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  • The current local time for me is 01:29 PM
  • I'm in zone 5b
  • I live in Markham, ON (Zone 5b)
  • My birthday is May 25

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"Currently finishing my undergrad in Plant Science and have been an avid gardener since I was a kid.

My lab experience includes plant tissue culture, plant chromosome preparation, fluorescent in situ hybridization of plant chromosomes, and plant breeding/selection. I have worked shortly with plant pathogen isolation and identification.

I am experienced with plant propagation, disease diagnosis, and can perform plant identification using a key.

Practical growing experience includes carnivorous plants (Pinguicula, Nepenthes, and Drosera), orchids (particularly Oncidium alliance), and tropicals. I try to introduce ornamental species that are common in East Asia to hobbyist growers here. These species are primarily grown for the scent more-so than their flowers: Aglaia odorata, Jasminum sambac, Coix lacryma-jobi, to name a few. I am always looking to try growing unusual/lesser known species from seed. "

kennyso signed up on Apr 15, 2006