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Swan Neck Hoe, by Gardener's Supply, at the Garden Products database

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Classification: Hand tools
Primary purpose: Weeding
Miscellaneous: Ergonomic

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5 stars p1mkw On May 24, 2011, p1mkw from Danville, IN wrote:

I have owned this hoe for many, many years. There is nothing that can come close to it for taking care of weeds. And actually I just checked and as of today Gardener's Supply has this hoe again. I believe that's where I bought mine. I looked on the Earthtools website and didn't see it there. It's expensive, but in my opinion is well worth it.
5 stars organictreefarm On September 26, 2010, organictreefarm from Frankfort on 127 North, KY wrote:

The Swan neck hoe is actually made by Dewitt a Dutch company. Gardener's Supply no longer stocks them. They are available at

I use one in my fields weeding around young plants, and it is significantly faster and easier to use than a conventional hoe. I use it on edge to root out grasses and just a sliding slice to take out most other weeds. I suggest keeping it as sharp as a knife.
5 stars imapigeon On February 4, 2009, imapigeon from Gilroy (Sunset Z14), CA wrote:

I've had one of these for about 15 years (maybe longer) and it's one of my favorite tools. So much so that I won't lend it out. To anyone. I hide it from my husband because he likes it, too---but he likes it for stuff like mixing concrete. It may be the perfect shape, but It's WAAAY to good for that!

It skims along the soil surface like a scuffle hoe (but better) and the sharp corners are great for digging out root clumps. Yes, it's expensive, but mine is just as functional as the day I got it. My maintnence routine consists of running a file over the edge once or twice a year.
5 stars dave On June 22, 2007, dave wrote:

As near as I can tell, Gardener's Supply is actually the manufacturer of this product.

I've tried dozens of different weeding hand tools, and I believe that this one is my favorite of them all. The triangle head is very small and being parallel to the ground, it's incredibly easy to weed gardens. You can get around plants easily and even bermuda grass is no match for this. Quite expensive, but worth it.