Photo by Melody

Plants grown happily by Eli17z6

Common nameLatin nameLocation
Adam's Needle, Spoonleaf Yucca, Needle-Palm
Yucca filamentosa
Yucca filamentosa Lawrence, ma
Alberta Spruce, Black Hills Spruce, White Spruce, Canadian Spruce
Picea glauca
Picea glauca Lawrence, ma
American Beech
Fagus grandifolia
Fagus grandifolia Lawrence, ma
American Chestnut, American Sweet Chestnut
Castanea dentata
Castanea dentata Lawrence, ma
Atlantic White Cedar
Chamaecyparis thyoides
Chamaecyparis thyoides Lawrence, ma
Canadian Hemlock, Eastern Hemlock
Tsuga canadensis
Tsuga canadensis Lawrence, ma
Colorado Spruce, Blue Spruce
Picea pungens
Picea pungens Lawrence, ma
Dwarf Palmetto, Bluestem Palmetto, Blue Palm 'McCurtain'
Sabal minor
Sabal minor Lawrence, ma
Eastern Dogwood, Flowering Dogwood
Cornus florida
Cornus florida Lawrence, ma
Eastern White Pine
Pinus strobus
Pinus strobus Lawrence, ma
European Maple, Norway Maple
Acer platanoides
Acer platanoides Lawrence, ma
Ginkgo Species, Maidenhair Tree
Ginkgo biloba
Ginkgo biloba Lawrence, ma
Gray Birch
Betula populifolia
Betula populifolia Lawrence, ma
Japanese Maple
Acer palmatum
Acer palmatum Lawrence, ma
Littleleaf Linden
Tilia cordata
Tilia cordata Lawrence, ma
Mountain Laurel
Kalmia latifolia
Kalmia latifolia Lawrence, ma
Needle Palm
Rhapidophyllum hystrix
Rhapidophyllum hystrix Lawrence, ma
Northern Red Oak, Eastern Red Oak, Mountain Red Oak, Gray Oak
Quercus rubra
Quercus rubra Lawrence, ma
Norway Spruce
Picea abies
Picea abies Lawrence, ma
Paper Birch, American White Birch, Canoe Birch
Betula papyrifera
Betula papyrifera Lawrence, ma
Pitch Pine, Northern Pitch Pine
Pinus rigida
Pinus rigida Lawrence, ma
Red Maple, Scarlet Maple
Acer rubrum
Acer rubrum Lawrence, ma
Red Pine, Norway Pine
Pinus resinosa
Pinus resinosa Lawrence, ma
Red Spruce
Picea rubens
Picea rubens Lawrence, ma
River Birch
Betula nigra
Betula nigra Lawrence, ma
Sansevieria Species, Snake Plant, Mother-in-Law's Tongue, Saint George's Sword
Sansevieria trifasciata
Sansevieria trifasciata Lawrence, ma
Saucer Magnolia, Tulip Tree
Magnolia x soulangeana
Magnolia x soulangeana Lawrence, ma
Silver Maple, Soft Maple, River Maple, Silverleaf Maple, White Maple
Acer saccharinum
Acer saccharinum Lawrence, ma
Staghorn Sumac, Velvet Sumac
Rhus typhina
Rhus typhina Lawrence, ma
Sugar Maple
Acer saccharum
Acer saccharum Lawrence, ma
Sweetgum, Red Gum, Liquid Amber
Liquidambar styraciflua
Liquidambar styraciflua Lawrence, ma
Sycamore, Buttonwood, American Sycamore, American Planetree
Platanus occidentalis
Platanus occidentalis Lawrence, ma
Tree of Heaven, Chinese Sumac, Stink Tree
Ailanthus altissima
Ailanthus altissima Lawrence, ma
Tulip Poplar, Tulip Tree
Liriodendron tulipifera
Liriodendron tulipifera Lawrence, ma
White Oak, Charter Oak
Quercus alba
Quercus alba Lawrence, ma

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