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  • my homepage is: yes
  • My second favorite website is: Dave's Garden
  • The current local time for me is 07:33 AM
  • I'm in zone 4b
  • I live in Monroe, WI (Zone 4b)
  • My birthday is February 7

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"I got heavily involved in container gardening 2 years ago, due to the zeal of my best friend, Marcia. I have neither the time nor the decent soil to plant stuff in the ground, so container gardening works great for me. I have access to a private greenhouse 10 miles from me, so I load up all my nicest plants and take them over there for the winter. This year (2001) I will probably have close to 40 large pots and baskets. My favorite things are the tropicals, (not good to love, as the temp here can get to -20 in the winter). I have huge ferns, trying my luck at amorphophallus, and have 6 brugmansias, which I'm sure will increase. Due to this interest in plants, I have started a sideline business of planting and shrub trimming and general maintainance, called "Anna Z's Plant and Prune". Not alot this year, but I'm sure I'll get more as time goes by."

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