Cucumber 'Suyo Long'

Cucumis sativus

Family: Cucurbitaceae (koo-ker-bih-TAY-see-ee) (Info)
Genus: Cucumis (KOO-koo-mis) (Info)
Species: sativus (sa-TEE-vus) (Info)
Cultivar: Suyo Long
Additional cultivar information:(aka Suhyo)
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18-24 in. (45-60 cm)


12-15 in. (30-38 cm)

Seed Type:

Open Pollinated

Sun Exposure:

Full Sun

Bloom Color:

Gold (Yellow-Orange)

Bloom Time:

Late Spring/Early Summer

Mid Summer

Other details:

Unknown - Tell us

Soil pH requirements:

6.1 to 6.5 (mildly acidic)

6.6 to 7.5 (neutral)

Propagation Methods:

From seed; direct sow after last frost

Seed Collecting:

Unblemished fruit must be significantly overripe before harvesting seed; clean and dry seeds

Foliage Color:

Unknown - Tell us

Bloom Characteristics:

This plant is attractive to bees, butterflies and/or birds

Water Requirements:

Average Water Needs; Water regularly; do not overwater

Where to Grow:

Unknown - Tell us


This plant has been said to grow in the following regions:


Mobile, Alabama

Westbrook, Connecticut

Lakeland, Florida

Panama City, Florida

Kailua, Hawaii

Heflin, Louisiana

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Jamestown, Ohio

Houston, Texas

San Antonio, Texas

Madison, Wisconsin

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Gardeners' Notes:


On Jul 17, 2015, DonShirer from Westbrook, CT (Zone 6a) wrote:

Good tasting cuke with spiny skin you may want to peel before eating. I harvest mine at 10-15" long. They tend to curl even if trellised. Makes an interesting change from the usual cylindrical shape. Fairly good yield.


On Jul 22, 2012, oldad from Heflin, LA wrote:

We've grown the Suyo Long for many years on concrete wire tomato cages, the flavor is excellant fresh or pickled, a very productive variety for the home or market gardener in zone 8a.


On May 13, 2012, Sherilou from Panhandle Gulf Coast, FL (Zone 8b) wrote:

Suyo Long is delicious and burpless. I harvested these yummy cucumbers at 9". I made pickles, if too many were ready at the same time. The pollinators LOVED the dark yellow blooms. I purchased my seeds from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds


On Jul 19, 2011, Poeticchampion from Columbus, OH (Zone 6a) wrote:

First year growing Suyo (I've seen it spelled 'Soyu' too). As of mid-July (and transplanted it to the garden mid-late June), I have already harvested about 6-7 cucs, all over 10". I've read where they will grow much larger with no decline in flavor or tenderness, but I just couldn't wait to pick them. The flavor is mild and suberb. I trellis mine and the vine is over 6' now, with many, many blossoms. I love this cucumber!


On Jun 8, 2010, carminator1 from mobile, AL (Zone 8a) wrote:

I really like this cucumber, it is crisp and the skin is thin enough that it does not have to be pealed at all. Production is also good and thankfully cucumber bettles are not bothering the plant too much.


On Jul 10, 2009, Speckled_Hen from San Antonio, TX (Zone 8b) wrote:

An outstanding cucumber for hot climates. It does very well here in south TX and takes our intense 100 degrees+ summer days in stride. A very vigorous plant, give it plenty of vertical support as the plants will climb 6ft or more. One of my plants is over 8ft tall now. The cucumbers themselves are delicious. Of the several kinds I grow, they are my favorite. Spiny on the outside, very juicy and flavorful on the inside. You can peel them or not - either way they are good. They get very long if you trellis them and are very striking and dramatic looking. Grow Suyo Longs and not only will you be growing the best-tasting cucumber around but you can enjoy amazing friends and neighbors with your cool spiny monster cukes :)


On May 5, 2007, lexiekinz from Lakeland, FL (Zone 9a) wrote:

Since I'm a beginner gardener, I can't comment on yields, however they are beautiful plants and fruits -- and the favor is outstanding, IMHO.


On Jan 1, 2006, rebecca101 from Madison, WI (Zone 5a) wrote:

This is a great Asian cucumber - long and thin (about 12 in), with lots of prickly spines. They will be straight if you tie the vines to a trellis, or curled like snakes if you allow the vines to scramble over the ground. Delicious, sweet, firm flesh, almost no seeds, burpless and non-bitter at any stage.


On Jul 13, 2004, Farmerdill from Augusta, GA (Zone 8a) wrote:

A long (15 inch) Burpless cucumber from China. Open polinated. Performs best on trellis.