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  • My favorite website is: Dave's Garden
  • My second favorite website is: HelpMeFind
  • My third favorite website is: Sucess with Seed
  • The current local time for me is 02:14 PM
  • I live in Rio de Janeiro,

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"I like to talk about plants and everything about them (trading is fun!). Intermediate experience with gardening. Partial to very compact and/or fragrant plants. Local temperature range: 68 (Winter) to 88F or more (normal Summer, it is not as good as it looks).

I prefer to send trades on Monday and Tuesday to avoid a weekend stay at the post office. I hope it would be useful to anyone else. ; )

I really enjoy using protocols to overcome seed dormancy, because I get better results (especially here where the natural cold stratification is impossible). A great tip that I'd like to share and will certainly be useful for everyone is about the use of systemic fungicide. Who here has never lost precious seedlings to Damping-off? Or rare/special plants to sudden death? This can easily be avoided with a systemic fungicide, accessible, inexpensive and highly efficient: Thiabendazole (Tiabendazol) 500 mg/L (no more than that). Thiabendazole is a drug used in humans as antihelminthic, but in plants it acts as a potent systemic fungicide (as good as Benomyl, but much less toxic). To prepare cuttings and seeds, let them soak in the solution for half an hour. The potting mix can also be watered with this solution. Use it within a maximum of 24 hours.

If you don't have access to high-performance products, you can use pharmaceutical grade Thiabendazole to protect your plants. I hope you enjoyed the tip.

Happy gardening!"

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