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L.A. Reynolds Garden Showcase

4 stars
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Garden Centers and Nurseries
Garden Products and Supplies

Street Address:
4400 Styers Ferry Road
Winston-Salem, North Carolina 27104 (United States)

Phone: (336) 945-3776

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Latitude: 36.0919151
Longitude: -80.3784027


5 stars RebeccaLynn On May 12, 2022, RebeccaLynn from Winston Salem, NC wrote:

This place of business is permanently closed. Sad.

5 stars mimisrh3 On September 27, 2009, mimisrh3 wrote:

I was there on Friday and made a purchase. I cannot say enough about what a pleasant experience this was and how well I was treated. From the moment I walked in the door until I left, all the people I encountered could not have been more helpful. Everything there was decorated so beautifully, I wish I had felt like staying and looking around more....I will definitely be returning.

2 stars sillybug5 On November 9, 2008, sillybug5 from Hyannis, MA wrote:

I have visited 3 times and had poor service all 3 times. The people who work here behave as if the customer is an imposition on their time! Amazing! I guess this place is not interested in selling anything, because that is what they are accomplishing, losing customers, as I hear from all my fellow gardeners. Too bad, as they DO have a nice selection of plants. I won't be back.

5 stars yellowbear On July 16, 2008, yellowbear from The Villages, FL wrote:

Isn't that incredible that two people can have completely different experiences at the very same place. We were there yesterday (July 15, 2008) and had the best possible experience we've EVER had at a nursery. From the lovely information desk to the evergreen nursery man to the perennial man. Everyone was helpful, courteous and bent over backwards to make sure we got exactly what we needed.
We will definitely go back there again, even though it's a 90 mile drive one way. We'll also recommend it to our friends.
How awful that the three people who had bad experiences weren't there with us to see what a wonderful place it truly is.

2 stars MindyMaxey On May 29, 2008, MindyMaxey from Lewisville, NC wrote:

I must say that I was extremely disappointed with my recent visit to L.A.Reynolds. I am sure that, because of my visit, I will not return there.

I have had a fish pond and waterfall installed at my home. I was specifically looking for a few plants to conceal some of the equipment that was used. The older gentlemen at the "help" desk kindly lead me to a lady to help me. Even though the lady appeared to be knowledgeable about the plants she showed me, she was rude. She instruted me to return home, do my own research, write on paper a plan, and then return. I am not a person who needs to "write down" such a plan. I simply needed guidance on which plants were compatible in my certain area. Then, I visited another section of their store in an effort just to find something that would work. I found one plant, and asked a nearby clerk what it was. She identified the plant and proceeded with her "watering" chores. I was going to speak with her further about this particular plant, and she completely ignored the fact that I was looking directly at her and standing 3-4 feet away from her, and in fact, she walked away from me.

Overall, I feel that if you know exactly what you want, and are willing to pay more than an average price for that product, then L.A. Reynolds will be a place for you to go. BUT, if you have questions, or need assistance, then do not go there. With the exception of the kind older gentlemen at the help desk, I found the employees to be very rude and not at all professional in their assisting of patrons.

I am sure that Mr. L.A. Reynolds would be very disappointed at the way his garden center has turned out. I would also urge Mr. Jerry Long to give his employees some lessons in simple courtesy. What a shame that a place with such beauty has to employee such rude and discourteous people.

3 stars DebNifong On May 20, 2008, DebNifong from Clemmons, NC wrote:

I totally agree about the place being snobby and overpriced.
The prices are way too high. I went looking for the perennial plant of the year for 2008 , "Geranium" 'Rozanne'. They only had 2 plants that did not look very full for the price of 11.99. I quickly left and was sorry I spent the gas money to go there. I went to Lowe's and found 6 for 6.98/large full gallon size plant (same size as LA Reynolds).
On the good side it is a beautiful place to go with wonderful landscaping, fish pond and neat things to browse. My children enjoy walking around as much as I do, when I have to bring them along. I have been internet shopping now when I can't find an item I desire rather than spending gas money to drive somewhere and be disappointed!

3 stars Tropicanna On September 5, 2007, Tropicanna from Clemmons, NC wrote:

I grew up hearing, that if you can't say anything nice, keep it to yourself. Well, I just have to be honest about this's a bit snobby for me, personally.

L.A. Reynolds is a really nice place, the set up and displays are beautiful. They have probably one of the better selections of plants for the area.

I will say they are a bit overpriced, and customer service has not been particularly helpful or friendly. I generally visit this nursery when they have sales.

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