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Definition as written by mark:

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Definition as written by smiln32:

a genus of plants including the cucumber, melon, and some kinds of gourds

Definition as written by ThreeBarns:

A lotus tuber is section of whitish, starchy, banana or long potato shaped food storage unit. It is produced by the lotus plant in the fall, to hold the life of the plant over the winter. It is simular to a bulb or rhizome and the rest of the lotus plant dies back for the winter. Even the roots die. The new plant is regenerated in the spring from the growing tips at the ends of the tubers. Lotus will produce these tubers at the ends of their undergound stems (runners) singely or in sets of 2 or more. The growing tips are very delicate and should not be touched or they may die off. Removing these tubers from the potted lotus should be done with the greatest of care or they will not regenerate. A good lotus start consists a set of 2 connected tubers with the growing tips starting to show at the ends of the tubers and at the connection between the 2 tubers. Single tubers may also be planted, but since they are easily bruised in the planting process, 2 single tubers planted in the same pot is advised. I like at least 3 growing tips per pot. That way if 1 or even 2 decide not to grow, you still get a plant. It is thought that connected tuber sets of 2 or more tubers, have a better chance of a good blooming season. The bruised growing tip does not regeneate...they die and the tuber rots away. As the growing tip grows and produces it\'s first leaf, it uses up the starch in the tuber. The new roots are then grown to feed the new plant. That is right...the leaf comes first and then the roots. The roots are produced from the same connection point between tubers where the growing tip is located. They do not grow off the \'meat\' tuber, only between the tubers. Most of the old runners also die in the fall. Some lotus, such as MoMo Botan, grow many tubers that are more like fattened runners with some growing tips at their connection points. These also regenerate the plant. Again, you want at least 3 tips or more. They may not bloom as prolificly the first summer. Lotus do not like to be left in the same dirt for long and should be repotted every year or 2. 3 summers may pass if you use a larger pot. You may remove dead or new tubers each late fall or early spring. Never disturb in the summer while the plant is growing. If it jumps pot, either cut off or head it into another pot with dirt..that is what it is looking for.

Definition as written by sandgrubber:

Those pesky little nuisances that infect the roots of my tomato, eggplant and pepper plants and make them go from productive to flowers and a few small fruits to dead and dried up as the summer progresses (North Central Florida, sandy soil). Their signature is in found on gnarled, warty-looking roots when you pull the plant.

Definition as written by chipper2049:

There is also another aerator design that looks like a big corkscrew. You crank the corkscrew into your compost as far as you want, and lift up without turning to pull material up and mix.

Definition as written by Jenniewren:

Never heard this term - heard of potty mouth which as a child in England meant you were talking --bad and dirty words Grrr
and if you are on a jag it mean't on and on and on talking or doing something. does not seem to relate to plants, interesting

Definition as written by drbeasle:

To bchjane... My reason I don't use Miracle-Gro Soil anymore is because it is expensive for what you get. As for the compost I am very glad you brought that up...

Compost, when either purchased from a reliable source and/or made correctly, is A DIRECT SUBSTITUTE FOR POTTING SOIL!!! It's SO much better than Miracle-Gro, Hyponex, and any other Scotts' soil imitation product. It's usually much cheaper as well and you don't have to worry about adding too much.

The city I live in makes mountains of it and mulch out of all the yard waste collected. And they will let you get as much as you want for $10....Where as just a 25 gallon planter for a small palm will cost upwards of $55 dollars for potting soil...($4.97 for an 8 quart bag - 8 quarts = 2 gallons...You do the math).

Anyways most of the store-bought garden supplies (colored/dyed mulch, chemical fertilizer, and weed barriers can be easily replaced by much cheaper and more effective products). Picture is of the yard when we moved in vs 2 weeks later....City even gave me the mulch for FREE

Definition as written by natureguyfrog:

One person's rose is another's weed!

There is no substitution for common sense when it comes to gardening with a large appetite for unusual plants!

Laws are made only because people become irresponsible!

When was the last time you noticed everyone on the highway following the speed limit of their own accord?

Definition as written by Reemswaidan:

Dates are not drupes but berries pay attention

Definition as written by SammySammy:

Invasive Plant: A hearty, fast-growing, non-native plant that spreads in such a way that it is difficult to control, threatens the well-being of native plants, and is stigmatized for its being a threat to native plants. A plant that is hearty, fast-growing, and native is not stigmatized, even if spreads in such a way that it is difficult to control, because native plants are not considered threats to native plants. A common grass is an example of a hearty, fast-growing, native plant that is not stigmatized, even though its growth is difficult to control, and even though it shows up almost EVERYWHERE there's dirt.

Definition as written by emmajasmine:

How do you determine design costs?

Definition as written by Dirtdude:

Gloves suited to the act of gardening. Worn to separate your hands from weather, soil(s), insects, thorns, etc.

They can be made from a wide variety of materials ranging from woven cotton to nitrile rubber.

Recently, gardening gloves can come with plastic claw tips that help in working with mulch and rocks.

PRO TIPS: In the event of not having access to gloves, scratch a hard bar of soap to build up soap deposits under your nails to prevent dirt from getting in there and making it easier for cleanup afterward. Also, coat the upper sleeve of the gloves with insect reppelant. We can never have enough insect reppelling stuff. :)

Definition as written by greentreebrown:

A person could plant Trifolium Repens (White Clover) in their garden. This plant fix's Nitrogen and could be a alternative for Miracle Grow.

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