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Hybrid Tea Rose 'Fragrant Cloud'


Family: Rosaceae (ro-ZAY-see-ee) (Info)
Genus: Rosa (RO-zuh) (Info)
Cultivar: Fragrant Cloud
Additional cultivar information:(aka TANellis, Duftwolke, Nuage Parfum, PP2574)
Hybridized by Tantau
Registered or introduced: 1963
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Hybrid Tea


24-36 in. (60-90 cm)

36-48 in. (90-120 cm)

4-6 ft. (1.2-1.8 m)


18-24 in. (45-60 cm)

24-36 in. (60-90 cm)


USDA Zone 7a: to -17.7 C (0 F)

USDA Zone 7b: to -14.9 C (5 F)

USDA Zone 8a: to -12.2 C (10 F)

USDA Zone 8b: to -9.4 C (15 F)

USDA Zone 9a: to -6.6 C (20 F)

USDA Zone 9b: to -3.8 C (25 F)

USDA Zone 10a: to -1.1 C (30 F)

USDA Zone 10b: to 1.7 C (35 F)

Bloom Color:

Orange red (or)

Bloom Shape:

Tea shaped

Flower Fragrance:

Very Fragrant

Bloom Time:

Late Spring/Early Summer

Blooms repeatedly



Can be trained as a standard or tree form

Patent Information:

Patent expired

Other Details:

Susceptible to black spot

Susceptible to mildew

Pruning Instructions:

Blooms on new wood; prune early to promote new growth

Soil pH requirements:

5.6 to 6.0 (acidic)

6.1 to 6.5 (mildly acidic)

Propagation Methods:

From softwood cuttings

From semi-hardwood cuttings

From hardwood cuttings

By grafting

By budding

Foliage Color:

Unknown - Tell us

Bloom Characteristics:

Unknown - Tell us

Water Requirements:

Unknown - Tell us

Where to Grow:

Unknown - Tell us


This plant has been said to grow in the following regions:


Pansey, Alabama

Beaumont, California

Berkeley, California

Ceres, California

Paradise, California

San Dimas, California

Tujunga, California

Vallejo, California

Aurora, Colorado

Littleton, Colorado

Wilmington, Delaware

Gulf Breeze, Florida

Milton, Florida

Windermere, Florida

Blue Island, Illinois

Shawnee Mission, Kansas

Barbourville, Kentucky

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Boyce, Louisiana

Kenner, Louisiana

Spring Lake, Michigan

Zeeland, Michigan

Decatur, Mississippi

Springfield, Missouri

Omaha, Nebraska

Henderson, Nevada

La Luz, New Mexico

Bellmore, New York

Hornell, New York

Southold, New York

Dudley, North Carolina

Hilliard, Ohio

Shawnee, Oklahoma

Folcroft, Pennsylvania

Lansdale, Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Saint Thomas, Pennsylvania

North Augusta, South Carolina

Cibolo, Texas

Lubbock, Texas

Casco, Wisconsin

Milwaukee, Wisconsin (2 reports)

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Gardeners' Notes:


On Mar 4, 2015, DaylilySLP from Dearborn Heights, MI (Zone 6a) wrote:

(Prima Ballerina Montezuma)


On Jul 10, 2014, no1gardener from Pittsburgh, PA (Zone 7a) wrote:

I just planted this rose in early June of this year (2014) and the blossoms only last a couple days before the edges of the petals become singed. Could this be from all the heat we've been getting in PA? Or could it mean that the plant is suffering from malnutrition? I saw it at my local nursery and loved it. I'm just wondering if there's anything that I can do to help it grow better.


On Jun 19, 2014, Flowerpower2014 from Boyce, LA wrote:

I bought this rose at the Home Depot and it looked pretty pathetic. It's been about two months since I planted this rose and it's now very healthy. The only reason I got it is because I have fragrant clouds daughter Dolly Parton and I love it so I figured I would love it too. It's a very healthy plant that doesn't require a lot of work and it smells soooooooo good. I definitely recommend this rose. Oh and I haven't had any spot problems with it so far which is saying something where I live. All roses here get it.


On May 14, 2013, monniemon from Lansdale, PA wrote:

I purchased Fragrant Cloud last season from a local store as a potted plant. I was approx 3ft at the time of purchase, it is approx 8ft now. It grew sooo fast, i had to loop it and stake it to the ground, so now there are hundrends of buds because of the looping, the scent of this rose is amazing, it think it is stronger than my double delights, barbra streisand. This bush flowered in november and the flower was approx 6inches, the scent was so strong my neighbor smelled it and came over to find out what the rose was, she wants to purchase one... This rose has gotten some black spotting, but we have had lots of rain in the last couple of months, but i have not noticed any mildew. Came through the winter with no dieback. I would not suggest the own root version, tends to be smaller, les... read more


On Jul 19, 2011, NorthernWoman from Spring Lake, MI wrote:

I and my husband love Fragrant Cloud. It is striking, smells wonderful, blooms abundantly, and is a strong, hardy plant. I do not do anything special for it at all in the winter (although there was eventually a lot of snow around the bushes). The plant did not die back at all-were still at least three feet tall in the spring. I planted three more. The blooms last better than many other varieties. Cut blooms make a striking combination with Pope John Paul II and Double Delight--and the scent!


On Jun 14, 2011, Melrose77 from Zeeland, MI wrote:

Very tall plant, over 6 ft., with nearly perfect, fragrant blooms. A favorite with everyone who visits the garden.


On Dec 13, 2010, tgwWhale from Casco, WI wrote:

Fragrant Cloud has been around for a long time and its good qualities are well-known -- especially the fragrance. I had two in my garden, but one died over last winter. I box them up and bury them in ground to get them through our NE Wisconsin (Zone 5) winters.

It does not grow very tall, and the flower stems tend to be short. Sometimes the flower form is excellent, but sometimes it is asymmetrical. It reblooms well.


On Jun 27, 2010, litisk from Gold Canyon, AZ (Zone 8b) wrote:

Probably my favorite rose, second only to Double Delight. A wonderfully strong fragrance and gorgeous coral-pink blooms. This rose has performed beautifully for me. Since we are relocating to Arizona from California in less than a month, I will buy this rose immediately after our move. You will love this rose as much as I do.


On Jun 21, 2010, Mom22Zone5 from Omaha, NE wrote:

This rose has received more compliments than any other. It's scent is fantastic. My only complaint would be that it opens really fast. It's an electric orange and if I had to do it over, I would have put it in the center of the bed because the bright color makes the flower bed 'lean' as I have a white at the other end. But it is lovely and pairs well with white daisies and purple wild geranium.


On Apr 11, 2009, Joan from Belfield, ND (Zone 4a) wrote:

Editor's Note

Plant Patent number 2574 has expired


On May 17, 2007, cactuspatch from Alamogordo, NM (Zone 7b) wrote:

This is our favorite rose because of the strong fragrance. We love the way it grows with no extra care and makes our front courtyard and driveway smell simply heavenly.


On Jun 20, 2005, yao from San Francisco, CA wrote:

Fragrant Cloud definitely deserves its Gamble Medal for fragrance. The fragrance is strong, rich, and (to me) deliciously fruity in the way a good rose can seem fruity. Even compared to other very fragrant roses, it ranks very near the top, in my opinion.


On Jun 19, 2005, NWagner from Milwaukee, WI wrote:

This rose has been in my garden for many years and has always produced beatiful flowers. The scent is very strong - I tried to sleep with a cut bloom in my bedroom and had to remove it because the scent was overpowering. The color is almost like a luminescent salmon - it kind of looks electric as it grows in the in garden. Has required very little care and has survived Wisconsin winters with no special care.


On Apr 15, 2005, Cowdung from Milwaukee, WI wrote:

I'm pretty impressed with the durability of the plant. We found one growing in the garden when we bought our house--it was healthy and blooming when we moved in during Summer despite the fact that it went through the Wisconsin winter unprotected while the house was vacant...


On Jul 14, 2004, shortcm from Wilmington, DE (Zone 7b) wrote:

I also have this in partial shade, and it is growing nicely with large blooms. Very fragrant.


On Jun 30, 2004, chicochi3 from Fayetteville, AR (Zone 6b) wrote:

Lovely fragrance and beautiful color. One of the best I've seen.


On May 19, 2004, gthill27 wrote:

Never have been a gardener or rose fan but do appreciate the flowers if someone else does the work.
I have one plant in the ground (Southwest Missouri) which is covered for the winter. It has loyally returned to bloom repeatedly starting in May and throughout most of the summer. This is one flower, or rose, that I adore. It is so symmetrical and so delicious in its frangrance. The soil here is basically rocky, but there is a flower bed which was enriched with good potting soil. It is located in partial shade. My own opinion is that it does not like extreme sun or heatand not too much water. Loving neglect seems to work, and that is why we are so compatible. When I bring a bloom into the house, I usually carry the vase with me wherever I happen to be.
Fragrant Cloud is a very ... read more