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Plants grown happily by kmenzel

Common nameLatin nameLocation
Dame's Rocket, Sweet Rocket
Hesperis matronalis
Hesperis matronalis Saint Paul, mn
Clematis, Early Large-flowered Clematis 'Pink Champagne'
Clematis Saint Paul, mn
Yellow Wax Bells
Kirengeshoma palmata
Kirengeshoma palmata Saint Paul, mn
Agastache, Anise-Hyssop, Blue Giant Hyssop, Licorice Mint 'Golden Jubilee'
Agastache foeniculum
Agastache foeniculum Saint Paul, mn
Bloodroot, Red Puccoon
Sanguinaria canadensis f. multiplex
Sanguinaria canadensis f. multiplex Saint Paul, mn
Purple Ninebark 'Monlo'
Physocarpus opulifolius
Physocarpus opulifolius Saint Paul, mn
Bigleaf Ligularia, Leopard Plant, Golden Groundsel 'Desdemona'
Ligularia dentata
Ligularia dentata Saint Paul, mn
Purple Fringed Loosestrife 'Purpurea'
Lysimachia ciliata
Lysimachia ciliata Saint Paul, mn
Bishop's Mitre
Epimedium x rubrum
Epimedium x rubrum Saint Paul, mn
Hybrid Kordesii, Shrub Rose 'William Booth'
Rosa Saint Paul, mn
Anemone, Rue Anemone, Wood Anemone, Windflower 'Shoaf's Double Pink'
Thalictrum thalictroides f. rosea
Thalictrum thalictroides f. rosea Saint Paul, mn
Clematis, Early Large-flowered Clematis 'Westerplatte'
Clematis Saint Paul, mn
Yellow Wax Bells
Kirengeshoma koreana
Kirengeshoma koreana Saint Paul, mn
Popcorn Plant, Creeping Buttercup 'Buttered Popcorn'
Ranunculus repens
Ranunculus repens Saint Paul, mn
Japanese Primrose 'Alba'
Primula japonica
Primula japonica Saint Paul, mn
Creeping Barberry, Creeping Hollygrape, Creeping Mahonia
Mahonia repens
Mahonia repens Saint Paul, mn
Smooth Phlox, Marsh Phlox 'Morris Berd'
Phlox glaberrima
Phlox glaberrima Saint Paul, mn
Warley Epimedium 'Orangekonigin'
Epimedium x warleyense
Epimedium x warleyense Saint Paul, mn
Lobelia, Great Blue Lobelia 'Alba'
Lobelia siphilitica
Lobelia siphilitica Saint Paul, mn
Species, Wild Rose, Hecht Rose, Red Leaf Rose
Rosa rubrifolia
Rosa rubrifolia Saint Paul, mn
Blue-Eyed-Mary, Creeping Forget-Me-Not
Omphalodes verna
Omphalodes verna Saint Paul, mn
Lobelia Species, Great Blue Lobelia, Blue Cardinal Flower
Lobelia siphilitica
Lobelia siphilitica Saint Paul, mn
Actaea Species, Doll's Eyes, Necklace Weed, Toadroot, Snakeroot
Actaea pachypoda
Actaea pachypoda Saint Paul, mn
Jupiter's Beard, Keys to Heaven, Red Valerian
Centranthus ruber
Centranthus ruber Saint Paul, mn
Spotted Dead Nettle, Spotted Deadnettle, Creeping Lamium, Spotted Henbit
Lamium maculatum
Lamium maculatum Saint Paul, mn
American Mayapple, Mandrake Root
Podophyllum peltatum
Podophyllum peltatum Saint Paul, mn
Campanula Species, Creeping Bellflower, Rampion Bellflower, June Bell
Campanula rapunculoides
Campanula rapunculoides Saint Paul, mn
Shooting Star
Dodecatheon pulchellum
Dodecatheon pulchellum Saint Paul, mn
Gentiana Species, Closed Gentian, Bottle Gentian, Gall Flower, Sampson's Snakeroot
Gentiana andrewsii
Gentiana andrewsii Saint Paul, mn
Dicentra Species, Dutchman's Breeches
Dicentra cucullaria
Dicentra cucullaria Saint Paul, mn
Anemone Species, Canada Anemone, Meadow Anemone, Round-leaf Thimbleweed, Windflower
Anemone canadensis
Anemone canadensis Saint Paul, mn
Species Orchid, Showy Lady's Slipper Orchid, Queen's Lady's Slipper, Cypripedium
Cypripedium reginae
Cypripedium reginae Saint Paul, mn
Campanula, Spotted Bellflower 'Cherry Bells'
Campanula punctata
Campanula punctata Saint Paul, mn
Flowering Fern, Royal Fern
Osmunda regalis
Osmunda regalis Saint Paul, mn
Jumpseed, Virginia Knotweed 'Painter's Palette'
Persicaria virginiana var. filiformis
Persicaria virginiana var. filiformis Saint Paul, mn
Japanese Primrose
Primula japonica
Primula japonica Saint Paul, mn
Hosta 'Golden Tiara'
Hosta Saint Paul, mn
Persian Cornflower, Knapweed
Centaurea dealbata
Centaurea dealbata Saint Paul, mn
Garden Globeflower
Trollius x cultorum
Trollius x cultorum Saint Paul, mn
Umbrella Plant, Indian Rhubarb
Darmera peltata
Darmera peltata Saint Paul, mn
Opium Poppy, Breadseed Poppy, Lettuce Leaf Poppy 'Lauren's Grape'
Papaver somniferum
Papaver somniferum Saint Paul, mn
Oriental-Trumpet Hybrid Lily 'Holland Beauty'
Lilium Saint Paul, mn

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