Illinois

Des Plaines, Illinois

Downers Grove, Illinois

Grayslake, Illinois

Park Ridge, Illinois

Rockford, Illinois

Winnetka, Illinois

Carmel, Indiana

Flora, Indiana

Macy, Indiana

Newburgh, Indiana

Preston, Maryland

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Clarkston, Michigan

Dearborn Heights, Michigan

Grand Marais, Michigan

Royal Oak, Michigan

Austin, Minnesota

Hopkins, Minnesota

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Freehold, New Jersey

Brooklyn, New York

Elba, New York

Greene, New York

Hilton, New York

Jefferson, New York

Syracuse, New York

Burlington, North Carolina

Greensboro, North Carolina

Columbus, Ohio

Powell, Ohio

Monmouth, Oregon

Norristown, Pennsylvania

West Chester, Pennsylvania

Wynnewood, Pennsylvania

Sisseton, South Dakota

Collierville, Tennessee

Crossville, Tennessee

Fort Worth, Texas

Salt Lake City, Utah(2 reports)

Leesburg, Virginia

Lexington, Virginia

Kalama, Washington

Appleton, Wisconsin

Burlington, Wisconsin

Ellsworth, Wisconsin

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Gardeners' Notes:


On Oct 12, 2021, JennysGarden_TN from Collierville, TN wrote:

It's growing nicely in my zone 7b garden. I love the pretty pink flowers! I have plants available for trade.


On Oct 18, 2014, coriaceous from ROSLINDALE, MA wrote:

Like all G. x cantabrigiense cultivars, this is an excellent groundcover. Not pretty in the winter here in Z6a Boston, because the stems and aboveground rhizomes live through the winter bare of foliage.

I like the foliage fragrance, but not everyone does.

I find 'Biokovo' to be indistinguishable from 'St. Ola', which is claimed to be an improvement.


On May 23, 2014, Colibritaquin from St-Jacques, NB,
Canada wrote:

Only to say that I have this geranium in North-western New Brunswick, Canada [Canadian Hardiness Zone 3A] , just across the border from Madawaska, ME 04756 [USA HZ: Zone 4a: (-30F to -25F)]. I point out, though, that we do get colder nights, down to -40 C/F.

Happy gardening, and...
Get some dirt under your fingernails !



On Aug 6, 2011, dahlia10 from Ottawa,
Canada wrote:

I really like this plant! No pests,great fragrance and so cute flowers! The smell reminds me of lemon soda!
Very lovely and trouble free.Flowering period is too short for my taste!


On Jun 9, 2011, ms_greenjeans from Hopkins, MN (Zone 4a) wrote:

Definitely hardy to zone 4a, and a great performing perennial. Works where nothing else will on a steep hill in dry shade. I planted Biokovo and Karmina together, and they have worked so well that I keep pulling up pieces and starting new plantings of them in various places around my yard. You can't help developing a real affection for this reliable and easy-care perennial.


On May 29, 2011, suguy from Simi Valley, CA (Zone 9a) wrote:

A stand-out Hardy Geranium that does very well here in Southern California.
It blooms very early here -- in March it is in full flower.

Likes it on the moist side.


On May 12, 2011, SnappyPants from Sisseton, SD wrote:

I just divided my original plant, bought in 2006, into 6 plants which I spread among several new beds on our property. This neatly mounded plant's foliage is attractive and fragrant. In late
Spring, I love the dainty flowers rising above the dome of leaves as if trying to escape. Best of all, this plant is not bothered at all by slugs or rabbits. It's a win-win!


On Apr 6, 2011, marsinger4 from Atlanta, GA wrote:

I keep it in containers on my balcony, which is shaded part of the day. It starts blooming as early as late March and doesn't stop till fall, and while it doesn't bloom in the winter, it does stay green and cheerful! Doesn't seem to be bothered by anything--heat, humidity, lack of water, cats--so for me, its just about perfect.


On Dec 29, 2010, rabbitsdiner from Carmel, IN wrote:

I love this plant. I have a nice clump in full sun, amended clay.
Each year I divide it; planting it's many little progeny in dry shade, to serve as a groundcover replacing my vast mulch beds.They are filling in nicely. This is a tough spot. Many plants that are somewhat deer and rabbit proof and not bothered by them in my other beds, get ravaged in this area.(It's by a nature preserve.) They don't touch 'Biokovo'.The foliage has such a lovely fragrance. I like to break off a leaf to carry with me, enjoying the fragrance as I garden. I recently read that if you cut it back in early summer, it will bloom again in the fall. I'll have to try it on some of mine. I'd love to have more of those lovely pink and white blooms in the fall.


On Jun 30, 2010, NancyMcD from Grand Marais, MI wrote:

This charming geranium spreads slowly and politely to form an almost weed-proof mat. Here in Zone 4/5, with sandy soil, maybe 2/3 of a day of sun, it's by no means invasive but is doing a fine job of filling the space I want filled. It's easily controlled if needed. Lovely little flowers. Deer don't touch it. Highly recommended.


On Apr 10, 2010, otter47 from Livermore, CA wrote:

If I could have only one "hardy geranium" in my garden, it would be "Biokovo". It is lovely to look at 12 months of the year.


On Mar 27, 2010, fel from Wynnewood, PA (Zone 7a) wrote:

For me in zone 6 it does very well -- grows in partial sun to shade, has reddish tinged foliage certain times of the year, good fragrance and masses of pinkish white small flowers. Unlike other geraniums I have tried, it doesn't seem to mind dry conditions -- even dry shade. It spreads in my garden a lot, so I am always trying to give cuttings to friends and neighbors.


On Feb 4, 2009, Conquered_MS from Preston, MD wrote:

I kind of "inherited" this plant or I probably wouldn't have it. It didn't appeal to me at first, but once it grew those lovely dark green mounds and came into full bloom, it was very impressive!

But the thing I like best about this plant ? . . . the wonderful, spicy FRAGRANCE! The blooms last for about a month, but the fragrance of the leaves lasts all through the growing season! I love to stroke the leaves to release the fragrance whenever I pass by; the fragrance takes my cares away! I will often take a leaf and rub it on my skin to keep the fragrance with me for hours.

This has become one of my favorite perennials. Give it a chance; you may find the same.


On Jun 20, 2008, ifonly from Brookfield, CT wrote:

This is the perfect perennial - long bloom period, lots & lots of blooms, pretty foliage, and great spreader, while easy to contain. Great for front edge of the border or at the foot of shrubs.

A favorite vignette - Festive Maxima peony, Siberian iris, lamb's ear, and Biokova geranium.



On Jun 2, 2008, Malus2006 from Coon Rapids, MN (Zone 4a) wrote:

Straight zone 4a hardy too - will grow in a groundcover - the main problem is that it is really ugly during early spring. The flowers will make up for that ugliness by blooming like crazy. Seem to have very little roots, mainly aboveground rhizomes - makes for a interesting experience when transplanting them but most of them surivive transfers to other areas of the yard. Will grow in woodland shade but won't flower and spread slowly so their best is partial shade where most other geranium species and hybrids won't grow except for the native geranium of the Eastern United States and its allies which would bloom in woodland shade. The other geranium species and hybrids tend to prefer more sun - at least 4 to 6 hours or more - I have tried several in more shade conditions but they kept dying ... read more


On May 18, 2006, TBGDN from (Zone 5a) wrote:

A super hardy, quick growing and abundantly blooming plant. It is probably my best geranium for overall garden performance. The leaves stay green almost year round, with fresh growth beginning in early March. It blooms profusely over a thirty day period beginning in late May well into June. Although listed as spreading 18", mine has spread out over 30" in all directions.


On Apr 12, 2006, BUFFY690 from Prosperity, SC (Zone 7b) wrote:

I have added a few of these plants in my containers for this year (to be added into the garden in the fall). I came across this perennial geranium on my order list at work and had to give it a looksie. From the pics I have made a wise and beautiful choice for the future of my garden. I also love the fragrance of the foilage. A bit pungent but the deer should not like it.


On Jul 14, 2005, hawallace from Austin, MN (Zone 4b) wrote:

Grows very well in zone 4b. I have two 'Biokovo' plants that have been through two southern MN winters and are thriving. The plants have not received any pampering. I believe in survival of the fittest in my garden. I like the shape and size of the plant as well as the prolific flowering. The flowers seemed a little plain to me when the plants first started blooming, but the number of blooms and the overall habit of the plant won me over.


On Jun 9, 2005, JoleneS from Centerville, UT (Zone 6a) wrote:

This lovely plant is a mass of white flowers with pink centers. It gets a lot of shade in my garden and holds its own very well on a steep slope in sandy soill.