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  • The current local time for me is 02:15 PM
  • I'm in zone 9b
  • I live in Now in Orlando, FL (Zone 9b)

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"My main interest is with deciduous forest trees. Of those most appealing to me are maples and broad leafed oaks with big acorns. I think Maryland and New England are the most beautiful places in the US because of the trees. I also find pines and wetland species such as nyssa sylvatica and pond cypress appealing. I am also interested in understory plants, shrubs, wildflowers and grasses that are found in the same habitats as my favorite trees.

My user name might suggest I am a hardcore environmental activist but I'm not. I am however very opinionated on the subjects of invasive and exotic species in Florida and also the horrible waste and uglification brought on by completely and unnecessarily clear cutting land for development in my area.

See, while most people in my area would agree with my idea of beautiful trees, and while many of these trees would grow here exceptionally well here, they are not readily available in local nurseries. Instead tropical non-native exotics and palm trees are available and as a result, that's what gets planted around here. Many of these exotic species have been found escaping cultivation and causing damage to natural habitats. I welcome any comments and criticisms you might have with my gardener's notes and my goal with those is to create an awareness that Florida has beautiful native flora and it can be used in lieu of exotic tropicals in home landscapes much to the benefit of aesthetics, wildlife and mental health!

There's a move in my near future. I'm not sure where or what state I will be relocating to but you can probably guess what kind of trees grow there. Feel free to e-mail me anytime."

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