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Spotlight on our Uber Gardeners and PlantFiles Pioneers

PlantFiles is not only the largest plant database in the world, but is remarkable in that its ongoing growth is due to the collaborative efforts of 65,136 gardeners worldwide.

Back in 2004, we began recognizing contributors that were demonstrating an uncommon level of commitment to helping grow PlantFiles. We called them our Uber Gardeners, and the name stuck.

We continually update our Uber Gardener list to spotlight new community members. And as always, there are several more members close to joining the ranks of these dedicated contributors.

We would like to further honor those who were with us in the beginning with a permanent place on DG as our PlantFiles Pioneers.

We hope the efforts of these individuals will inspire our community members and visitors to become more actively involved in PlantFiles. The helpful information you read within PlantFiles was shared by a fellow gardener, and what you know about a particular plant can in turn help someone else. In addition to adding pictures, comments and details, you can easily and quickly add your ZIP code to the plants that grow in your garden or nearby. This simple process will help compile a plant database that is more specific and useful than the existing zone charts.

We hope you enjoy PlantFiles as much as we do!

Happy gardening,

The DG Team

Uber Gardenrs!

The List...

  • bootandall is from Blenheim, New Zealand, where she works for Devon Nursery. Since joining us in August 2003, she has added over 450 entries for ornamental shrubs and perennials, as well as contributed over 1,680 images and checked off more than 3,400 details.

  • Cactus_lover lives in Pakistan, and has been a member of DG since 2004. As his username suggests, he is very familiar with with cacti, and has added over 400 plants to PlantFiles, along with more than 2,700 images and almost 2,400 details.

  • Calif_Sue is from the Golden state and joined DG in 2004. She has added almost 1,000 new entries in PlantFiles, along with more than 7,400 photos of roses, irises and numerous other plants, and she has shared her knowledge by adding about 6,000 details to help complete many entries.

  • DaylilySLP has been part of the DG community since 2003 and lives in Michigan where she grows daylilies and orchids, among many other plants. She has contributed over 22,000 images images, created more than 20,000 new entries for plants, and added over 340,00 details. DaylilySLP is currently serving as a Dave's Garden Administrator.

  • Farmerdill joined the site in October 2003, and has focused his efforts on the vegetables of PlantFiles. He has added over 15,800 entries, over 16,000 comments, over 2,100 images and checked off more than 166,000 details, all of which benefit gardeners needing to know the ins and outs of particular vegetable cultivars.

  • Growin is from Vancouver, BC and has been a member of DG since 2005, and formerly served as a PlantFiles editor. He enjoys growing many woody ornamentals and perennials in the PNW and has added over 1,500 entries to PlantFiles, along with over 14,400 images and over 10,000 details.

  • htop is from southern Texas, and joined Dave's Garden in 2003. Since then, she has created over 260 entries, and over 3,300 images, more than 890 comments, plus checked off over 11,700 details, along with providing over 990 ZIP code reports.

  • Joan joined us in August 2001, and hails from North Dakota. During her time at DG, she has created nearly 6,300 new entries (many are Irises, along with other perennials), submitted more 3,900 comments, over 1,975 images, almost 700 ZIP code reports, as well as helping complete entries with over 295,000 details. Joan was currently serving as a PlantFiles Administrator. Joan passed away in 2017. She will be missed.

  • Kell has been a member of DG since 2002. She gardens in northern California and has shared over 33,000 images of plants, including many succulents, tropicals and roses, along with creating more than 3,100 new PlantFiles entries and adding more than 2,200 ZIP code reports and over 9,670 details to plants she is familiar with.

  • kennedyh has helped broaden the horizons of PlantFiles by sharing his extensive knowledge of Australia's native plants. He has created over 2,800 entries, and shared more than 11,700 images and checked off nearly 17,000 details since joining us in early 2003. In addition to his PlantFiles contributions, he edits the BugFiles feature.

  • palmbob's contributions of images and information has greatly increased and enhanced the database's information on palm and succulent plants. He has created over 4,200 entries and over 3,300 comments, 2393 zip code reports and shared over 30,700 images along with checking off more than 29,400 details since joining the site in early 2003.

  • puttytat brings a tremendous amount of information and images about the Iris genus to PlantFiles. Since joining us in mid-2003, she has created over 1,660 plant entries and over 3,000 images and checked off over 900 details. Through her efforts, the Iris entries have become more useful and interesting to our readers.

  • RosinaBloom joined us in 2012. In that short time she has over 800 new plant entries, almost 10,000 images, and over 12,500 details! She lives in New Zealand, has a passion for photography and nature. She has added some beautiful images, she is for sure an asset for DG Database!

  • Todd_Boland hails from St. John's, Newfoundland, where he is a horticulture instructor and grows alpine-rock garden plants, azaleas/rhododendrons and dwarf shrubs. Since joining us in February 2004, he has added over 2,000 new plant entries, over 1,100 comments and over 3,000 images, as well as helping complete entries nearly 28,000 details.

  • Xenomorf is a keen and knowledgeable grower of cactus and succulents and plants native to the arid climate of Arizona, and has added over 7,500 entries, along with more than 9,400 images and over 2,000 comments, along with adding over 93,000 details since joining us in May 2004.

PlantFiles Pioneers!

The List...

  • Big_Red is from Kentucky, and since joining Dave's Garden in January 2001 has helped increase the vegetable information in PlantFiles with over 850 entries, nearly 800 comments, nearly 600 images, and nearly than 8,200 details. Sadly, Big_Red passed away on Feb 27, 2008.

  • carolann was one of our earliest contributors of images and information on Hemerocallis and Iris. She has provided over 3,200 images and nearly 400 entries since joining us in mid-2002, and her efforts have helped attract more daylily and iris growers who have also begun sharing images and information.

  • Evert is another young member, and hails from Finland. Since joining Dave's Garden in mid-2001, he has shared more than 600 images of ornamental plants, and created over 100 entries for PlantFiles as well as checking off over 350 details.

  • Floridian has helped increase the number of entries and images of native plants of the Deep South. Her beautiful photography is frequently requested for other venues. Since joining Dave's Garden in mid-2001, she has over 300 plant entries, over 1,000 images and checked off nearly 4,300 details.

  • Happenstance joined Dave's Garden in August 2003, and has added over 1,200 plants, over 300 comments and over 1,900 images as well as checking off more than 7,100 details and nearly 1,400 ZIP code reports. Many of her contributions are succulents and other plants that do well in California's unique climate.

  • Jeff_Beck joined DG in January 2004 and has added almost 100 new entries, along with sharing over 1,000 images and checking off over 270 details. His images - especially close-up details of trees, shrubs and perennials - provide invaluable assistance for readers trying to identify plants.

  • jody joined Dave's Garden back in September 2000, and is numbered among our long-time members. Her expertise in Hostas and other perennial plants has helped us create an extensive library of images and information with her contribution of over 1,400 entries, over 1,600 comments, 900 images and checking off over 51,000 details.

  • lupinelover is a devoted rose lover, and her research helped create more than 1,300 Rose entries within PlantFiles upon joining us in April 2002. She also added more than 400 comments and nearly 200 images, and checked off more than 8,000 details.

  • Margiempv is from Arizona, and is a self-described serious backyard hybridizer of Iris; since joining us in late 2003, she has contributed nearly 300 entries, added more than 600 comments, 1,400 images and nearly 1,500 details to numerous entries.

  • melody is another long-time member of DG. Since joining us in January 2001, she has added over 160 new entries to PlantFiles, along with more than 490 comments, over 700 images and over 10,000 details. She is a keen heirloom gardener and is often found helping organize regional DG round-ups in or near her home state of Kentucky. Melody is currently serving as a Dave's Garden Administrator.

  • Monocromatico is an international member of Dave's Garden, hailing from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Since joining the site in 2003, he has shared his knowledge of tropical plants while working on his Master's Thesis on the taxonomy of the Camellia (Theaceae) family. He has added more than 300 plants, 500 comments, and shared nearly 900 images and checked off over 2,700 details.

  • mystic is another one of our long-time DG members; since joining us in September 2000 she has added more than 8,600 entries for a wide variety of plants, along with nearly 1,300 comments and over 2,300 images. She has also checked off nearly 244,000 details to help complete entries for the benefit of all users, and she's currently helping to add hybridizer and year of introduction to the Hemerocallis entries along with serving as an editor of PlantFiles.

  • PanamonCreel hails from Quebec, Canada and worked diligently to increase the database with tropical and succulent plant species, including Adeniums, Hoyas, Aloes, and many lesser-known genera. Since joining the site in October, 2002, he has created over 1,300 entries and checked off over 1,900 details.

  • Paulwhwest is one of our youngest members, and since joining Dave's Garden in 2002, he's added more than 1,400 entries, over 1,000 comments, and more than 400 images and over 14,000 details. In addition to his contributions to PlantFiles, he's also the creator of our site's banner images.

  • philomel joined Dave's Garden in January 2002 and resides in Termes d'Armagnac, France. She has added almost 300 plants to the PlantFiles, along with over 300 comments, over 500 images, and over 2,500 details.

  • poppysue was one of the very first members to add information to PlantFiles, and she created more than 500 entries, added more than 1,400 images and checked off nearly 4,900 details after joining us in October 2000. She was one of our first PlantFiles editors, although she has retired from active duty. We're grateful for her expertise and help to build PlantFiles into what it is today.

  • Thaumaturgist joined us in mid-2003, and has added nearly 900 beautiful images, many of which are of edible fruits grown in Florida, helping users to identify and compare varieties and species.

  • Weezingreens gardens in Alaska, growing beautiful plants despite the challenges of climate and shortened growing season. She joined DG in early 2002, and in addition to generously sharing her seeds and knowledge with other members, she has added over 200 plants, more than 270 comments, more than 800 images and checked off more than 2,500 details.