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Weed Dragon, by Flame Engineering, Inc., at the Garden Products database

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Classification: Power tools
Primary purpose: Weeding
Miscellaneous: Organic

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4 stars hostamomma On December 27, 2007, hostamomma from Dundee, IL wrote:

This thing rocks! I use it for weeding in between my brick patio and along an old stepping stone path where the landscape fabric has rotted away.

It will quickly break down by heat plant cell walls and anything above the ground will die. Plants with strong root systems may need 2-3 treatments for total kill, but for stuff like clover, moss, and creeping charlie it works wonders.

Plus, as an added bonus, I get to tell my friend I use a flame thrower for weeding. How cool is that?
5 stars Equilibrium On June 22, 2007, Equilibrium wrote:

Truly an indispensable tool that can reduce our dependency on chemicals. It has more than enough "oomph" to do what I want it to do but not so much that I am intimidated using it. I would recommend the purchase of the dolly. Hauling around propane tanks is no fun.