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A Nearly Native Nursery

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Garden Centers and Nurseries

Street Address:
776 McBride Road
Fayetteville, Georgia 30215 (United States)

Phone: (770) 460-6284

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Latitude: 33.3830719
Longitude: -84.4739685

  Official comment from A Nearly Native Nursery:  
On Mar 31, 2010 8:10 AM:

Hello and Welcome to Nearly Native Nursery!
We are a retail garden center and also a mail order site that specializes in Rare Native Plants, Trees, Shrubs, Perennials, & Palms.

We have a lot of hard to find native species that are available in too few numbers to have a permanent listing on our website so if there is something that you are looking for, please feel free to contact us. All of the material listed on our online catalog is not always here at our retail location so if you are coming by for a certain plant species, please check the availability before you come by.

We are currently working on our Native Oasis Botanical Garden that adjoins our retail location so come by to take a look. We have the native snakes of the SE on display for your viewing pleasure and of course we still have our parrots Buster and Paisley.

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5 stars johannaeuribe On October 27, 2020, johannaeuribe from Peachtree City, GA wrote:

I heard about A Nearly Native Nursery through a local extension class and decided to visit because I was having a very hard time finding the right plant for my space. Jim was extremely insightful, helpful, knowledgeable and very easy to talk to. The Nearly Native website was a HUGE help too with its adjustable search criteria. I was able to find the perfect tree for my space and Jim had it in stock for a very reasonable price! All their plants are really healthy too, not like what you see at Home Depot, Lowes, or even Pike\'s. Nearly Native is definitely worth the trip, not only for buying plants but just to walk around and enjoy the space they\'ve made there. Lots of wildlife and a great place to enjoy the outdoors.

5 stars mdent On October 25, 2018, mdent from Midland, GA wrote:

My first visit to NNN today after placing it on the to do list was a huge success. Owners are absolutely delightful and extremely knowledgeable. It is so very important to use as many native plant species in home and work landscapes to support the wildlife that has evolved to co-exist with the plants over millennia. Please support the only native nursery I am aware of in South Georgia. You will not be disappointed! I know I will be going back.

5 stars Nacescreek On June 1, 2018, Nacescreek from Jacksonville, AL wrote:

Outstanding. Every time I go to Nearly Native I always find something unique and new to me. I\'m also thankful that people so knowledgeable are so willing to help you. I don\'t know where you could find nursery owner/operators that know more about native plants than Jim and Debbie. They are always eager to share what they have learned with you. This place is a gem.

5 stars Santos6 On May 31, 2018, Santos6 from Atlanta, GA wrote:

Nearly Native is a small but very impressive operation. The place is packed with plants of incredible quality and variety. When I visit I always learn about a new (to me) completely underutilized or relatively unknown plant that should be a garden superstar. When you make a trip there be sure to give yourself plenty of time. You will want to visit with Jim and Debi and spend plenty of time perusing. I love this nursery. It is head and shoulders above any I have found in Metro Atlanta.

5 stars Santos6 On May 31, 2018, Santos6 from Atlanta, GA wrote:

Nearly Native is a small but very impressive operation. The place is packed with plants of incredible quality and variety. When I visit I always learn about a new (to me) completely underutilized or relatively unknown plant that should be a garden superstar. When you make a trip there be sure to give yourself plenty of time. You will want to visit with Jim and Debi and spend plenty of time perusing. I love this nursery. It is head and shoulders above any I have found in Metro Atlanta.

5 stars thanimal On May 18, 2018, thanimal from Atlanta, GA wrote:

I drove down from Atlanta to finally get some eyes and hands on native plants for my yard and spent 4 hours wondering, looking, dreaming, learning, and chatting with the owners and their employee. Everyone was kind and more than helpful with all my questions and offered plenty of suggestions as I talked about what I wanted to do with my yard. When I left my trunk was full of plants and I look forward to going back for more.

5 stars Coov07 On April 11, 2018, Coov07 from Marietta, GA wrote:

I visited A Nearly Native Nursery for the first time this morning. My wife and I have learned over the past several years that plants native to the area thrive in our gardens. Big box store and commercial nursery plants need addition water, attention, etc. I contacted Debi from A Nearly Native last week concerning the elusive Sparkle Berry and Service Berry bushes. She had several beautiful specimens selected, much nicer than I expected. Jim spent a considerable amount of time helping and teaching me about other plants on my list. These wonderful and knowledgeable people are the owners and caretakers of a slice of heaven theyíve created to share with those fortunate enough to visit. A Nearly Native is truly a destination garden and should be appreciated by meandering through the wonderful paths while taking the time to see and value the countless native gifts. The plants are very healthy and a great value, so if distance is a challenge, I believe they ship. Brian was also a great help with plant selection and loading. I canít wait to return with my wife!

5 stars kscheulin On April 28, 2017, kscheulin from Newnan, GA wrote:

Awesome! We were looking for milkweed, we wanted to create a natural, native environment for bees and butterflies in order to be considered a wildlife habitat for pollinators. Jim was so helpful and knowledgeable it was mind blowing. The Nursery in itself is unbelievable, like none I\'ve visited before. I didn\'t see mass produced annuals or anything else mass produced for that matter. Just a great selection of native planting for our back yard. We even were shown caterpillars of Monarch butterflies on some of the plantings. This place is fantastic! The owners and staff are crazy helpful and a walk through this lovely place with it\'s shrubs, trees and plantings is like a wonderful hike in one of natures gardens. We found plants to attract butterflies and gained a lot of knowledge, thanks you guys. Job well done!

5 stars rcamps On April 14, 2017, rcamps from Peachtree City, GA wrote:

The most helpful, friendly and knowledgeable nursery I have ever visited. Found what I needed and will be back again. Very much appreciated the owners spending so much time with us.

5 stars KolKoi2731 On January 7, 2017, KolKoi2731 from Marietta, GA wrote:

The owners are very nice and personable. They have so much knowledge and are very easy to talk to. All the plants i have gotten have lived (or died because of me). Its a very interesting place to walk around

5 stars forested On November 18, 2016, forested from Smyrna, GA wrote:

Nearly Native Nursery is great! They had everything I was looking for and more.

5 stars AJMarist On October 28, 2016, AJMarist from Canton, GA wrote:

Met with Jim and Debbie yesterday and had a very pleasant and informative experience.
I am the groundskeeper at Marist School in Atlanta.
We have Nancy Creek, a major tributary of the Chatahoochee river that bisects our campus. We hope to partner with Nearly Native in order to utilize their extensive knowledge and native plant inventory for riparian and wetland forest restoration on our campus.
We offer elective classes in Spring and Fall for upperclassmen that focus on these issues as well as sustainability.
I look forward to working with Nearly Native in the future as we seek to educate young people with a desire to be responsible stewards of the environment.

5 stars the4ager On June 24, 2016, the4ager from Atlanta, GA wrote:

This nursery has by far the largest collection of southeastern plants that I\'ve seen. The owners were friendly and extremely knowledgeable about the plants and the role they play in our ecosystem. They had nine out of ten of all the rare plants that I have been trying so hard to find, and I failed to mention any native plant that the owners haven\'t heard of. They were very passionate about what they do, and every plant there was doing beautifully. Anyways, whether you live near or far, it is definitely worth a visit.

5 stars Danielle_CCWA On May 4, 2016, Danielle_CCWA from Hampton, GA wrote:

I wandered into Nearly Native Nursery feeling absolutely lost about gardening; however, the beautiful gardens were calming and inspiring. Just being there gave me ideas for my work place and soon-to-be new yard. Jim, one of the owners, answered my questions patiently and enthusiastically. He was outstanding. Deb was just as gracious and helpful when it was time to check-out. I look forward to my next visit!

5 stars mobleyw On May 1, 2016, mobleyw from Cullowhee, NC wrote:

Very large variety of native plants. Passionate, knowledgeable, informative owner

5 stars NearlyNaked On November 8, 2015, NearlyNaked from Fayetteville, GA wrote:

We stopped by to do some research on wetlands and Jim was extremely helpful. Highly recommend supporting this business.

5 stars wmcnamee On September 23, 2014, wmcnamee from Jonesboro, GA wrote:

At 5:45 on a recent Saturday evening, I discovered five (5!) hungry Monarch caterpillars in my garden! They had eaten all the milkweed. In panic mode, I called Nearly Native Nursery. They stayed open for me so I could make my purchase and feed my precious caterpillars. Wish I could give them more than five stars!

5 stars David_O4W On June 12, 2014, David_O4W from Atlanta, GA wrote:

This place is such a gem! Just south of the old courthouse in Fayetteville, it's worth the drive, particular for Intown Atlanta gardeners looking for healthy native species, fantastic service and great prices. I was looking for fragrant sweet shrub (Calicanthus Floridus) plants after a tragedy with an over zealous but kind neighbor befell my own semi mature plants. I thought I would have to mail order plants in order to replace them....To my surprise and delight, they had EXACTLY what I wanted....replacement fragrant plants. I also scored on some fantastic tomato plants that you'll never find at the big chains! They have an INCREDIBLE selection of plants. I'll be back and I'm telling my friends.

5 stars sarowell On April 4, 2014, sarowell from Opelika, AL wrote:

A very nice selection of natives including trees, shrubs and perennials along with a knowledgeable and helpful staff. You will find plants here that aren't available elsewhere. Additionally, something that's important to me, all plants are clearly labeled and priced and many are on showcase in-ground. A pot and picture are nice but getting to see the plants growing in situ is invaluable.

5 stars bruple On March 26, 2014, bruple from Tyrone, GA wrote:

My wife and I always enjoy visiting. The selection of native plants and assistance choosing the right addition to our landscape. Thanks and I look forward to more visits!

5 stars applejr On January 28, 2014, applejr from Atlanta, GA wrote:

Went by for the first time on 1/25/14 and had a great experience. Jim took lots of time with me, figuring out what I want and sharing his vast knowledge of native species to help in my decision. Both Jim and Debi were very friendly and I will without a doubt return later this year.

5 stars FortValleyMain On January 21, 2014, FortValleyMain from Lakeview, GA wrote:

Purchased a number of trees for Arbor Day that will be planted in one of our city parks. Great selection - very helpful. Enjoyed the experience. We'll be back!

5 stars TeriMc On July 9, 2013, TeriMc from Peachtree City, GA wrote:

I was referred to the Nearly Native Nursery by a friend who did not steer me wrong! The owners were so friendly, and extremely helpful. They spent a lot of time with me explaining the benefits of the Big Green Egg, and then giving me cooking advice. They were out of one item I wanted, so they ordered it for me, and called me very promptly to let me know it was already in the store. They even took the time to explain about native snakes in Georgia. I will definitely be back!

5 stars kmoliver23 On March 7, 2013, kmoliver23 from Athens, GA wrote:

Great Nursery with extensive native selection, including some things that are difficult to find in trade. The owners and staff werel knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. I am much looking forward to visiting this nursery again. Highly recommend!

5 stars pennyks On March 2, 2013, pennyks from Pendergrass, GA wrote:

I visited Nearly Native Nursery today and loved it! The owner, Jim Rodgers, gave me a tour and told me about any plant I asked about. He is very knowledgable, friendly and helpful. I will be going back (in warmer weather) and bringing all of my native plant enthusiast friends! Great selection and prices too!

5 stars tbcostain On January 12, 2013, tbcostain from Flowery Branch, GA wrote:

I visited Nearly Native this morning and was overwhelmed by the number and quality of their selection of native trees that I've been looking to purchase for my yard. Jim was a font of knowledge on my list of trees as well as care and maintenance information that will be vital for me to keep my trees alive. I will definitely be back!

5 stars botanicalbrian On December 12, 2012, botanicalbrian from Hampton, GA wrote:

If you are searching for a source for native plants to the Southeast, especially the rarer ones, Nearly Native Nursery is the only nursery you need to visit. Jim and Debi's knowledge of native plants and their vast selection are what set them apart from others in the nursery business. When you buy plants from Nearly Native, you know you've purchased plants that are truly unique for your garden and will not look like the typical plants you get at the big box stores. Plus, you will be attracting birds, butterflies, bees, and other beneficial insects to your garden. A real nursery that you can truly spend an entire day at.

4 stars walacay On November 6, 2012, walacay from Atlanta, GA wrote:

Jim and Debbie are both friendly, knowledgeable people, both over the phone and especially in person. Loved talking to them at their Nursery one recent autumn Saturday. They love plants and it shows!

5 stars Starri On April 19, 2012, Starri from East Newnan, GA wrote:

The owners and staff at Nearly Native are so knowledgeable and helpful. Their love of nature and enthusiasm are inspiring! I learned so much. It was such a relaxing place- I'd love to go there just to hang out. My boys and I learned a lot and loved seeing the pet birds and snakes. A fun afternoon AND I came home with some beautiful plants that will thrive in our environment. They made lots of helpful suggestions. Nurseries can be intimidating and overwhelming for novices so I was extremely grateful for their guidance.

5 stars gam473 On April 16, 2012, gam473 from Fayetteville, GA wrote:

It was a grateful experience visit Nearly Native Nursery an talk and exchanges ideas with James. If you need an honest advice on native plants, James is the guide.


5 stars DrScottAtlanta On September 20, 2011, DrScottAtlanta from Atlanta,
United States wrote:

They're so helpful...that guilt has driven me to find my old DG password and figure out how to post this overdue review!! They're very easy to get to from Atlanta. I've gone down about 3 times now and each time has been a great trip where I pick up plants that are on my wish list (great web site) & those I didn't know existed or that I even wanted. Jim and Debi took time to talk about my gardening needs and show some planted specimens that would be a good match. Each time, I load up my car and am very happy.

5 stars 24_7_365 On September 7, 2011, 24_7_365 from Dublin, GA wrote:

THE place to go for native plants. These folks have a passion for providing for and educating the consumer. Kind and respectful in person and over the phone. Pleasant natural atmosphere for a relaxing shopping experience. Also fun for inquisitive, obedient youngsters.

5 stars legaldirt On August 22, 2011, legaldirt from Bonanza, GA wrote:

My wife and I enjoyed the "experience" of shopping at this nursery. Jim was very knowledgeable about each of the plants. The plants are placed in an environment that gives you an idea what they would look like at home.

5 stars kim7chz On July 20, 2011, kim7chz from Peachtree City, GA wrote:

We went by Nearly Native Nursery to purchase a Big Green Egg. Debi and Jim were so friendly and KNOWLEDGEABLE about their product that it made us very excited to get our Egg home and start using it. Not only were they well-versed in the use of the Egg, Debi even gave us a demonstration!! Now that's service! We had a really nice visit at their wonderful nursery and left feeling like we'd made an excellent choice in merchants.
I cannot imagine this kind of friendly service, replete with tips and advice, from any other nursery.
Thank you so much Debi and Jim!

5 stars lisamuffin On June 15, 2011, lisamuffin from Marietta, GA wrote:

Jim and Debi are the perfect nursery owners - knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. I went with a group of Master Gardeners that had specific items they were looking for. All found everything on their lists plus questions about native plants were answered completely.

5 stars jkll On June 6, 2011, jkll wrote:

Great place to visit. The plants are great and the place is inviting. When I didn't know exactly what I was looking for, they did. Will definitely return.

5 stars ricknsandy On May 30, 2011, ricknsandy from Lilburn, GA wrote:

The nursery is truly "nearly native", having nearly all their plants native to the Piedmont. Our shopping experience and visit and learning experience with Jim and Debi was wonderful. They took time out from their busy schedule to help us with details about numerous plants and planting that were invaluable to us as we made decisions on purchases. They were very knowledgeable and helpful. We will definitely be back.

5 stars tphotakis On April 22, 2011, tphotakis from Brooks, GA wrote:

Great service. Everyone there is extremely knowledgeable about plants and very helpful. They have a great selection of healthy plants. We look forward to buying more plants for our house.

5 stars Jamie324 On April 20, 2011, Jamie324 from Lakeland, FL wrote:

I live in central FL (zone 9). Passed thru their nursery on a trip up north. Got there about 5 min. before they closed, but Jim and Debbie stayed for at least an hour past closing to help me out. Just 2 of the nicest people I've ever met. Ended up buying 15-20 plants; told them I wanted to pick them up on my way back home in a week, and when I got back, my plants were all set out and ready for me, as promised. Excellent nursery, maybe the best I've ever seen.......everything is labeled very clearly. Great selection, great prices; they really care about their plants. Can't say enough good about them; I'll definitely be back.

5 stars NancyAnne67 On April 7, 2011, NancyAnne67 from Fayetteville, GA wrote:

I visited Nearly Native Nursery today and as usual, Jim was a wealth of information. When others comment on how knowledgable he is, it is an understatement. This guy is a walking plant encyclopedia. The only thing you have to do is tell him a little about the area you are going to plant in and he will walk you around and show you all the different plants. I ended up purchasing two bushes and plan on going back tomorrow to purchase a tree.

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