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Definition of cultivar

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Definition as written by talinum:

A variation of a species, one that has been produced through breeding or deliberate selection. Terms in the cultivar name are always capitalized and included in single quotes.

Definition as written by Terry:

The term comes from the combination of two words: CULTI(vated) VAR(iety). Maybe abbreviated as cv.

Definition as written by Plant_Geek:

1. A plant of garden origin that has a practical or significance in agriculture or horticulture and whose unique characteristics are reproduced during propagation.

2. A special taxonomic category of cultivated plants that is an assemblage of plants that are clearly distinquished by special characterisic(s), when reproduced, sexually or asexually, retains its special charateristics.

3. A contraction derived from the words 'CULTIvated VARiety' created to separate plants of garden origin from botanical varieties.

Definition as written by kadawn74:

In botany a cultivar is indicated by using the abbreviation cv. and/or single-quoting the cultivar name. A cultivar may be ascribed to a particular species, or, if of hybrid or unknown origin, just to a genus. Cultivar names before 1 January 1959 were often given in Latin form and can be readily confused with names of botanical taxa, but after that date, must be in a modern vernacular language to distinguish them from botanical names. Cultivar names, unlike genus and species names, are not italicised. Thus:

Berberis thunbergii cv. \'Crimson Pygmy\'
Cryptomeria japonica \'Elegans\'
Rosa cv. Peace
Chamaecyparis lawsoniana \'Aureomarginata\' (pre-1959 name)
Chamaecyparis lawsoniana \'Golden Wonder\' (post-1959 name)

Natural and artificially pollinated hybrids are indicated with an x or multiplication symbol:
Berberis x frikartii.

Definition as written by Margiempv:

A variety (usually a clone) important only in cultivation as distinguished from a botanical variety, a taxonomic subdivision of a species.

Definition as written by Magpye:

Used when determining plant names. Indicates the variety originated in cultivation and not the wild. This portion of a plant's name is usually not Latin.

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