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Reviews of Carrots Love Tomatoes: Secrets of Companion Planting for Successful Gardening

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Author (1): Louise Riotte

Softcopy edition:
Publish date: March 1998
Published by: Storey Books
List price: $14.95
ISBN Number: 1580170277



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Positive gerryd41 On Oct 26, 2009, gerryd41 wrote:

Awesome book - helped me with companion plantings. It is a must have.

Positive horseman_tanker On Mar 28, 2008, horseman_tanker wrote:

This is a great book easy to read and very informative. I read it,(well I skip around) at least once a day. Should most definitely be in your personel library.

Positive sacajawea On Jun 14, 2007, sacajawea wrote:

I have had this book for years and years. I really enjoy it and re-read it every year. I hesitate to "loan it" even to my daughters!
In the book a suggestion is planting basil around/with tomatoes. I have been doing this for years (more than 8) and it really, really, really works. In the span of time I have seen perhaps at most 10 tomato horn worms on the plants and the plants stay relatively free of other bugs. I put in the basil plants about a week before the tomatoes (and we usually have quite a few tomato plants).

Positive LissyJ On Jun 30, 2006, LissyJ wrote:

Great book that is well organized and easy to use. I like how each vegetable and herb is put in order and you are told what are great companion plants. You also are told what plants are NOT good neighbors.

I use this book a lot.

Neutral petit_potager On Jun 1, 2006, petit_potager wrote:

This passť 1998 title is available for less than $4.00.

It is difficult to command full list price for information that is free on the net.

Storey Publishing is not my first connection to superior garden information.

On June 1st, 2006, petit_potager added the following:

Louise Riotte passed away in 1998 at the age of 89.

Her father taught her to believe in and practice astrology, her mother was a practicing herbalist.

Together they influenced her life and her books, Astrological Gardening, Sleeping with a Sunflower, and her Raising Animals by the Moon. Nuff said.
Positive faronell On Apr 28, 2006, faronell wrote:

This is my garden "bible".... I also have her books "Roses love garlic" and "Sleeping with a Sunflower.... Bought them on ebay where if you are patient all things "out of print" or aged will show up eventually. Lots of practical and useful information for us citi girls with just a little bit of dirt to play with. I highly recommend it to all newbie gardeners to learn the basics of plant companionship.

Neutral heavenlybubbles On Apr 11, 2006, heavenlybubbles wrote:

This book is an excellent book of traditional companion gardening wisdom. And I have no doubt at all that companion planting does work -- its benefits have been observed for a very long time....

....however, this book contained a few glaring scientific mistakes -- for instance the book claims that fungi are just plants without chlorophyll... NOT TRUE! Other comments that are made in the book are here say, or have been rendered obsolete or inaccurate (as is the case in the natural fertilizer section, that gives a number for the amount of nitrogen found in rain, this number is dramatically different from area to area as most of the nitrogen in rain is from pollution).

Use this book as a valuable, easy to read guide of what should and shouldn't be planted together, but please don't take everything as absolute fact.

Positive RuTemple On Mar 31, 2006, RuTemple wrote:

I went and found this book in the library back in Minnesota in the mid 1980s, the year a tomato just FLUNG an arm down near the row of carrots and gave us over 70 Early Girls.

The book is well organized and laid out, for easy and quick reference when you're planning the coming year's garden-plot, and is also simply a joy to read.

Positive Beachgardengal On Mar 31, 2006, Beachgardengal wrote:

Love this book and have for years! Easy and quick reading with tons of useful info!

Positive rebecca101 On Dec 21, 2004, rebecca101 wrote:

This is a great book. It's more than just information on companion planting -- it also includes lots of other tips for natural pest and disease prevention, soil improvement for specific plants, and information on trees and the growing habits of weeds. Things are really easy to look up -- there is a section each on vegetables and herbs orgazized by plant, so you can look up how to best take care of your tomatoes or cabbages. Then there's another section on pests, so you can look up a specific pest to see what types of plants may repel it. Definitely a good resource.

Positive Sequee On Sep 5, 2004, Sequee wrote:

It must be a great book...every time I go to look something up in it, it's gone! Repeat after me - this is NOT a library book!

Positive daisyavenue On Aug 4, 2004, daisyavenue wrote:

This book never gets put away in our house. We look up something almost daily. Very useful. It also reminds me when I plan the garden that there are veggies I forget about and should consider.

Positive NatureWalker On Jul 7, 2004, NatureWalker wrote:

This has been a very helpful book for me in my gardening; for all of my flowers, veggies and herbs. (Whenever I can ever get it out of my daughters' hands.) I've even owned the 1975 edition (worn out and frayed;) this second edition is even better, and easier.

The campanion plants are regular plants and nothing exotic about them. The book is easy to read and understand, and you can browse through it by borrowing the book from your local public library.

Just remember to please renew it on time, or buy one of your own. Because once you read it you'll really want one of your own.

Positive MistyMeadows On Feb 9, 2004, MistyMeadows wrote:

This is one of the best books we own. There is so much to learn about companion planting, natural ways to not have to use pesticides. I always recommend this book to anyone who gardens. I actually had a copy and misplaced it, so I bought another....then found the first one. It is worth every penny. The two that I own are, of course, different volumes and this book is updated, as I found out by looking at it here. Surprisingly in 8 years, the price has only raised about $1.50.

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