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" My name is Sharon Yearwood and I live in Hardeman County near Middleton, about 60 miles due east of Memphis, on 7 1/2 acres of partially wooded land . My DH Max and I, and our 3 children, have cleared this land by hand over the last 2 years. When the oppurtunity presented itself, to buy the property adjacent to my Mother -in -law, we jumped on the chance. I was just "discovering" gardening at that time and wanted to have some land on which to build a garden.
I have 18 year old twins and a twelve year old child. We also have 2 Rottweilers named Isis and Zues, 2 black Labs named Scarlett and Rhett ,a white pit bull named Bailey and a white Great Pyrennees named John.
I am a RN who has worked mainly in Corrections and in Critical care,but I am not currently working anywhere except at home and in my garden. My dream is to be able to make a living doing gardening,either in landscape and/or to open a nursery.
My plant passions are too numerous to mention, but are mainly Roses,Hostas,Irises,Daylilies, Azaleas,Citrus trees,Brugmantias,Hellebores and Hydrangeas, and all flowering shrubs and trees. I plan on doing a woodland garden behind my house with Dicentra(Bleeding Hearts, Hellebores, hostas, astilbes, and Oakleaf Hydrangeas,ETC. I have built a long huge flower bed in front of my house (150 ft x 20 ft) for perennials,and some annuals. I have 27 rose bushes in so far and plan on adding at least 30 more this spring and would like to have several hundred one day when I win the lottery. LOL!!! We have a huge vegetable garden (DH calls it a truck patch) 152 ft x 60 ft. in which we are currently trying to build Lasagna beds on top of. WISH US LUCK!! We have a small home orchard on which we have started with 3 peach, 3 plum, 3 apple, 3 fig trees,1 crabapple tree,and some grape vines. This year, I want to add some more grapes and do some muscadines,blackberies blueberries, strawberries, and pecan trees. I also want to build a water garden/ Koi pond.
I have recently graduated from our local Master Gardening program and I have a lot of ideas to use that to benefit our community. I would like to help to form or mentor a junior master gardening group down here, build up the Hardeman County Master Gardening Association, try to raise funds in conjunction with the Agricultural experiment station here ,to build a research station/experimental garden/greenhouse for fund raising purposes and use that money for community improvement projects. I would also be interested in finding out more about becoming a rosarian, One day.
I am a member of the American Horticuture Society and the American Rose Society,and would like to network and find out if there is enough people down this way (away from Memphis) to form a local-Rose club. Get in contact with me!"

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