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"Here is My List of "Hosta's I Have"! as of Wednesday, July 01, 2015.
(Ones I Know Now are Up and Showing)

Hosta(Plantain Lily)-Varieties
Growing in My Gardens.

"Thank You to Everyone for the Generous Trades and Seeds"!
Hostas that I Have in My Various Gardens
New for 2016-
Paul's Glory.
Waving Wuffles.
King Tut.

Allan P. McConnell.
Grand Tiara.
Iron Gate Delight.
Sea Fire.
Silver Crown.
Sugar and Spice.Glory.
Rippling Rhythm.
Silver Creek Sunshine.
Marion Bachman.
Zuzu's Petal's
and the Cutest Little Green NOID You Could Ever Love.

H. Abba Dabba Wow(TY-brrejr/Deb)-cbt-sp'11
H. Abique Drinking Gourd(TY-gardenlady123/Ronna)dgsp-'10
H. Abique Moonbeam(TY-gardenlady123/Ronna)dgsp-'10
H. Abique Paradigm
H. Adrians' Glory.
H. Albomarginata-'03(ps-Schmidt)
H. Albomarginata(TY-___/___)-'08
H. Albo Picta(TY-tsneal/Stephanie)-'06
H. Alice in Wonderland-'04(TC)
H. Allan P. McConnell(TY-beclu727/Becky)-spdg-'15
H. Alligator Shoes(TY-myskyblue2/Laura)-'06
H. American Hero(TY-brrejr/Deb)-cbt-sp'11
H. Ann Kulpa(TY-treemon/Mark)gwsp-'10
H. Antioch(TY-Hostasandpapillons/Lori)-'08
H. August Moon(TY-fenceberry/Jean)-'08
H. August Moon(TY-maidofshade/Cheryl)-'09
H. August Moon(TY-bisa80/Lisa)-'09/dg-eos
H. August Moon (Green)
H. Banyai's Dancing Girl(TY-spencer1400/Jane)-hgsp'11
H. Birchwood Parky's Gold-'03
H. Blue Angel-'03(sp-Schmidt)
H. Blue Cadet(TY-largosmom/Laura)-'06
H. Blue Jay(TY-tracey8165/Tracey)-eosdg-'15
H. Blue Hawaii(TY-tracey8165/Tracey)-eosdg-'15
H. Blue Mouse Ears-'08
H. Blue Mouse Ears Supreme(TY-bentleygardens/Ed)-'10/dg-eos
H. Bobbie Sue(TY-spencer1400/Jane)-hgsp'11
H. Bold Ribbons(TY-maidofshade/Cheryl K.)-'09
H. Bright Lights-'03(sp-Schmidt)
H. Brother Stefan(TY-fenceberry/Jean)-'08
H. Cathedral Windows(TY-bentleygardens/Ed)-'10/dg-eos
H. Chartruese Wiggles(TY-Happgarden/Joyce)-'09
H. Chesapeake Bay(TY-dgsp-Rose1656/Rose)-'09
H. Corn Belt(TY-Hostasandpapillons/Lori)-'08
H. Dancing Stars(TY-brrejr/Deb)-cbt-sp'11
H. Deane's Dream(TY-Justaysam/Linda)-'03
H. Diamond Tiara(TY-_____/_____)-'__
H. Dream Queen - 2014
H. Earth Angel(TY-treemon/Mark) Lost 2015.
H. Elvis Lives(TY-Rose1656/Rose)-dg-sp'09?
H. Emerald Tiara(TY-gwsp-Melati/Lee)-'09
H. Emerald Tiara(TY-___/___)-'09
H. Emeralds and Rubies(TY-maidofshade/Cheryl K.)-'09
H. Erie Magic*-'04(TC) [/font]I(sp2014 still hanging on)
H. Eternal Flame- '09
H. Feather Boa(TY-Dirtdivarocks/Cheryl)-'07
H. Fire and Ice(TY-tracey8165/Tracey)-spdg-'14
H. Fire Island
H. First Frost(TY-tracey8165/Tracey)-spdg-'14
H. Forest Shadows(TY-baja220/Debbie)-'07
H. fortunei Albomarginata-'03(sp-Schmidt)
H. fortunei Albo Picta(TY-tsneal/Stephanie)-'06
H. fortunei Aureomarginata(TY-maidofshade/Chery K.)-'09
H. Fragrant Bouquet-'03(sp-Schmidt)
H. Francee
H. Francee(TY-Gardenlady123/Ronna)
H. Fujibotan-'08
H. Gay Blade(TY-spencer1400/Jane)-hgsp'11
H. Geisha(TY-Pojo/Judy)-'08
H. Ghost Spirit(TY-hostanquilts/Janice)hgsu-'10
H. Ginko Craig(TY-Dirtdivarocks/Cheryl)-'07
H. Glory(TY-grdnnkd/Brian)-sumhg-'15
H. Gold Drop(TY-Malaprop)-'03
H. Golden Gate(TY-Hostasandpapillons/Lori)-'08
H. Golden Prayers(9-Seedlings)-'03
H. Golden Sceptor(TY-beclu727/Becky)-'07
H. Gold Standard(TY-Eleven/Shawna)-'12sp/dg
H. Gold Standard
H. Golden Tiara-'03(sp-Schmidt)
H. Golden Tiara(TY-largosmom/Laura)-'06
H. Golden Tusk(TY-bisa80/Lisa)-'09-dg/eos
H. Gold Standard(TY-Eleven/Shawna)-'12sp/dg
H. Gosan Gold Midget-'04(TC)
H. Grand Master(TY-hostanquilts/Janice)hgsu-'10
H. Grand Tiara-'13
H. Grand Tiara(TY-beclu727/Becky)-spdg-'15
H. Great Expectations -'12
H. Green With Envy(TY-scootersbear/Scott)-'07
H. Green with Envy (All Green Sport)
H. Guacamole(TY-myskyblue2/Laura)-'06
H. Gumdrop(TY-grdnnkd/Brian)-sumhg-'15
H. Hacksaw(TY-Hostasandpapillons/Lori)-'08
H. Hadspen Blue(TY-largosmom/Laura)-'06
H. Halcyon(TY-Malaprop)-'03
H. Halcyon-(TY-dgsp-Gardenlady123/__)-'09
H. Halcyon-'03(sp-Schmidt)
H. Happy Hearts-'13
H. Honeybells-'03(sp-Schmidt)
H. Honeybells-(TY-___/___)-'08
H. Hoosier Harmony(TY-tsneal/Stephanie)-'06
H. Hyacinthina(TY-Eleven/Shawna)-'12sp/dg
H. Inspire Greatness(TY-slp0100/Chuck)-gwsu-'11
H. Invincible-'06(Garland)
H. Iron Gate Delight(TY-beclu727/Becky)-spdg-'15
H. Jewel of the Nile(TY-hostanquilts/Janice)hgsu-'10
H. Jimmy Crack Corn(TY-Justaysam/Linda)-'03
H. June(TY-Eleven/Shawna)-'12sp/dg
H. June(Garland)
H. Kabitan(TY-largosmom/Laura)-'06
H. Katie Q.
H. King Tut(TY-Pandora/Mary)-spatp-'15
H. Kiwi Full Monty(TY-baja220/Debbie)-'07
H. Krossa Regal-'12
H. Lakeside Cupcake-'13
H. Lakeside Downsized(TY-bisa80/Lisa)-'09dg/eos
H. Lakeside Hoola Hoop(TY-Eleven/Shawna)-'12sp/dg
H. Lakeside Kaleidoscope(TY-mjjones453)hsp-'10
H. Lakeside Legal Tender*-'04(TC)
H. Lakeside Lollipop(TY-spencer1400/Jane)-hgsp'11
H. Lakeside Rocky Top-'04(TC)
H. Lakeside Sassy Sally (2-15Hab/Shonnards)'15
H. Lakeside Scamp(TY-slp0100/Chuck)-gwsu'11
H. Lancifolia-'03(spSchmidt)
H. Lemon Frost(TY-mjjones453)hsp-'10
H. Lemon Lime(TY-largosmom/Laura)-'06
H. Leona Frain(TY-spencer1400/Jane)-hgsp'11
H. Lily Pad-'08
H. Little Treasure(TY-treemon/Mark)gwsp-'10
H. Little Wonder(TY-maidofshade/Cheryl K.)-'09
H. Loyalist(TY-caliloo/Alexa)-'06
H. Mack the Knife(TY-tsneal/Stephanie)-'06
H. Maple Leaf*-'04(TC)
H. Marian Bachman(TY-grdnnkd/Brian)-sumhg-'15
H. Mid Morning*-'04(TC)
H. Midwest Magic(TY-baja220/Debbie)-'06
H. Minuteman(Bi-M -5/10/2011) -4 Divisions.
H. Mistress Mabel(TY-myskyblue2/Laura)-'06
H. Moonlight Sonata(TY-hostanquilts/Janice)hgsu-'10
H. Moonstruck (7-14/Wilco)
H. Mountain Fog(TY-Hostasandpapillons/Lori)-'08
H. Night Before Christmas(TY-tsneal/Stephanie)-'06
H. Noid #1(TY-gardenlady123/Ronna)spdg-'10(Francee?)
H. Noid #2(TY-gardenlady123/Ronna)spdg-'10(Golden Tiara?)
H. Noid #3-a cute little Solid Green One(TY-beclu727/Becky)-spdg-'15
H. Olive Branch(TY-Hostasandpapillons/Lori)-'08
H. Pandora's Box(TY-Pandora/Mary)-spatp-'15
H. Paradigm(Abique) -2-2
H. Paradise Power-'06(Garland)
H. Patriot
H. Patriots Fire*-'04(TC)
H. Paul's Glory(TY-Pandora/Mary)-spatp-'15
H. Pearl Lake(TY-spencer1400/Jane)-hgsp'11
H. Pie ala Mode (2/15-Hab/Shonnards)
H. plantaginea(TY-tsneal/Stephanie)-'06
H. Platinum Tiara(TY-twin_too/Pam)-sphg-'10
H. Polar Moon-'13
H. Praying Hands(TY-slp0100/Chuck)-gwsu-'11
H. Queen Josephine(TY-caliloo/Alexa)-'06
H. Queen of the Nile.
H. Queen of the Seas(TY-maidofshade/Cheryl K.)-'09
H. Rekoske-Mark Gold Seedling
H. Radiant Edger(TY-caliloo/Alexa)-'06
H. Radiant Star(TY-slp0100/Chuck)gwsu-'11
H. Rainforest Sunrise(TY-slp0100/Chuck)gwsu-'11
H. Razor's Edge(TY-Happgarden/Joyce)-'09
H. Red Dragon(TY-baja220/Debbie)-'06
H. Red Dragon(TY-fenceberry/Jean)-'08
H. Red October-'08
H. Regal Splendor(TY-scootersbear/Scott)-'07
H. Restless Sea-'08
H. Revolution(TY-_____/____)--'15
H. Rhapsody In Blue(TY-Justaysam/Linda)-'03
H. Richmond(TY-mjjones453)hsp-'10
H. Rippling Rhythm(TY-grdnnkd/Brian)-sumhg-'15
H. Rohdeifolia(TY-Pojo/Judy)-'08
H. Royal Standard/plantaginea(TY-tsneal/Stephanie)-'06
H. Salute(TY-scootersbear/Scott)-'07
H. Salute(sport from Scott's) Has a White Edge.
H. Samurai-'03(sp-Schmidt)
H. Savannah Supreme(TY-mjjones453)hgsp-'10
H. Savannah Supreme-All Green Sport.
H. Sea Fire(TY-beclu727/Becky)-spdg-'15
H. Sea Thunder-'09sp
H. September Sun(TY-Malaprop)-'03
H. Serendipity(TY-Dirtdivarocks/Cheryl)-'07
H. Sharmon-'09sp(Fry Road)
H. Sherborne Swan(TY-myskyblue2/Laura)-'06
H. Silver Creek Sunshine(TY-grdnnkd/Brian)-sumhg-'15
H. Silver Crown(TY-beclu727/Becky)-spdg-'15
H. Silver Halo*-'04(TC) (2014sp-still hanging on)
H. Sleeping Beauty-(TY-Hostanquilts/Jan)sphg-'13
H. So Sweet(TY-beclu727/Becky)-07
H. Squash Casserole(TY-myskyblue2/Laura)-'06
H. Stained Glass(TY-baja220/Debbie)-'07
H. Stetson*-'04(TC)
H. Stiletto(Melati/)
H. Stiletto(TY-Happgarden/Joyce)-'09
H. Striptease(TY-caliloo/Alexa)-'06
H. Spilt Milk
H. Spilt Milk(TY-bisa80/Lisa)-'09/dg-eos
H. Sugar and Spice(TY-beclu727/Becky)-spdg-'15
H. Sum and Substance(TY-Eleven/Shawna)-'12sp/dg
H. Sum and Substance (Bi-Mart)
H. Summer Breeze (2/15-Hab/Shonnards)'15
H. Summer Music-'06(Garland)
H. Sun Power(TY-baja220/Debbie)-'06
H. Teaspoon
H. Teaspoon(Melati)
H. Thunderbolt(TY-twin_too/Pam)sphg-'10
H. Tiny Tears(TY-Dirtdivarocks/Cheryl)-'07
H. Tiny Tears(TY-Happgarden/Joyce)-'09
H. Toy Soldier(TY-Justaysam/Linda)-'03
H. Twist of Lime(TY-beclu727/Becky)-'07
H. Ultramarine(TY-baja220/Debbie)-'07
H. Undulata Albo Marginata-'03(sp-Schmidt)
H. Undulata Mediovariegata-'04(EGClub)
H. Undulata Univitatta(TY-Eleven/Shawna)-'12sp/dg
H. Vanilla Cream(TY-Pojo/Judy)-'08
H. Vulcan(2014)
H. Warwick Essence(TY-hostanquilts/Janice)hgsu-'10
H. Waving Wuffles(TY-Pandora/Mary)-spatp-'15
H. Whirlwind(TY-twin_too/Pam)sphg-'10
H. Wide Brim-'03(sp-Schmidt)
H. Winfield Blue(TY-Hostanquilts/Jan)sphg-'11
H. Winsome(TY-fenceberry)- '08
H. Wogon-'Wogon Gold' -
H. Wolverine(TY-treemon/Mark)gwsp-'10
H. Wylde Green Cream(TY-Pojo/Judy)-'08
H. Yin
H. Zuzu's Petals(TY-grdnnkd/Brian)-sumhg-'15

H. Unknown(Not Undulata Albomarginata(TY-beclu727/Becky)-'07
H. Unknown(Solid Dark Green w/ Purple and White Striped Bloom)
H. UnNamed Solid Gold Heavy Veined Seedling(2001)-(TY-treemon/Mark R)gwsp-'10

Green(7-Seedlings/May be Lancifolia)(TY-)-'03
Small Green Pointed Leaf(108-Seedlings)-'02[/font]
Beautiful Markers from baja220/Debbie(TY-2007)
Beautiful Markers from ____/____(TY-2008)
TBI - Iris Lavender(father's garden)(TY-mjjones453)hsp-'10
*- Denotes TC(Tissue Cultured) Babies from a CO-OP in 2004.
I Will Love and Cherish Any Hosta that I Receive.
Hosta Seeds Are Always Gratefully Accepted Too!
(I...Love to Grow Hosta from Seed!)
A Very Heartfelt..."Thank You" for All the Past Seeds!


Have a Wonderful...Safe Fun in the Sun Summer!
...and Most of All Have a...
Wonderful Summer Growing Season!
"Enjoy the Brilliance this Season Will Bring"!

and If You Would Like to Try Some Interesting Seeds...
Join Me in Preserving Some Great Seed Specimens at;

(or...Just Ask Me...I am a Banker and Seed Stockholder)


zztopsoil signed up on Nov 22, 2002

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