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Classification: Power Tool Accessories
Primary purpose: Planting Bulbs and Rhizomes

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3 stars patm_ On October 30, 2013, patm_ from Drewry, NC wrote:

Effectiveness entirely depends on the drill you use. With my cheap cordless drill from Lowe's, this augur will drill about 12 holes for daffodils, then I have to recharge the drill battery for four hours, then I can plant the next 12 daffodils. With my drill, augur cannot get past small stones - if I run into a stone, I relocate my planting hole.
5 stars qterhrs On April 1, 2008, qterhrs from Friedens, PA wrote:

I love this item. Not only is it great for bulbs but I use it for my plants in the garden. I can get a large plot dug with no sore hands in less than half the time of hand digging.
5 stars arthulse On January 4, 2008, arthulse from Weaverville, NC wrote:

Just purchased a three inch diamter one this fall, cost about $24.00. Used a 1/2 inch power drill, but 3/8th would have worked just as well. Put in over 200 daffodil bulbs in less than 3 hours. Last year it took us most of a day to put in 200 using a conventional bulb planter. This should also work for putting in bedding plants etc.
4 stars hcmcdole On June 22, 2007, hcmcdole from Powder Springs, GA wrote:

Works great with a cordless drill. Not only use it for planting bulbs but for putting stakes in the ground. Only problem is large rocks buried underground. Hard ground is not a problem with this tool. Can be purchased at most hardware stores and nursery centers.
5 stars Equilibrium On June 22, 2007, Equilibrium wrote:

The days of using hand tools endlessly digging hole after hole after hole to plant Tulip bulbs are over for me. This product can be purchased in several different sizes and can handle the planting of a host of different sized bulbs and quite a few rhizomes.

I ended up on my rear quite a few times when I first used this accessory. I think the drill I was given to use the auger with was a little bit too much for me. Be very careful using one of these the first time around or you might end up doing involuntary acrobatics in your yard.