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Atlas Nitrile Touch NT370 gloves, by LFS Inc., at the Garden Products database

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Classification: Gloves
Primary purpose: Hand Protection

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5 stars phkat On September 24, 2009, phkat from Libby, MT wrote:

Absolutely the best gardening glove EVER! I buy the x-small so they fit snug but not too tight. They give me excellent dexterity while preventing any ouchy thorns from getting to me. I just ordered a dozen pair so I can add them to my loved ones Christmas boxes. I shopped around to get the best price and ended up buying from - Right at this very moment, they have a 5 question survey on the site that if you do they give you a coupon for $5 off! so I got 12 pair of these fabulous gloves for $34.99 and FREE SHIPPING. The direct link for the gloves is
[[email protected]]
Once there you have to select your size and color. The Xsmall only come in purple, so the assorted color set doesn't come in Xsmall. According to the "measure your hand" guides, I should wear a woman's large, but there is no way. I currently have a pair of small, and a pair of extra small. I like the xsmall best, but for some stuff the small are fine. You will not be disappointed in these gloves!!!
5 stars nilly On August 11, 2009, nilly from Pittsburgh, PA wrote:


I wear the XS ones. With hands this small, I have always had trouble finding gloves that don't leave me with floppy fingertips. And also, I can feel through them. It's like not having anything on my hands. I LOVE these gloves!
5 stars annie_s On July 7, 2009, annie_s from Saint Paul, MN wrote:

My friend talked me into these, and she was right! I just want to add that I've spent a few weeks now working with dirt, sand, gravel, and stones in these gloves, and they barely show wear - I never expected that! They are one of the great bargains.
5 stars HoneybeeNC On March 19, 2009, HoneybeeNC from Charlotte, NC wrote:

I've tried numerous gardening gloves over the years and always been disappointed. My daughter encouraged me to try these - I was reluctant at first, but she insisted that one could actually feel what one was doing with these on. She was right. I just love these gloves. I can dig-in-the-dirt for hours and keep my hands and nails clean. Now if I could only find something similar for my bare feet...
5 stars ladygardener1 On May 13, 2008, ladygardener1 from Near Lake Erie, NW, PA wrote:

Wouldn't garden without these gloves! I use to hate wearing gloves, I could not pick out the small weeds around plants with gloves on. Then breast cancer struck and after surgery was told to protect my right arm and hand against nicks and cuts as an infection could cause lymphedema. When I found these gloves they were just right, fits snug around the wrist to prevent insects from getting trapped and biting. Can pull weeds with ease, just so comfortable to wear, I forget I have them on.
5 stars AnneCS On December 20, 2007, AnneCS from Vaughan, ON wrote:

These are also my favourite gardening gloves for the reasons mentioned in the other reviews. I love that they're so thin and flexible and love the grip.

The only downsides I've discovered are that they're not the best for working with prickly/thorny plants (as previously mentioned) and that in wet weather or after watering, mucky water can soak in through the nylon material on the "rear" of the gloves. That's pretty easy to avoid though--I just get too absorbed sometimes in what I'm doing. In warmer weather the nylon is much appreciated as it allows your hands to breathe a bit.
5 stars gardadore On November 6, 2007, gardadore from Saylorsburg, PA wrote:

I concur that these are the best gloves I have ever used, and I have tried a lot of brands! I always wore holes in gloves after extensive weeding, but not these yet! I bought a dozen from Palmflex so they were really cheap per pair. Washable and quixk drying..
5 stars Beach_Barbie On October 1, 2007, Beach_Barbie from Kure Beach, NC wrote:

All the above is very true!
They're also machine washable and last a long time.
5 stars Calif_Sue On July 11, 2007, Calif_Sue from Northern California,
United States wrote:

My favorite gloves since discovering them at a local Landscape & Flower show years ago. As mentioned, I don''t even feel like I am wearing gloves. My wedding ring does eventually wear through the mesh top where the stone sits but thats only because I wear them all the time. They can now be found in several local nurseries.
5 stars kaperc On July 10, 2007, kaperc from No. San Diego Co., CA wrote:

Ditto. Just rec'd my order and LOVE these gloves. I have a bad cut on a knuckle and was able to ease the gloves over the padded bandage and wore them most of the day. No chafing like other gloves; excellent dexterity; most comfortable I've ever worn. Here's where I bought mine - they have good prices and if you share a case with friends, you can get them even cheaper.
5 stars Poochella On June 30, 2007, Poochella from Issaquah, WA wrote:

I concur with another positive review of these lightweight gloves. With hundreds of hours of gardenening work requiring more dextrous hand mobility that heavier or leather gloves can't offer, these gloves can't be beat. They wash well and also offer nonslip grip.

Same high praise for Atlas regular weight and insulated cool weather, rubber-palmed gloves. Do not settle for substitutions, they don't last like Atlas brand in my experience.
5 stars ecrane3 On June 23, 2007, ecrane3 from Dublin, CA wrote:

These are without a doubt the best gardening gloves I've ever had (unless you're pruning thorny shrubs). They protect your hands from dirt, etc but maintain dexterity in a way that no other glove I've ever tried does. I hardly even realize I'm wearing gloves because I have pretty much the same dexterity I would if I weren't wearing them, but my hands stay clean and protected. They're definitely not thick enough to keep out things like rose thorns though