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Park Seed Co. Inc. Garden Center

2 stars
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Garden Centers and Nurseries

Street Address:
3507 Cokesbury Rd.
Hodges, South Carolina 29653 (United States)

Phone: (854) 941-4213

Latitude: 34.2702675
Longitude: -82.2021103


1 star Firetip On May 25, 2020, Firetip from Brunswick, GA wrote:

I ordered 3 plants from them and they were the worst plants I have ever received. 2 are shriveled up and appear dead and the third is not much better. I planted them in pots to see if they recover but if they do it will be a long time before they can be planted in the garden. I won\'t ever buy from Parks again.

4 stars rednyr On June 27, 2008, rednyr from Sumter, SC wrote:

I love shopping at Parks on 72 and their place coupled with Wayside Gardens has alot of great bargains. You do, however, need to go armed with your own personal knowledge as I agree with the previous poster that their staff lacks alot of general knowledge.

I have found countless bargains on out of season stock here and it is well worth the drive during the winter months to see what they are tired of taking care of and have deeply discounted at the Main Parks Trial Gardens...I do find it VERY odd that some things are much cheaper at the Trial gardens then at Wayside and vice versa for the exact same things...their pottery at Wayside is deeply discounted in my opinion when the quality is compared to the big box stores...

bottom line, know what you are looking for...and you won't be dissapointed...

2 stars gessieviolet On May 28, 2007, gessieviolet from Saluda, SC wrote:

As a small hobby gardener I find shopping here to be a big disappointment. I love their catologs but as a retail outlet they just don't cut it.

I have been very disappointed when trying to get information from the retail staff (nobody seems to really know what's going on) and the displayed plant material is not particularly impressive.

Now their display gardens are another story when they are in season!! Drop dead gorgeous!! I love to stroll through and study the plantings, container arrangements, new trial plants. Everthing is labeled, and well tended. Well worth a special trip.

This is a faciliy geared to mail order and enternet buying but I visit the retail outlet only because I live close by and they closeout unusual plants sometimes at good prices.

I rate retail as fair; but my experience with mailorder and enternet service--great.

On July 1st, 2013, gessieviolet changed the rating from 3 stars to 2 stars and added the following:

July 1, 2013 I find a trip to the retail store a waste of time on regular business days.

Flower Day was interesting and I got some great plants for great prices.

As for the Flower Day displays, if I had never seen the gardens in their heydays over the years I would have been impressed. Having visited many times in the past, however, I couldn't help but remember how it used to be and mentally make unfavorable comparisons.

My advise: If you want to buy from Parks, use the internet or buy from one of their catalogs, don't waste time making a trip. Their established plantings are interesting and pretty but their test beds are not impressive anymore.

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