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  • The current local time for me is 09:19 PM
  • I'm in zone 9a
  • I live in Vacherie, LA (Zone 9a)
  • My birthday is February 3

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"I joined this site after several years of lurking & trusting PlantFiles as my primary tool for finding out about new species and varieties. I'm mostly into palms (mainly Phoenix), followed by cacti, agaves, oaks, yuccas... generally things that either grow in rainforests (one extreme) or in deserts (the other extreme), as well as plants native to the Southeast U.S.. I like glaucous (silver/bluish) leaves, trees that won't blow over in hurricanes. I'm a very staunch advocate of using native plants and trees as often as possible. My staghorn fern has barely grown in 14 years. My username is a lyric from a song by Simple Minds, not a reference to forest fires. I kept saltwater aquariums and various reptiles/amphibia for over 20 years, but have decided to shift most of my attention to plants.

My favorite plants/trees, based on beauty / toughness / overall aesthetic excellence, incl. some underappreciated landscaping trees:
Phoenix dactylifera 'Medjool' - Medjool Date Palm
Phoenix reclinata - Senegal Date Palm
Mammillaria dixanthocentron (& its cousin M. celsiana)
Quercus shumardii - Shumard Oak
Yucca rostrata - Beaked Yucca
Cocos nucifera - Coconut Palm
Vaccinium arboreum - Sparkleberry / Tree Huckleberry
Acoelorraphe wrightii - Paurotis Palm / Parrot Palm / Everglades Palm
Butia capitata - Pindo Palm
Sabal minor 'Louisiana' - Dwarf Palmetto / Louisiana Palmetto
This sprawling orchid-y looking pitcher plant I have (Nepenthes spp.)
Philodendron 'Burle Marx' - Burle Marx Philodendron
Olea europaea - Olive
Styrax americana - American Snowbell
Aloe africana - Spiny African Aloe
Prunus caroliniana - Carolina Cherry Laurel
Agave parryi - Parry's Agave (various cultivars)
Magnolia virginiana - Sweetbay Magnolia
Leptospermum scoparium - New Zealand Tea Tree / Manuka (used to make famous Manuka honey)
Acca sellowiana - Feijoa / "Pineapple Guava" (horrible common name; is neither a pineapple nor a guava)
Eucalyptus pulverulenta - Silverleaf Mountain Gum (a.k.a. Forest Silver Dollar)
Aloe marlothii - Mountain Aloe
Yucca recurvifolia - Curve Leaf Yucca
Aloe karasbergensis (& Aloe striata) - Coral Aloe
Nolina nelsonii - Blue Nolina
Ulmus parvifolia - Chinese Elm (no, they're not "invasive" in the U.S., people... jeez)
Tillandsia tectorum - Hairy Tillandsia
Aloe 'Blue Elf' - Blue Elf Aloe
Hyphaene thebaica - Doum Palm / Gingerbread Palm
Chamaerops humilis 'Cerifera' or 'Argentea' (possibly soon to be given its own species name, Chamaerops cerifera) - Silver Mediterranean Fan Palm
Leucophyllum frutescens - Texas Sage / Cenizo
Agave tequiliana - Blue Agave / Tequila Agave
Cyrilla racemiflora - TiTi (pron. "Ty-Ty") / Leatherwood
Ilex vomitoria - Yaupon Holly
Beccariophoenix alfredii - High Plateau "Coconut" Palm
Euphorbia polygona 'Snow Flake'
Cleistocactus strausii - Silver Torch Cactus
Viburnum obovatum - Walter's Viburnum / Arrowwood

If I have a certain species in a pot AND in the ground, I'll catalog it as "Have it in the ground," even if I have dozens of them in pots and only one in the ground. For example, I have over 100 Phoenix dactylifera in pots and 5 in the ground, so I have it catalogued as "Have it in the ground."

I have to say the quality of navigation on this site leaves a lot to be desired, but hopefully they'll fix this."

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"The Onion's Weekender - May 1, 2011"

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