Photo by Melody

Plants grown happily by Sheila_FW

Common nameLatin nameLocation
Aibika, Sweet Hibiscus, Edible Hibiscus, Palmate-leaved Hibiscus, Sunset Muskmallow, Sunset Hibiscus
Abelmoschus manihot
Abelmoschus manihot Fort Worth, tx
Indian Mallow, Texas Indian Mallow, Pelotazo
Abutilon fruticosum
Abutilon fruticosum Fort Worth, tx
Bear's Breeches, Oyster Plant
Acanthus mollis
Acanthus mollis Fort Worth, tx
Achillea Species, Yarrow, Milfoil, Soldier's Woundwort, Staunchweed
Achillea millefolium
Achillea millefolium Fort Worth, tx
Japanese Rush, Japanese Sweet Flag, Grassy-leaved Sweet Flag 'Ogon'
Acorus gramineus
Acorus gramineus Fort Worth, tx
Ageratina Species, Fragrant Mist Flower, Havana Snakeroot, White Mistflower, White Boneset
Ageratina havanensis
Ageratina havanensis Fort Worth, tx
Fragrant Snakeroot
Ageratina herbacea
Ageratina herbacea Fort Worth, tx
Silk Tree, Mimosa Tree, Pink Siris, Persian Silk Tree
Albizia julibrissin
Albizia julibrissin Fort Worth, tx
Allium Species, Canadian Garlic, Meadow Garlic, Hyacinth Meadow Garlic
Allium canadense
Allium canadense Fort Worth, tx
Indigo Bush, False Indigo, Bastard Indigo, River Locust
Amorpha fruticosa
Amorpha fruticosa Fort Worth, tx
Hummingbird Bush, Flame Acanthus, Wright Anisacanth, Muicle
Anisacanthus quadrifidus var. wrightii
Anisacanthus quadrifidus var. wrightii Fort Worth, tx
Baby Sunrose, Dew Plant, Heartleaf Ice Plant, Heart Leaf Ice Plant
Aptenia cordifolia
Aptenia cordifolia Fort Worth, tx
Aquilegia Species, Texas Gold Columbine, Hinckley's Golden Columbine
Aquilegia chrysantha var. hinckleyana
Aquilegia chrysantha var. hinckleyana Fort Worth, tx
Aquilegia Species, Yellow Columbine, Golden Spur Columbine
Aquilegia chrysantha
Aquilegia chrysantha Fort Worth, tx
Virginia Snakeroot, Black Snakeroot
Aristolochia serpentaria
Aristolochia serpentaria Fort Worth, tx
Wooly Pipevine
Aristolochia tomentosa
Aristolochia tomentosa Fort Worth, tx
Asclepias Species, Tropical Milkweed, Mexican Butterfly Weed, Scarlet Milkweed
Asclepias curassavica
Asclepias curassavica Fort Worth, tx
Asclepias, Tropical Milkweed, Bloodflower, Butterfly Weed, Mexican Milkweed, Scarlet Milkweed 'Silky Gold'
Asclepias curassavica
Asclepias curassavica Fort Worth, tx
Asclepias Species, Common Milkweed, Butterfly Flower, Silkweed, Virginian Silkweed
Asclepias syriaca
Asclepias syriaca Fort Worth, tx
Asclepias Species, Butterfly Milkweed, Butterfly Weed, Pleurisy Root
Asclepias tuberosa
Asclepias tuberosa Fort Worth, tx
Asclepias Species, Green Antelopehorn, Green Milkweed, Spider Milkweed
Asclepias viridis
Asclepias viridis Fort Worth, tx
Gold Dust Plant, Variegated Japanese Aucuba, Japanese Laurel 'Variegata'
Aucuba japonica
Aucuba japonica Fort Worth, tx
Begonia Species, Pennywort Begonia, Miniature Pond Lily
Begonia hydrocotylifolia
Begonia hydrocotylifolia Fort Worth, tx
Crossvine, Cross-Vine, Trumpet Flower
Bignonia capreolata
Bignonia capreolata Fort Worth, tx
Desert Bird of Paradise, Yellow Bird of Paradise
Caesalpinia gilliesii
Caesalpinia gilliesii Fort Worth, tx
Pride of Barbados, Red Bird of Paradise, Dwarf Poinciana, Peacock Flower, flamboyan-de-jardin
Caesalpinia pulcherrima
Caesalpinia pulcherrima Fort Worth, tx
Pot Marigold, English Marigold
Calendula officinalis
Calendula officinalis Fort Worth, tx
Texas Mountain Laurel, Mescal Bean
Calia secundiflora
Calia secundiflora Fort Worth, tx
American Beautyberry
Callicarpa americana
Callicarpa americana Fort Worth, tx
Basket Plant, Chain Plant, Inch Plant
Callisia fragrans
Callisia fragrans Fort Worth, tx
Callisia Speces, Bolivian Jew, Turtle Vine, Chain Plant, Inch Plant
Callisia repens
Callisia repens Fort Worth, tx
Drummondís Sundrops, Square-Bud Primrose, Compact Gold Calylophus
Calylophus drummondianus
Calylophus drummondianus Fort Worth, tx
Calylophus Species, Lavender-leaf Sundrops, Hartweg's Sundrops, Western Primrose
Calylophus hartwegii
Calylophus hartwegii Fort Worth, tx
Straggler Daisy, Prostrate Lawnflower, Hierba del caballo, Horseherb
Calyptocarpus vialis
Calyptocarpus vialis Fort Worth, tx
Trumpet Vine, Trumpet Creeper, Cow-itch Vine, Hellvine
Campsis radicans
Campsis radicans Fort Worth, tx
Canna Lily 'Florence Vaughan'
Canna x generalis
Canna x generalis Fort Worth, tx
Desert Willow, Desert Catalpa, Flowering Willow, Orchid of the Desert
Chilopsis linearis
Chilopsis linearis Fort Worth, tx
Citrus Species, Satsuma Orange
Citrus reticulata var. satsuma
Citrus reticulata var. satsuma Fort Worth, tx
Asiatic Dayflower, Blue Dayflower
Commelina communis
Commelina communis Fort Worth, tx
Birdbill Dayflower, Day-flower
Commelina diffusa
Commelina diffusa Fort Worth, tx
Scrub Dayflower, Slender Dayflower, Whitemouth Dayflower, Hierba de Pollo
Commelina erecta
Commelina erecta Fort Worth, tx
Conoclinium Species, West Texas Mist Flower, Thoroughwort, Gregg's Mistflower
Conoclinium greggii
Conoclinium greggii Fort Worth, tx
Consolida, Rocket Larkspur, Giant Larkspur
Consolida ajacis
Consolida ajacis Fort Worth, tx
Coreopsis, Dwarf Mouse-ear Tickseed, Lobed Tickseed 'Nana'
Coreopsis auriculata
Coreopsis auriculata Fort Worth, tx
Coreopsis Species, Mouse-ear Tickseed, Lobed Tickseed
Coreopsis auriculata
Coreopsis auriculata Fort Worth, tx
Coreopsis, Bigflower Coreopsis, Largeflowered Tickseed 'Early Sunrise'
Coreopsis grandiflora
Coreopsis grandiflora Fort Worth, tx
Chinese Forget-Me-Not
Cynoglossum amabile
Cynoglossum amabile Fort Worth, tx
Umbrella Plant, Umbrella Papyrus, Umbrella Palm
Cyperus involucratus
Cyperus involucratus Fort Worth, tx
Datura Species, Devil's Trumpet, Moonflower, Indian Apple, Jimson Weed, Thorn Apple
Datura innoxia
Datura innoxia Fort Worth, tx
Delosperma Species, Hardy Ice Plant, Trailing Ice Plant, Cooper's Ice Plant
Delosperma cooperi
Delosperma cooperi Fort Worth, tx
Hummingbird Plant, Uruguayan Firecracker Plant
Dicliptera suberecta
Dicliptera suberecta Fort Worth, tx
Golden Dew Drop, Sky Flower, Pigeon Berry 'Sweet Memories'
Duranta erecta
Duranta erecta Fort Worth, tx
Echinacea Species, Eastern Coneflower, Eastern Purple Coneflower
Echinacea purpurea
Echinacea purpurea Fort Worth, tx
Climbing Cactus, Hooker's Orchid Cactus
Epiphyllum hookeri
Epiphyllum hookeri Fort Worth, tx
Rough Horsetail, Scouring Rush, Winter Scouring Rush, Common Scouring Rush, Dutch Rush
Equisetum hyemale
Equisetum hyemale Fort Worth, tx
Late-flowering Boneset, Late-flowering Thoroughwort, Late Boneset
Eupatorium serotinum
Eupatorium serotinum Fort Worth, tx
Summer Poinsettia, Mexican Fire Plant, Mexican Poinsettia
Euphorbia cyathophora
Euphorbia cyathophora Fort Worth, tx
Euphorbia, Crown of Thorns, Christ Plant, Siamese Lucky Plant 'Brushfire'
Euphorbia milii
Euphorbia milii Fort Worth, tx
Euphorbia, African Milk Tree, Candelabra Cactus 'Rubra'
Euphorbia trigona
Euphorbia trigona Fort Worth, tx
Bulb Fennel, Sweet Fennel, Anise, Florence Fennel, Finnochio 'Zefa Fino'
Foeniculum vulgare var. azoricum
Foeniculum vulgare var. azoricum Fort Worth, tx
Carolina Buckthorn, Indian Cherry
Frangula caroliniana
Frangula caroliniana Fort Worth, tx
Fringed Twinevine
Funastrum cynanchoides
Funastrum cynanchoides Fort Worth, tx
Gaillardia, Blanket Flower, Indian Blanket 'Arizona Sun'
Gaillardia Fort Worth, tx
Gaillardia, Blanket Flower, Indian Blanket 'Fanfare'
Gaillardia x grandiflora
Gaillardia x grandiflora Fort Worth, tx
Catchweed Bedstraw, Sticky Willy, Goose Grass, Cleavers
Galium aparine
Galium aparine Fort Worth, tx
Gaura, Appleblossom Grass, Lindheimer's Beeblossom 'Whirling Butterflies'
Gaura lindheimeri
Gaura lindheimeri Fort Worth, tx
Gaura, Appleblossom Grass, Lindheimer's Beeblossom 'Siskiyou Pink'
Gaura lindheimeri
Gaura lindheimeri Fort Worth, tx
Geum Species, White Avens
Geum canadense
Geum canadense Fort Worth, tx
Globe Amaranth, Gomphrena 'Fireworks'
Gomphrena globosa
Gomphrena globosa Fort Worth, tx
Firecracker Shrub, Mexican Firebush, Scarlet Bush, Hummingbird Bush
Hamelia patens
Hamelia patens Fort Worth, tx
White Ginger, Garland Lily, Butterfly Ginger
Hedychium coronarium
Hedychium coronarium Fort Worth, tx
Daylily 'Kwanso'
Hemerocallis Fort Worth, tx
Daylily 'Moonlit Masquerade'
Hemerocallis Fort Worth, tx
Hibiscus Species, Swamp Hibiscus, Scarlet Rose Mallow, Texas Star, Scarlet Hibiscus
Hibiscus coccineus
Hibiscus coccineus Fort Worth, tx
Rose of Sharon, Shrub Althea 'Minerva'
Hibiscus syriacus
Hibiscus syriacus Fort Worth, tx
Hippeastrum Hybrid, Hardy Amaryllis, St. Joseph's Lily, Johnson's Florist Amaryllis
Hippeastrum x johnsonii
Hippeastrum x johnsonii Fort Worth, tx
Hoya, Wax Plant, Hindu Rope, Indian Rope, Angel Rope, Porcelain Flower 'Krinkle Kurl'
Hoya compacta
Hoya compacta Fort Worth, tx
Hydrangea Species, Oakleaf Hydrangea, Oak-leaf Hydrangea
Hydrangea quercifolia
Hydrangea quercifolia Fort Worth, tx
Ilex Species, Yaupon Holly, Cassina, Winterberry
Ilex vomitoria
Ilex vomitoria Fort Worth, tx
Ornamental Sweet Potato, Sweet Potato Vine 'Margarita'
Ipomoea batatas
Ipomoea batatas Fort Worth, tx
Ornamental Sweet Potato, Sweet Potato Vine 'Blackie'
Ipomoea batatas
Ipomoea batatas Fort Worth, tx
Ipomoea Species, Morning Glory, Blue Dawnflower, Oceanblue, Island Morning Glory
Ipomoea indica
Ipomoea indica Fort Worth, tx
Ipomoea Species, Morning Glory, Cardinal Climber
Ipomoea sloteri
Ipomoea sloteri Fort Worth, tx
Standing Cypress, Scarlet Gilia
Ipomopsis rubra
Ipomopsis rubra Fort Worth, tx
Tall Bearded Iris 'Mary Frances'
Iris Fort Worth, tx
Border Bearded Iris 'Batik'
Iris Fort Worth, tx
Species Iris, Yellow Flag, Yellow Iris, Water Flag Iris
Iris pseudacorus
Iris pseudacorus Fort Worth, tx
Justicia Species, Shrimp Plant
Justicia brandegeeana
Justicia brandegeeana Fort Worth, tx
Kalanchoe Species, Air Plant, Lifeplant, Cathedral Bells, Floppers, Mexican Love Plant, Mother-in-La
Kalanchoe pinnata
Kalanchoe pinnata Fort Worth, tx
Henbit, Deadnettle
Lamium amplexicaule
Lamium amplexicaule Fort Worth, tx
Yellow Archangel, Artillary Plant, Aluminum Plant
Lamium galeobdolon
Lamium galeobdolon Fort Worth, tx
Spotted Dead Nettle 'Beacon Silver'
Lamium maculatum
Lamium maculatum Fort Worth, tx
Desert Lantana, Hierba Negra, Mexican Marjoram, Veinyleaf Lantana, Mejorana
Lantana achyranthifolia
Lantana achyranthifolia Fort Worth, tx
Lantana camara
Lantana camara Fort Worth, tx
Texas Lantana
Lantana horrida
Lantana horrida Fort Worth, tx
Weeping Lantana, Trailing Lantana 'Trailing Lavender'
Lantana montevidensis
Lantana montevidensis Fort Worth, tx
Shasta Daisy
Leucanthemum x superbum
Leucanthemum x superbum Fort Worth, tx
Summer Snowflake, Snowbell, Dewdrop
Leucojum aestivum
Leucojum aestivum Fort Worth, tx
Spring Snowflake, St. Agnes' Flower
Leucojum vernum
Leucojum vernum Fort Worth, tx
Blazing Star, Narrow Leaf Gayfeather, Narrow-Leaf Gayfeather, Cusp Gayfeather
Liatris mucronata
Liatris mucronata Fort Worth, tx
Lily Turf, Lilyturf, Monkey Grass
Liriope muscari
Liriope muscari Fort Worth, tx
Chinese Witch Hazel, Chinese Fringe Flower, Pink Fringe Flower 'Hines Purpleleaf'
Loropetalum chinense var. rubrum
Loropetalum chinense var. rubrum Fort Worth, tx
Shrubby Water Primrose, Mexican Primrose Willow
Ludwigia octovalvis
Ludwigia octovalvis Fort Worth, tx
Lupinus Species, Texas Bluebonnet
Lupinus texensis
Lupinus texensis Fort Worth, tx
Saucer Magnolia, Tulip Tree
Magnolia x soulangeana
Magnolia x soulangeana Fort Worth, tx
Malva, Mallow, French Hollyhock 'Zebrina'
Malva sylvestris
Malva sylvestris Fort Worth, tx
Prayer Plant
Maranta leuconeura
Maranta leuconeura Fort Worth, tx
Creeping Cucumber, Guadeloupe Cucumber
Melothria pendula
Melothria pendula Fort Worth, tx
Hillary's Sweet Lemon Mint 'Hillary's Sweet Lemon Mint'
Mentha Fort Worth, tx
Chocolate Mint, Peppermint 'Chocolate'
Mentha x piperita subsp. citrata
Mentha x piperita subsp. citrata Fort Worth, tx
Mentha x piperita
Mentha x piperita Fort Worth, tx
Four O'Clock, Marvel of Peru
Mirabilis jalapa
Mirabilis jalapa Fort Worth, tx
Monarda, Hybrid Beebalm, Horsemint, Bee Balm 'Lambada'
Monarda Fort Worth, tx
Bee Balm, Beebalm, Bergamot, Firecracker Plant, Horsemint, Mountain Mint, Oswego Tea 'Raspberry Wine'
Monarda didyma
Monarda didyma Fort Worth, tx
Nandina, Dwarf Nandina, Dwarf Heavenly Bamboo 'Monfar'
Nandina domestica
Nandina domestica Fort Worth, tx
Tazetta Narcissus, Paperwhite Daffodil, Paperwhites 'Ziva'
Narcissus Fort Worth, tx
Walking Iris, Apostle Plant
Neomarica gracilis
Neomarica gracilis Fort Worth, tx
Purple Basil 'Purple Delight'
Ocimum basilicum
Ocimum basilicum Fort Worth, tx
Common Evening Primrose, Night Willow-herb, Hoary Evening Primrose
Oenothera biennis
Oenothera biennis Fort Worth, tx
Opuntia Species, Smooth Mountain Prickly Pear, Indian Fig, Mission Cactus, Tuberous Prickly Pear
Opuntia ficus-indica
Opuntia ficus-indica Fort Worth, tx
Pink Wood Sorrel
Oxalis articulata subsp. rubra
Oxalis articulata subsp. rubra Fort Worth, tx
Wood Sorrel, False Shamrock 'Atropurpurea'
Oxalis triangularis subsp. papilionaceae
Oxalis triangularis subsp. papilionaceae Fort Worth, tx
Golden Shrimp Plant, Lollipop Plant
Pachystachys lutea
Pachystachys lutea Fort Worth, tx
Papaver Species, Opium Poppy, Breadseed Poppy, Lettuce Leaf Poppy
Papaver somniferum
Papaver somniferum Fort Worth, tx
Parthenocissus Species, Virginia Creeper, Engleman Ivy, Five Finger Ivy, Woodbine
Parthenocissus quinquefolia
Parthenocissus quinquefolia Fort Worth, tx
Passiflora, Passion Flower, Passion Vine 'Incense'
Passiflora Fort Worth, tx
Passiflora, Blue Passion Flower, Hardy Passion Flower, Passion Vine 'Blue Crown'
Passiflora caerulea
Passiflora caerulea Fort Worth, tx
Passiflora Species, Blue Passion Flower, Hardy Passion Flower, Blue Crown Passion Vine
Passiflora caerulea
Passiflora caerulea Fort Worth, tx
Passiflora Species, Apricot Vine, Maypop, Purple Passion Flower, Hardy Passion Vine
Passiflora incarnata
Passiflora incarnata Fort Worth, tx
Spearleaf Swampmallow, Pale Pavonia, Pale Texas Rosemallow, Pale Rock Rose, Fairy Hibiscus
Pavonia hastata
Pavonia hastata Fort Worth, tx
Rock Rosemallow, Texas Swampmallow
Pavonia lasiopetala
Pavonia lasiopetala Fort Worth, tx
Penstemon Species, Brazos, Gulf Coast Penstemon, Sharpsepal Beardtongue, Pride of the Mountain
Penstemon tenuis
Penstemon tenuis Fort Worth, tx
Beefsteak Plant
Perilla frutescens
Perilla frutescens Fort Worth, tx
Knotweed, Fleece Flower, Tovara 'Red Dragon'
Persicaria microcephala
Persicaria microcephala Fort Worth, tx
Jerusalem Sage
Phlomis fruticosa
Phlomis fruticosa Fort Worth, tx
Jerusalem Sage, Sticky Jerusalem Sage
Phlomis russeliana
Phlomis russeliana Fort Worth, tx
Phlox Species, Carolina Phlox
Phlox carolina
Phlox carolina Fort Worth, tx
Garden Phlox 'John Fanick'
Phlox paniculata
Phlox paniculata Fort Worth, tx
Capeweed, Creeping Lip Plant, Frog-Fruit, Frog's Bit, Licorice Verbena, Turkey Tangle Frogfruit
Phyla nodiflora
Phyla nodiflora Fort Worth, tx
Obedient Plant, False Dragonhead
Physostegia pulchella
Physostegia pulchella Fort Worth, tx
Obedient Plant, False Dragonhead
Physostegia virginiana
Physostegia virginiana Fort Worth, tx
Platycodon Species, Balloon Flower
Platycodon grandiflorus
Platycodon grandiflorus Fort Worth, tx
Plectranthus 'Mona Lavender'
Plectranthus Fort Worth, tx
Double Flowering Tuberose, Rajanigandha 'The Pearl'
Polianthes tuberosa
Polianthes tuberosa Fort Worth, tx
Pickerel Weed Pickerel Rush
Pontederia cordata
Pontederia cordata Fort Worth, tx
Carolina Cherry Laurel
Prunus caroliniana
Prunus caroliniana Fort Worth, tx
Mexican Plum, Fall Plum, Bigree Plum
Prunus mexicana
Prunus mexicana Fort Worth, tx
Post Oak
Quercus stellata
Quercus stellata Fort Worth, tx
China Doll, Serpent Tree, Emerald Tree
Radermachera sinica
Radermachera sinica Fort Worth, tx
Annual Bastard-Cabbage, Common Giant Mustard, Turnipweed
Rapistrum rugosum
Rapistrum rugosum Fort Worth, tx
Chinese Foxglove
Rehmannia elata
Rehmannia elata Fort Worth, tx
Oxblood Lily, Schoolhouse Lily
Rhodophiala bifida
Rhodophiala bifida Fort Worth, tx
Rosmarinus officinalis
Rosmarinus officinalis Fort Worth, tx
Rudbeckia, Black-Eyed Susan, Orange Coneflower 'Goldsturm'
Rudbeckia fulgida
Rudbeckia fulgida Fort Worth, tx
Rudbeckia Species, Common Black-eyed Susan, Brown-eyed Susan, Gloriosa Daisy
Rudbeckia hirta
Rudbeckia hirta Fort Worth, tx
Rudbeckia, Cutleaf Coneflower 'Herbstsonne'
Rudbeckia laciniata
Rudbeckia laciniata Fort Worth, tx
Rudbeckia Species, Cabbage Leaf Coneflower, Giant Brown-eyed Susan, Great Coneflower
Rudbeckia maxima
Rudbeckia maxima Fort Worth, tx
Desert Petunia, Florida Bluebells, Mexican Petunia, Mexican Blue Bells 'Mexican Carpet'
Ruellia tweediana
Ruellia tweediana Fort Worth, tx
Desert Petunia, Florida Bluebells, Mexican Petunia, Mexican Blue Bells
Ruellia tweediana
Ruellia tweediana Fort Worth, tx
Bloody Dock, Red-veined Dock, Bloodwort
Rumex sanguineus
Rumex sanguineus Fort Worth, tx
Common Rue, Garden Rue, Herb of Grace, Herbygrass
Ruta graveolens
Ruta graveolens Fort Worth, tx
Salvia, Ornamental Sage 'Mystic Spires Blue'
Salvia Fort Worth, tx
Salvia Species, Blood Sage, Scarlet Sage, Texas Sage
Salvia coccinea
Salvia coccinea Fort Worth, tx
Salvia, Hummingbird Sage, Scarlet Sage, Texas Sage, Tropical Sage 'Coral Nymph'
Salvia coccinea
Salvia coccinea Fort Worth, tx
Salvia Species, Blue Anise Sage, Brazilian Sage
Salvia coerulea
Salvia coerulea Fort Worth, tx
Salvia, Mealy Cup Sage, Mealycup Sage 'Silver White'
Salvia farinacea
Salvia farinacea Fort Worth, tx
Salvia, White Mealy Cup Sage, Duelberg Sage 'Augusta Duelberg'
Salvia farinacea
Salvia farinacea Fort Worth, tx
Salvia, Mealy Cup Sage, Mealycup Sage 'Rhea'
Salvia farinacea
Salvia farinacea Fort Worth, tx
Salvia, Autumn Sage, Cherry Sage, Gregg's Sage, Texas Sage 'Furman's Red'
Salvia greggii
Salvia greggii Fort Worth, tx
Salvia, Blue Anise Sage, Brazilian Sage 'Black and Blue'
Salvia guaranitica
Salvia guaranitica Fort Worth, tx
Salvia Species, Mexican Bush Sage
Salvia leucantha
Salvia leucantha Fort Worth, tx
Salvia Species, Lyreleaf Sage, Cancer Weed, Wild Sage
Salvia lyrata
Salvia lyrata Fort Worth, tx
Salvia, Baby Sage, Blackcurrant Sage, Delta Sage, Graham's Sage, Little Leaf Sage 'Hot Lips'
Salvia microphylla
Salvia microphylla Fort Worth, tx
Salvia Species, Cedar Sage, Dwarf Crimson Sage, Roemer's Sage
Salvia roemeriana
Salvia roemeriana Fort Worth, tx
Lizard's Tail, Water Dragon, Lizard Tail
Saururus cernuus
Saururus cernuus Fort Worth, tx
Sedum, Showy Stonecrop, Millennium Plant 'Matrona'
Sedum Fort Worth, tx
Sedum, Kamschatca Stonecrop, Russian Stonecrop 'Tekari Dake'
Sedum kamtschaticum
Sedum kamtschaticum Fort Worth, tx
Texas Groundsel, Texas Ragwort, Texas Squaw-weed
Senecio ampullaceus
Senecio ampullaceus Fort Worth, tx
Mexican Flame Vine, Orange Glow Vine
Senecio confusus
Senecio confusus Fort Worth, tx
Candle Bush, Empress Candle Plant, Candletree, Candelabra Bush, Ringworm Tree, Candlestick Cassia
Senna alata
Senna alata Fort Worth, tx
Christmas Senna, Winter Cassia
Senna bicapsularis
Senna bicapsularis Fort Worth, tx
Texas Flowery Senna, Flowering Senna, Flowery Senna, Tree Senna, Argentina Senna, Buttercup Bush
Senna corymbosa
Senna corymbosa Fort Worth, tx
Lindheimer's Senna, Velvetleaf Cassia
Senna lindheimeriana
Senna lindheimeriana Fort Worth, tx
Chittamwood, Gum Elastic Buckthorn
Sideroxylon lanuginosum
Sideroxylon lanuginosum Fort Worth, tx
Coleus, Flame Nettle, Painted Nettle 'Inky Fingers'
Solenostemon scutellarioides
Solenostemon scutellarioides Fort Worth, tx
Coleus, Flame Nettle, Painted Nettle
Solenostemon scutellarioides
Solenostemon scutellarioides Fort Worth, tx
Coleus, Flame Nettle, Painted Nettle 'Defiance'
Solenostemon scutellarioides
Solenostemon scutellarioides Fort Worth, tx
Harlequin Flower
Sparaxis tricolor
Sparaxis tricolor Fort Worth, tx
Stachys Species, Lamb's Ear
Stachys byzantina
Stachys byzantina Fort Worth, tx
Stachys Species, Texas, Scarlet Betony, Scarlet Hedge Nettle, Texas Woundwort, Lamb's Ear
Stachys coccinea
Stachys coccinea Fort Worth, tx
Symphyotrichum Species, Heath Aster, White Heath Aster, Wild Aster
Symphyotrichum ericoides
Symphyotrichum ericoides Fort Worth, tx
Symphyotrichum Species, Aromatic Aster, Wild Aster
Symphyotrichum oblongifolium
Symphyotrichum oblongifolium Fort Worth, tx
Shrub Marigold, Mexican Bush Marigold, Mount Lemmon Marigold, Copper Canyon Daisy
Tagetes lemmonii
Tagetes lemmonii Fort Worth, tx
Mexican Mint Marigold, Spanish Tarragon, Texas Tarragon, Sweet Mace, Yerbis Anis
Tagetes lucida
Tagetes lucida Fort Worth, tx
Bald Cypress
Taxodium distichum
Taxodium distichum Fort Worth, tx
Yellow Bells, Trumpet Flower
Tecoma stans
Tecoma stans Fort Worth, tx
Thrift-leaf Perky Sue, Four-Nerve Daisy, Slender-stem Bitterweed, Plains Hymenoxys
Tetraneuris scaposa
Tetraneuris scaposa Fort Worth, tx
Wall Germander
Teucrium chamaedrys
Teucrium chamaedrys Fort Worth, tx
Thunbergia, Black-Eyed Susan Vine
Thunbergia alata
Thunbergia alata Fort Worth, tx
Confederate Jasmine, Star Jasmine
Trachelospermum jasminoides
Trachelospermum jasminoides Fort Worth, tx
Tradescantia Species, Prairie Spiderwort, Western Spiderwort
Tradescantia occidentalis
Tradescantia occidentalis Fort Worth, tx
Tradescantia, Purple Heart, Purple Queen, Wandering Jew 'Purpurea'
Tradescantia pallida
Tradescantia pallida Fort Worth, tx
Wandering Jew, Inch Plant
Tradescantia zebrina
Tradescantia zebrina Fort Worth, tx
Meadow Salsify, Oyster Plant, Yellow Goat's Beard, Jack-Go-To-Bed-At-Noon
Tragopogon pratensis
Tragopogon pratensis Fort Worth, tx
Species, Wild Verbascum, Great Mullein, Common Mullein, Aaron's Rod, Adam's Flannel
Verbascum thapsus
Verbascum thapsus Fort Worth, tx
Frostweed, Frost Flower, Indian Tobacco, Tickweed
Verbesina virginica
Verbesina virginica Fort Worth, tx
Vernonia Species, Ironweed, Smooth Ironweed, Prairie Ironweed
Vernonia fasciculata
Vernonia fasciculata Fort Worth, tx
Veronica, Creeping Veronica, Georgia Blue Speedwell 'Georgia Blue'
Veronica peduncularis
Veronica peduncularis Fort Worth, tx
European Cranberry Viburnum, European Snowball Bush, Guelder Rose 'Roseum'
Viburnum opulus
Viburnum opulus Fort Worth, tx
Viola Species, Missouri Violet, Native Wood Violet
Viola sororia var. missouriensis
Viola sororia var. missouriensis Fort Worth, tx
Prickly Ash, Tickle Tongue Tree, Toothache Tree, Texas Hercules Club
Zanthoxylum hirsutum
Zanthoxylum hirsutum Fort Worth, tx
Narrow-Leaf Zinnia
Zinnia angustifolia
Zinnia angustifolia Fort Worth, tx

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