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Classification: Rainwater Collection
Primary purpose: Rainwater Collection
Miscellaneous: Green/Sustainable

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5 stars konijntje On March 14, 2008, konijntje from Seattle, WA wrote:

We live in drought-stricken Georgia and have been under a 24/7 ban on outdoor watering since last May. Any and all the watering we have been able to do for 10 months now has been via the water we 'harvest' from roof run-off and we --and our plants--have fared wonderfully because we have a RainSaver rain barrel on each and every downspout. We even have a couple of barrels connected in serial on a few downspouts so as to capture as much as possible (the company sells T connectors custom-fit to these barrels to make this easy and effective). We've been ordering barrels from this company for 5 years and have been very pleased with their products and their customer service each time. Helpful folks and quick, helpful delivery, even of large quantities of barrels (our last order included several orders placed on behalf of friends/neighbors). And as stated by other reviews, the barrels are both extremely well-made and very esthetically appealing (in contrast to those made by most other companies). They look terrific and provide an invaluable service to those of us unable to turn on the hose! Can't say enough about this product and company.
On March 14th, 2008, konijntje added the following:

I would also note that it might be possible that the manufacturing process is inconsistent when it comes to color-- I noted the previous reviewer said their moss green barrels were actually steel gray. We have five moss green barrels ordered in summer of 2007 and they are pretty much the crayola crayon ideal moss green and coordinates with our green steel roof beautifully. So given our different experiences, perhaps it would be worth inquiring about the color before ordering.
5 stars Equilibrium On June 24, 2007, Equilibrium wrote:

Decent prices and comes with a 5 year guarantee. Available in a few different colors. The color they call Moss Green is actually a steel gray. These have a space for both an upper and a lower spigot which is really nice and they do have an overflow hose which could be connected to another rain barrel. I've seen 5 of these rain barrels connected together being fed by one downspout. The intake openings all have screens which do a great job of keeping most debris out.

One thing we did was to set them up on one round of block. This made it easier to fill buckets and watering cans and provided a nice stable base.

The other thing I did was add an old pantyhose to the end of the elbow connector that was attached to the downspout. The reason why I did this was to catch all those mineral granules that shed from dimensional asphalt shingle roofs when there is hail or heavy rains. I cleaned out the rainbarrels last fall and found about an inch of the granules at the bottom of my rainbarrels. I've had to change the pantyhose a few times but the granules are no longer building up in the bottoms of the rainbarrels. I suspect it might be a good idea to add pantyhose to the elbow connector that feeds any rainbarrel if one has an asphalt shingle roof.