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Classification: Gadget, Safety
Primary purpose: Safety, Dust Mask

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5 stars melody On April 7, 2011, melody from Benton, KY wrote:

Gardeners are always doing something dusty or dirty. Breathing pollen, dust and fumes are just part of the hazards we face. The RZR mask is comfortable and filters out just about anything we face on a daily basis. From mowing the lawn to transferring fertilizer, the RZR Mask takes care of it all. The active carbon filters even meet N99 standards. (this means that it filters out 99% of all airborne particles, but not oil)

I am also a textile artist who works with professional grade dye. They are very fine powders that are easily airborne. The RZR Mask was comfortable to use and I could mix my dye in safety.

My husband uses power tools to sand the finish off of various materials and he found it comfortable and efficient as well.

For ATV enthusiasts, this is a perfect companion to take along on dusty trails.

It is machine washable and the filters are replaceable. The ergonomic design makes for a comfortable fit that didn't block vision or range of motion.

For winter time use, it helps warm the air you breathe in, which is important for folks with respiratory issues. I highly recommend this product for anyone who is concerned about breathing in unwanted airborne material.