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  • The current local time for me is 05:45 PM
  • I live in Central Oregon, OR

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"We are Hobie gardeners here. The mr has the outside while I have the inside.
A true gardener knows the simple things in life such as a plant flowering or a new leaf is truly a happy event and food that is grown yourself or a neighbor just tastes a tad bit better.
It saddens us to look at the youth today who have never seen the fields planted or even knows there food does not just come from the grocery store. That plants are a valuable asset and us who understand how they grow are the most valued asset to are society.
Land is shrinking even out here where we live, so it stands to reason we need to teach what we know for the next generation to take over......even in the smallest places a plant can grow."

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"This is my mr and his 2007 sunflowers, a picture we are very proud of! That is the dogs 6' chain link fence. "

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