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" I do "experianced" level landscapping. I have two primary focuses, the first is attracting native wildlife (no house sparrows or european starlings for me), I particularly focus on butterflies, birds, and believe it or not reptiles (like snakes). The second focus of mine is native landscaping, North Florida has a discombobulated weather cycle, and the best pants for success here are the natives. By focusing on focus #2, focus #1 naturally occurs! (How many times can one say focus in a sentance?) I found daves garden when I needed more in depth research for one of my projects, later to find out that a few nursury owners in my area are all paying (donating?) members to Dave's Garden, and they swear by the site.
Idle hands are the devils playground, therefor I enjoy keeping my hands, and mind, busy in the garden. I have noticed that when I am out working in the garden any frustrations with work or school are soon to disolve. "

FloridaG8or signed up on Jan 22, 2007