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" I have been hybridizing now for a number of years, I have some seedlings that I deem ready to introduce and have been named over the summer of 2011. I plan on introducing them in 2013 after pulling and increasing substantially. I have been working at a SC based garden center, and run my own Consultation service (EarthSource Services)...LOL...all this in between the reins of a 13 yr old girl and a 3 yr old girl. So I stay tired alot and have to do a significant amount of detail workings after hours...With my own daylilies I have over 100 other varities of daylilies at my SC home...I plan to thin and sell a good number as to make room for a couple of hybridizing parent choices, as well as spreading and selling my own flowers. I have integrated a hot pepper program to thwart the destruction of the deer to my daylilies. So it's hot pepper sauce making in the fall. Deer can come in after that and prune all they want:0) My newest MISSION is to teach the masses to feed themselves, and to Green it Forward. Pesticides, and improper handling of commercial foods is just unreal, and the government lets them get away with accidental salmonella poisoning...Just crazy. Folks should learn to grow what they can, preserve what they can, eat fresh and raw foods that they prepare and grow. You wouldn't believe the money you save along with having the peace of mind that you are doing right by your own health and the health of your family.
If you can grow and have room always grow a row for your local food pantry, kind of like a Gardeners tithe it's just good Karma. I am donating a row as well as donating packets of Sunflower Seeds for the kids to learn to appreciate gardening early in life:O) (Have you ever seen the face of a child who grows their first 7 foot Sunflower Plant? The reaction of "I did that!" Is Unbelievable."

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"At 2007 Daylily sale at Singing Oaks in Blythewood, SC"

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