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Definition of weed

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Definition as written by Calalily:

A plant that isn't growing where you want it. A nuisance plant that multiplies too fast.

Definition as written by paulgrow:

Generally an herbaceous plant not valued for use or beauty, growing where it is not wanted.

Definition as written by Terry:

...and that shows great tenacity and perseverance in continuing to grow where it is not wanted.

Definition as written by Sugar_fl:

To remove weeds as in: I'm going to weed the garden.

Definition as written by Floridian:

Any undesired, uncultivated plant that grows out of place and competes with other plants for water, nutrients and space is a weed.

Definition as written by Dinu:

"How did this come here,... I didn't plant it"
is the first reaction when a 'weed' is spotted.

They are always too dominant with the ability to reseed themselves. Weeds are always asking to be removed. But they are not always ugly.

Definition as written by Lophophora:

A plant that doesn't oblige you by being "beautiful" in the way you define "beautiful".

Definition as written by Steve_b:

When applied to a person, it means someone who is weak... but unfortunately, this is not a characteristic found in the plants that are called weeds.

Definition as written by thumblessmuse:

the plant that grows the best in any garden;

as \'granmama\' say-
the plants any gardener can grow

Definition as written by peterdesigns:

a weed is in the eye of the beholder, one persons weed is anothers rose

Definition as written by Monocromatico:

An undesireable plant that easily propagates itself in a garden or plantation. These plants can be useful or useless, beautiful or ugly.

Also, sometimes a certain species can spread easily under certain climate and soil types, but can hardly grow under other conditions. For example: in most of Brazil, Ricinus communis (Castor Oil Plant) is a terrible weed, growng fast, producing hundreds of fertile seeds that will germinate almost anywhere. However, in cooler climates of North America it is grown as an ornamental, and as I can see from what most gardeners from the USA say about this plant, it behaves very well under their soil and climatic conditions - so it can not be called a \

Definition as written by imway2dumb:

A plant out of place; a subjective term.

Definition as written by Wandasflowers:

Weed: Whatever grows the biggest & fastest in my garden.
Lord knows it doesn\'t belong there!

Definition as written by uminadjmi:

Weeds are plants which grow where they are not wanted and if not kept under control they will compete with the ornamental plants or vegetables for the nutrients and water in the soil.

Weeds grow, flower and fruit very rapidly so that they spread very quickly and can soon smother other plants.

Weeds can also harbour pests and diseases and will provide hiding places for slugs and snails.

Definition as written by EarthMama:

If it doesn\'t pull up easily, it\'s probably a weed.

Definition as written by icecream:

The one plant that you\'re the best at growing!

Definition as written by winter_unfazed:

1. Any plant, usually herbaceous, that is a nuisance, interferes with other, intentionally grown plants, and is invasive. 2. Any forb or legume seeded by wind and growing in a lawn or turf setting. 3. Marijuana or Cannabis, especially where grown illegally for its narcotic effects.

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