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  • The current local time for me is 07:09 AM
  • I'm in zone 5a
  • I live in Harrison Valley, PA (Zone 5a)
  • My birthday is December 1

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"This year I am selling wild leeks in DG Marketplace. I have leaned more and more to healthy eating and leeks are so healthy! All the leeks are wild harvested.
Also have many varieties of alpine strawberry plants (including Pineapple Crush) but am not sure yet as to weither I will sell plants and or seeds.
IF this can help to gererate somekind of temporary income, that will be a huge help!
To anyone that saw my post to come here to look for leeks, it's on DG Marketplace. Sorry, I am very new to posting in here. I'm not familiar yet with this.

Every year my love for growing flowers, fruits and tropicals (fruiting) increases! My grand deoso dream is someday to have 20 acres and the ability to make a dream garden for everyone to enjoy with a nice triple water feature, people can bring their pets and spend the day! Maybe add on an outdoor cafe for pets and people...ok, it's a grand deoso dream, lets add on a campsite as well!

But now in reality...I love growing all kinds of fruiting plants, trees and unusual fruiting plants and trees, to share and trade so my collection can grow...

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"We were very active in Search & Rescue. He out did dogs that were trained for years because of the wild dog in him. "

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