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Definition of fish emulsion

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Definition as written by Terry:

A liquid organic fertilizer made from emulsifying fish byproduct and waste; sometimes containing small amounts of kelp or seaweed as well.

It is a fairly mild organic fertilizer with a NPK ratio of somewhere around 4-1-1, making it a good choice for tender plants and seedlings.

Because of its organic nature, it has a rather disagreeable odor, which is sometimes reduced or eliminated in manufacturing. (However, even the deodorized types can still carry a distinct smell, especially in a warm enclosed environment like a greenhouse.)

Definition as written by darius:

Alaska brand (deodorized) Fish Fertilizer has a NPK of 5-1-1, and despite being deodorized, still has a strong smell. Mix 1-4 tsp. to 1 gallon of water for most applications.

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Definition as written by capewellmj:

Fish Emulsion is in great demand as a rich source of organic fertilizer. It is one of the best soil conditioners around and is great as a foliar spray if the emulsion is strained properly. One of the major benefits is its high nitrogen content which is hard to get from other organic fertilizer sources. The other thing that makes it particularly good is the array of other trace minerals, vitamins, amino acids and essential oils. Remember though, like all fertilizers, not all fish emulsions are the same. Things to look for in a good fish emulsion:
1. Made from ocean water fish that have fed on mineral rich plankton and been exposed to essential sea salts
2. Made from whole fish not fish byproducts
3. Most fish emulsions do not have any fish oils left in them. It is an essential component for reducing insect damage and for feeding beneficial funghi and bacteria.
4. Make sure that if you are foliar spraying or putting through an irrigation system that it is strained well enough so your nozzles donít get clogged.
5. Make sure it has a large array of trace minerals to get as much variety of goodness available to your crops. Some fish emulsions have as low as 19, some has as high as 40.
6. Also remember that when foliar feeding, it always works best if you have a spray enhancer that can help it stick to the leaf and absorb through the sheen.

Fish emulsion is also great when used in conjunction with a good quality ocean water seaweed emulsion because seaweed has every beneficial ingredient known to man. It is always good to get as much different elements as possible available to your plants.

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