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Plants grown happily by DonnaB

Common nameLatin nameLocation
American Elder, Common Elderberry
Sambucus canadensis
Sambucus canadensis Ocean Springs, ms
Annual Lion's Ear, Devil's Pincushion, Lion's Tail
Leonotis nepetifolia
Leonotis nepetifolia Ocean Springs, ms
Asclepias Species, Aquatic Milkweed, White Milkweed
Asclepias perennis
Asclepias perennis Ocean Springs, ms
Asclepias Species, Pinewoods Milkweed, Pink-Veined Milkplant, Sandhill Milkweed
Asclepias humistrata
Asclepias humistrata Ocean Springs, ms
Blue Ginger
Dichorisandra thyrsiflora
Dichorisandra thyrsiflora Ocean Springs, ms
Bottlebrush Tree
Callistemon rigidus
Callistemon rigidus Ocean Springs, ms
Bougainvillea Species, Paper Flower, Lesser Bougainvillea
Bougainvillea glabra
Bougainvillea glabra Ocean Springs, ms
Brazilian Bachelor's Button, Brazilian Button Flower, Larkdaisy, Porcupine Flower
Centratherum intermedium
Centratherum intermedium Ocean Springs, ms
Brazilian Nightshade, St. Vincent Lilac, Italian Jasmine
Solanum seaforthianum
Solanum seaforthianum Ocean Springs, ms
Butterfly Bush, Oxford Bush, Cambridge Bush 'Ugandense'
Rotheca myricoides
Rotheca myricoides Ocean Springs, ms
Chinese Indigo
Indigofera kirilowii
Indigofera kirilowii Ocean Springs, ms
Dutchman's Pipe
Aristolochia gigantea
Aristolochia gigantea Ocean Springs, ms
Dutchman's Pipe
Aristolochia trilobata
Aristolochia trilobata Ocean Springs, ms
Dutchman's Pipe 'Brasiliensis'
Aristolochia gigantea
Aristolochia gigantea Ocean Springs, ms
Firecracker Shrub, Mexican Firebush, Scarlet Bush, Hummingbird Bush
Hamelia patens
Hamelia patens Ocean Springs, ms
Glory Flower, Princess Flower
Tibouchina urvilleana
Tibouchina urvilleana Ocean Springs, ms
Golden Dew Drop, Sky Flower, Pigeon Berry
Duranta erecta
Duranta erecta Ocean Springs, ms
Golden Thryallis, Gold Shower, Shower of Gold, Rain of Gold
Galphimia glauca
Galphimia glauca Ocean Springs, ms
Hairy Clustervine, Tie Vine
Jacquemontia tamnifolia
Jacquemontia tamnifolia Ocean Springs, ms
Hardy Red Gloxinia
Sinningia sellovii
Sinningia sellovii Ocean Springs, ms
Hibiscus Species, Red Sorrel, Roselle, Florida Cranberry, Indian Sorrel, Jamaican Sorrel
Hibiscus sabdariffa var. rubra
Hibiscus sabdariffa var. rubra Ocean Springs, ms
Hibiscus Species, Roselle, Jamaican Tea, Maple-Leaf Hibiscus, Florida Cranberry, October Hibiscus, R
Hibiscus sabdariffa
Hibiscus sabdariffa Ocean Springs, ms
Hibiscus Species, Swamp Hibiscus, Scarlet Rose Mallow, Texas Star, Scarlet Hibiscus
Hibiscus coccineus
Hibiscus coccineus Ocean Springs, ms
Lily Turf, Lilyturf, Monkey Grass
Liriope muscari
Liriope muscari Ocean Springs, ms
Loquat, Japanese Plum
Eriobotrya japonica
Eriobotrya japonica Ocean Springs, ms
Mexican Sunflower, Bolivian Sunflower, Marigold Tree
Tithonia diversifolia
Tithonia diversifolia Ocean Springs, ms
Muscadine, Southern Fox Grape, Scuppernong, Bullace
Vitis rotundifolia
Vitis rotundifolia Ocean Springs, ms
Nerium oleander
Nerium oleander Ocean Springs, ms
Passiflora, Passion Flower, Passion Vine 'Allardii'
Passiflora Ocean Springs, ms
Philippine Violet
Barleria cristata
Barleria cristata Ocean Springs, ms
Plumbago, Cape Leadwort
Plumbago auriculata
Plumbago auriculata Ocean Springs, ms
Poison Ivy, Eastern Poison Ivy
Toxicodendron radicans
Toxicodendron radicans Ocean Springs, ms
Pony Tail Palm, Bottle Palm, Monja, Palma culona
Beaucarnea recurvata
Beaucarnea recurvata Ocean Springs, ms
Rattlebox, Scarlet Wisteria, False Poinciana, Purple Sesbane
Sesbania punicea
Sesbania punicea Ocean Springs, ms
Red Powder Puff
Calliandra haematocephala
Calliandra haematocephala Ocean Springs, ms
Rose Periwinkle, Cayenne Jasmine, Madagascar Periwinkle, Old Maid, Vinca
Catharanthus roseus
Catharanthus roseus Ocean Springs, ms
Salvia Species, Autumn Sage, Gregg's Sage
Salvia greggii
Salvia greggii Ocean Springs, ms
Scarlet Firethorn
Pyracantha coccinea
Pyracantha coccinea Ocean Springs, ms
Shell Ginger
Alpinia zerumbet
Alpinia zerumbet Ocean Springs, ms
Shrubby Water Primrose, Mexican Primrose Willow
Ludwigia octovalvis
Ludwigia octovalvis Ocean Springs, ms
Siam Tulip 'Kimono Sakura'
Curcuma alismatifolia
Curcuma alismatifolia Ocean Springs, ms
Smooth Luffa, Sponge Luffa, Climbing Okra, Dishrag Gourd
Luffa cylindrica
Luffa cylindrica Ocean Springs, ms
Tillandsia Bromeliad, Air Plant, Spanish Moss
Tillandsia usneoides
Tillandsia usneoides Ocean Springs, ms
True Indigo
Indigofera tinctoria
Indigofera tinctoria Ocean Springs, ms
Trumpet Vine, Trumpet Creeper, Cow-itch Vine, Hellvine
Campsis radicans
Campsis radicans Ocean Springs, ms
Turk's Turban, Sky Rocket, Bowing Lady
Clerodendrum indicum
Clerodendrum indicum Ocean Springs, ms
Watson's Dutchman's Pipe
Aristolochia watsonii
Aristolochia watsonii Ocean Springs, ms
Weeping Lantana, Trailing Lantana 'Trailing Lavender'
Lantana montevidensis
Lantana montevidensis Ocean Springs, ms
White Veined Dutchman's Pipe
Aristolochia fimbriata
Aristolochia fimbriata Ocean Springs, ms
Yellow Jessamine, Carolina Yellow Jasmine
Gelsemium sempervirens
Gelsemium sempervirens Ocean Springs, ms

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