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Almaden Valley Nursery

2 stars
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Garden Centers and Nurseries
Garden Products and Supplies

Street Address:
15800 Almaden Expy.
San Jose, California 95120 (United States)

Phone: (408) 997-1234

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Latitude: 37.2384949
Longitude: -121.8736649

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1 star Cnasseri On May 26, 2021, Cnasseri from San Jose, CA wrote:

Buyer be ware of Almaden nursery. Buyer be ware !!!! Stay away from this place since the charge you for items not purchased!!!. Iíve been going to this nursery for over 40 years. Yesterday I had a clerk who without counting the items charged me over$100.00 which seemed odd to me. When I mentioned that the tomato plants were on sale she was highly annoyed. She ran the bill again without looking at the plants and this time charged me $93.00 which was still too high. I asked for the itemized bill and she said they donít have one and run everything by hand. Then she left. I looked at the bill and figured out that she had charged me for 3 extra items that I had not purchased. I asked another younger clerk to correct the bill and she was too scared and intimidated to do it but finally at my insistence corrected the bill. I asked for the manager NICK and explained the situation but instead of apologizing and saying that heíll make sure that his workers pay attention, he was rude, arrogant and said that I donít have to buy from there which I will not. I know times are hard for businesses but it does not justify stealing and being rude and arrogant about it.

1 star hjz On April 27, 2008, hjz wrote:

Was hoping to get some advice and buy some insecticide. Too many young kids around so I was trying to get to someone older who might be more experienced. Found this guy in the distance. But before I was able to walk up and talk to him, there was a middle aged lady customer that somehow recognized him from their elementary schoold days. They just started to talk and totally ignored all the other customers. The least he could have done is to tell me and the other customers "I'll be right with you." Nothing like that and they just kept on talking. I had to run to another nursery before it closed.

Bad costumer service. My last time there. Glad there are more nurseries nearby.

3 stars Calif_Sue On March 22, 2008, Calif_Sue from Northern California,
United States wrote:

I have stopped by a few times to see what new plants they may have, nice selection but too pricey for my blood. A plant bargain hunter is what I am! I have seen a few harder to find plants and roses on occasion so there is some value to stopping in on occasion.

On April 10th, 2008, Calif_Sue changed the rating from 2 stars to 3 stars and added the following:

Stopped by today and they are well stocked and the plants are wonderfully displayed. Their rose selections, varieties and health are some of the best I have seen of any of the San Jose area nurseries. Their prices are definitely on the higher side though, about $10+ more for roses compared to other nurseries carrying the same sizes. For that reason, I raise my rating only one point. It is a nice nursery to visit.
2 stars mhawkin On September 7, 2007, mhawkin from San Jose, CA wrote:

Great looking place....buttttt very expensive. You can get your plants at much better prices almost anywhere else.

2 stars imapigeon On February 11, 2007, imapigeon from Gilroy (Sunset Z14), CA wrote:

I noticed for a while that no one has reviewed this nursery, so I thought I'd throw in my $.02. It's got nice plants in a very nice layout. Their prices, however, seemed high. The day I was there, it the staff was all tied up with landscape designers. It's not a place I'm itching to go back to again, but if I'm nearby and have some time, I might give it another try.

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