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Rabbit Ridge Nursery

4 stars
Entry type:
Garden Centers and Nurseries

Street Address:
125 West Lisa Street
Coats, North Carolina 27521 (United States)

Phone: (910) 897-2639

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Latitude: 35.4114838
Longitude: -78.6740875


2 stars onilollaig On September 5, 2019, onilollaig wrote:

In the middle of summer, I ordered 2 muscadine plants from Rabbit Ridge to be sent through the mail. They were bareroot plants. I asked them if it was OK to plant bareroot muscadines in the summer heat, and they said \"yes.\"

Well, they sent me the plants, and they arrived one day late (because of a screw-up by the postal service). I planted them within a couple hours of their arrival. Within just a few days, all of their leaves had completely shriveled up and turned brown. I told them about this, and the owner acted surprised. He said, \"Did you plant them in the ground?\" I told him that I did. He then said that they should be OKójust keep them regularly watered.

Well, it appears that one of the plants is already dead. The other plant seems to be green only when I scratch the *very* bottom of the stem (right next to the ground), but I don\'t know if it will survive.

The owner told me that they ship bareroot to save on shipping costs, but I would much rather pay more for shipping to get plants that actually SURVIVE. I mean, who cares if you save money but your plants die--or are severely damaged?

On a positive note, their prices were reasonable, and they seemed pretty courteous and polite. However, the owner never said, \"Keep us updated about the plants. If they don\'t make it, I\'ll replace them.\" Once the sale was made, it seemed his interest in them was pretty much over. I really should have asked him about a guarantee before placing my order.

I think this nursery has some pretty good stock, but it was really irresponsible of them to lead me to believe that bareroot plants would make it just fine in the summer. Anyway, I don\'t plan to order from them again.

5 stars dadrbad On June 27, 2008, dadrbad from Coats, NC wrote:

Wonderful, garden type of Nursery that not only carries a great selection of container grown plants and trees, but also fruits and day lilies. They also have bedding plants and hanging baskets and vegetable plants for sale. It is almost like visiting a private garden instead of a Nursery. Great Gazebo overlooking a large deck where they offer classes on cooking with herbs stuff.

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